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How To Prepare For Your Technical Interview

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 30, 2019

Are you excited about the interview letter that has landed in your inbox? What if the letter is from the most awaited company you want to kick start your dream career. We know, you have thrilled to take up that interview opportunity. If you’re a fresher preparing for interviews for technical jobs you arrived at the right place.
A job interview can be daunting! For some, the first interview is overwhelming and an unforgettable experience. To be successful a good preparation is essential when you are going to attend a job interview. To lend a hand on your preps. We came out with picks of most asked interview questions for technical freshers.
Take a deep breath and relax. Grab your cup of aromatic coffee or a refreshing tea before you stroll down to the interview process.

Job Interview Process

Every Information technology company has a particular process to hire candidates. In some cases, the hiring process might be lengthy. If you are a newbie, it is necessary to know the process. There are a series of interview rounds conducted in processing your profile.

Initial screening via phone

how to take up a Phone InterviewWhen the employer shows an interest in your profile, they do a background check via phone call. Verify whether the applicant is proficient and is ready to hire for the company. The employer inquires general information and educational qualifications.
Many applicants go through this screening process. The qualifying applicants will receive an invite to attend the in-person interview.

HR Round

HR interview process and questionsTo narrow down the first process, the selected candidates will be shortlisted. In the HR round, the interviewer raises questions on personal details.
Your understanding of the working in the company, and a few related topics. You have to remember that, you are a stranger to the interviewer.
Your first impression will tune up the entire session.

Aptitude and reasoning

aptitude and reasoning in interview Keep your aptitude and logical reasoning skills boosted! Most IT companies consider these skills as a core part of the hiring process.
Try solving some Aptitude and Logical reasoning questions. If you are good at this, you might land on the positive side. And we are sure that the consecutive rounds are a piece of cake for you.

Group Discussion (GD)

Group discussion in interview at a companyHow strong are your communication skills?
In this round, you are expected to comprehend your point of view. Your arguments should have “meat”. It’s better to be open-minded and recognize that others have different views. Develop an interest in current affairs. Seek opportunities to discuss the topic with the panelists to play an effective part. Present yourself well. As a potential candidate with the optimal skills, the company is seeking.

Technical Round

Technical interview at IT company in a interviewYour technical skills will be evaluated by a non-machine test.
In necessary cases, the company will have a technical machine test.
You will have to solve a particular task in a limited duration. The task depends on the posting your applying. The hiring manager analyzes the results of your task and decides to hire you.
The job offer letter should land on your way after five rounds in an interview process. If not, don’t lose hope.
During the interview process, focus on self-improvement. Be cautious when you are conferred for more than five rounds. Don’t let it go on for too long. You should move on with the other companies on your list.

Ready for interview questions hike!

You are in an important segment of this article. To crack the interview you need to have confidence. Always keep your answers to the point and make it impressive for the interviewer. Knowing the scope of the job can help you in presenting better answers!
Let’s start from basic interview questions to advanced technical questions,

General Interview questions

  • What are your long term and short term goals?
  • What was your academic project? Is it an individual or team project?
  • How did you manage your project delivery?
  • How was your project review?
  • What was the biggest challenge faced during the project?
  • Have you organized any activity/event during your college days?
  • What are the challenges you faced in conducting the activity/event? How did you handle such a situation?
  • What is your specialization?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  • What is your motivation?
  • Are you an organized person?
  • What do you like the most about this company? Why?
  • What are the skills are you looking to develop for this role?

Tip to answer the questions

These questions are asked to study your body language and attitude. The is no right or wrong answers to these type of questions. But, it is necessary to have clarity and a good understanding of the position you applied. Be yourself. Have a focus on the message you want to convey. Instant Answer can attract attention and make the session a successful job interview.

Software Engineering Interview Questions

There is ample of questions that have the chance of being asked in the interview. We want to make learning easy for you! So, we found some frequently asked questions (concepts) at technical job interviews.

  • Software Engineering
  • JavaScript
  • Operating Systems
  • Basic Networking
  • Data Structure
  • DBMS
  • OOPS Concepts
  • Java / Any language
  • SQL
  • C/C++
  • Unix
  • Web development concepts

Tip to answer the questions

As a candidate, you should prepare for all the possible “what is ___” questions, with suitable real-time examples. Answer the questions with clear explanations. Learn the scope of the concepts. This might help you in technical practices. With advanced technologies, the developers are expected to develop skills in advance settings. Increases the chances of getting hired.
Here is a Bonus for your efforts!

Tips For a Successful Interview

Here are some tips to nail your interviews and grab the job offer.

  • Carry a copy of resume/CV with you
  • State all the necessary information and references in the resume. Include GitHub and Linked in profile links
  • Carry all the essential certificates, id proofs, and documents with you
  • Go in professional wear
  • Be confident
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Be conscious about non-verbals
  • Research the company
  • Reach the interview site 10 – 15 minutes in advance
  • Have a genuine smile throughout the interview
  • Project yourself as a qualifying candidate
  • Be prepared with extra copies of your documents
  • Be prepared to answer unexpected questions
  • Keep your mind fresh and relaxed
  • Avoid jargon and stay positive
  • Be polite and Leave a thank you note
  • Regular follow-ups

Final Notes…

Every job interview is different. Good preparation and practice before attending a technical/Software job interviews are a must. Remember to focus on personal contributions. Listen well and answer with clarity. Above all, evaluate the overall performance of your interviews and reflect.
That’s how you can turn an interview session a victory and seize your dream job.
Best wishes from Agira for your future interviews!
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