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Top 15 Free Resources For Learning React.js

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 3, 2019

The react.js has been a big hit since Facebook launched the React library in 2013. In the evolving phases of web development, react.js plays a dominant role in the front-end ecosystem. React.js is a JavaScript framework for developing user interface.
If you aren’t a full-fledged expert in react, no worries! you are not alone. Doesn’t matter if you are a developer, striving for an in-depth knowledge of react.js. This list of top free learning resources for React.js with help you attain proficiency and understanding with clarity.
Keeping in the react beginners queries across the globe, we have tracked down some of the perfect materials that will guide you on your learning journey.
Here is what we got for you!

1. Intro to Reactreact-free-learning-resources-01

Intro to react is an official react tutorial for beginners (An absolute destination for learning React). This tutorial provides you a complete guidance from the introduction of concepts to building an app on react in a easy to read documentation. This is fairly a quick guide for building a React app, if you mind time limits for learning. Apart from React, it also teaches JSX as well, an extension for JavaScript.

2. Egghead

Egghead offers various courses and lessons on web development concepts such as React, TypeScript, JavaScript, etc. This tutorial will assist you to explore the basic fundamentals of React.js.

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3. React.js for Beginners

React JS for beginners is Youtube video tutorial by Dev Tigris. Only one hour video will cover up all the basics of React. it has a very clear teaching style. This learning resource won’t make you fully able to craft react apps from scratch. But you can get an idea of the what are the functions of React.

4. React.js Crash Course

Among dozens of react video tutorials, it’s tough to find where to start. This may not be a complete guide but it has a solid introduction if you have no prior experience on react.js. It covers all the basics, structure including MVC architecture of React.js applications.

5. Learn React.js in 5 minutes

Need an instant way to learn react? Per Harald Borgen’s Learn React.js in 5 minutes guide can put you in ease to get through all the basic concepts in short order. This guide is all you need in taking your React development forward.

6. Free online React Bootcamp

Free Online React Bootcamp Video series will take you through the React fundamentals. It also comprises useful code snippets and related tutorials.

7. Hacking with React

hacking-with-react-learning resources-07

Hacking with React is a free eBook that contains React basic concepts, props, and components. If you are not much confident about video tutorials, you can switch to reading this perfect resource to acquire a strong understanding of the React.js fundamentals and try applying the codes in many practical ways.

8. React book


React book is a versatile documentation of all the concepts you need to learn in react.js. It is a kind of alternative to Official React Docs.

9. FB react docs


Facebook React Documentation, will be one page you might have stumbled already! While browsing for React learning resources. It is a completely guided tutorial targeted towards beginners in react development. Don’t directly return after an overview, try reading through because there is a lot to learn from this tutorial. We specifically recommend this tutorial for learning React.js.

10. Learn React


Learn React is a pliable free course offers both video and text-based tutorials. You can make use of it in your convenient learning methods. It covers all the aspects from basics to some more advanced use cases.

11. Learn React track

Learn React Track offers 8 React courses from Treehouse. This page will help in gaining clarity in every aspect of the react library within 10 hours of course material. You can start off with the basic courses, move on to application building with React and Redux. However, these courses do require a paid Treehouse membership.

12. React JS tutorial

React JS Tutorials is presented by learn Code academy. This video is easy to understand tutorials that can help in quick learning.

13. To-Do App With React


To-Do App with React provides you with a typical workflow and best practices for building apps with react. This will the best self-taught guides you’ll find on the internet. This tutorial offers an ultimate quality material with so much detail for developers at an intermediate level.

14. Build App with React – Live Coding Series

Build App with React – Live Coding Series covers every aspect of React app. Even though the live coding session with the instructor has ended. You can catch up with 19 video recordings from the above video.

15. React-redux-links

React-redux-links is a curated by a developer, Mark Erikson. It has a collection of excellent quality articles and resources on React-Redux ecosystem. There are beginner guides on react, ES6 and JS app design patterns which are well organized according to the different skill levels and subject matter.

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with plenty of excellent choices found online to learn React.js. Application development technology is constantly evolving, we recommend you to go with the recent tutorials and eBooks. If you’re a beginner or a professional developer, you will find the listed resources helpful for future references.
This can assist you to understand and get started with React. Once you are familiar with the basic subject matter, you can move forward to advanced tutorials. You can also Hire our skilled React.js developers to create your own application for Business and more.
If we’ve missed any of your favorite tutorials, let us know in the comment section. We’ll surely add it to our list. Enjoyed our post? Please share it with fellow react.js learners and developers. Let everyone know about this amazing technology. Subscribe for more updates on technologies.
We wish you the best on your React.js development journey!


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