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7 Most In-Demand Programming Languages To Learn In 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 30, 2019

Computers are everywhere now! IT has entered each and every industry, now it is useful in scaling up businesses across the globe. The base of the whole digital world is programming languages. Every IT firm is looking for a programmer to code for their projects. The demand for skilled programmers is considerably increasing every year.
Employers are looking for specific languages to develop a project. If you want to showcase your programming skills or want to increase your pay scale. Learning these languages will make you as an aspiring programmer to achieve your career goals in future prospects. If you are looking for employment opportunities as a programmer or want to what is the best language to learn in 2020. We a curated list of programming languages based on the HackerRank developer skills report.
Let’s take a look at the most in-demand programming languages to learn in 2020.

1. Python

Python best languages to learn
Python will be the kick starter for many developers. It is widely accepted as a programming language to be learned first. Python is an immortal language in the field of technology development. Python is fast and easy to learn used for developing web applications.
Numerous popular apps such as Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Survey monkey were developed in Python. It has a large developer’s community support and huge library support.  If you are looking for a better job, Python is good to start with. A lot of startups are using Python for backend development.
Python frameworks like Django, Flask. Pyramid and Turbo Gears are also popular as web frameworks used web development. 

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used in frontend development. It is a highly resourceful OOP language with its unique features for more than two decades now. It has a wide set of real-time application which is used to develop an interactive design in frontend applications. Every logic is implemented using JavaScript.
JS is one of the successful language used all over the world. NodeJS is a JavaScript-based run time environment used for server-side scripting, running scripts server for dynamic web page content. Startups and Enterprises use it efficiently, You should consider JavaScript as a language to learn in the future.

3. Java

Java is another popular language used in Android app development. It is mostly used for building large scale web applications. If your looking for a job at large organizations you should definitely learn Java. Java is extremely stable and many organizations have adopted it, so there is a big opportunity for Java developers for a job. The demand for android apps is diversified and increasing every year. Android studio is an android development framework from Google, It is a Java-based framework widely used for app development. 

4. PHP

PHP used as a backend programming language. It is a Hypertext processor is the open-source used as a general-purpose scripting language for web development. It is helpful in embedding HTML code from server-side execution. It has a tough battle with Python and JavaScript but still, there is a demand for PHP developers in old large organizations. The demand makes it one of the choices to learn.  

5. C/C++

You should learn C/C++ if you want to be a system-level programmer.  Almost all the basic level operating systems, file systems used in computers are written in C/C++. It is extremely fast and stable. C++ provides a standard template library, a ready to use libraries for algorithms, arithmetic operations, and data structures.  Especially the speed of the language makes it among the popular choices to learning. Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome is developed based on C++. 

6. C#

C# is a crossbreed of C and C++. C# is a general-purpose language from Microsoft, it is extensively used for backend programming. It is used to build windows mobile phone apps and in many other use cases. It follows a similar syntax similar to the C programming language.  

7. TypeScript


TypeScript is an open-source programming language strongly typed in JavaScript. It provides features such as interface, namespace, templating, annotation and many other similar to other programming languages.  It is maintained by Microsoft.
TypeScript is specially designed for large application development and trans compiles to JavaScript. It widely used to develop JavaScript applications for both client-side and server-side execution. Once you are proficient with JavaScript then Typescript will be piece of cake of you.  

Final Say

Python and JavaScript are used by startups as their backend frameworks. Both are the best and easy to learn languages to have huge market support. Java and PHP are programming languages of the corporate enterprise. C/C++ is the best to build scalable systems. With the right education and these particular skill sets, you will definitely get to dream job.     
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