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How to Hire MEAN Stack developers

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 16, 2021

Are you planning to develop an entire application and looking for an affordable full-stack developer? Your best choice is to hire a MEAN Stack developer. A MEAN stack developer is a full stack developer who has knowledge and experience in the development process using a particular set of technologies that include MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS.

You can also call MEAN stack developers JS-based application developers. They are no less than Full stack developers but they are affordable and efficiently JS-based. If you are not technically sound, here is your guide to hiring MEAN stack developers. 

Top Full-stack Developer Types You Should Know

To developer an entire web or mobile application, it is necessary to complete the three layers of application development. The front-end is where the external layer or the user interface is designed and styled. The back-end is where the internal data are stored in databases.  The API layer is the business logic that connects both the backend and frontend. Here are the types of full-stack developers with different specialties.  

MEAN – MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS

MongoDB: The open-source, cross-platform database that uses binary data types like JSON is probably the best choice to manage large sets of data.
Express: It is a highly flexible and lightweight web server framework for robust web applications.
AngularJS: The open-source framework incorporating MVVM architecture enables developers to build smarter and faster web applications.
NodeJS: An open-source, cross-platform, and server-side technology to build highly scalable web applications.

MERN: MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS

by replacing the Angular’s place React provides better performance, quick, and effortless when testing. It is for the ones that prefer one-directional data binding.

MEVN: MongoDB, Express, React, and VueJS

Similarly, Vue offers superior, bug-free performance and lightest of all.

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LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP 

Linux: Operating System (Open-source)
Apache: Cross-platform web server software that links to the back-end and the database.
MySQL: Relational Database Management system.
PHP: A scripting language for the server.

Why Hire Mean stack developers?

There are a handful of technical advantages of MEAN stack development. Here are a few of the technical advantages that your business application would gain when you choose MEAN stack development. 

  1. Uni-language – Javascript
  2. Quick switching between client and server
  3. Deploy applications on the server
  4. Flexibility advantage
  5. JSON format enhances SEO
  6. Cloud compatible
  7. Cost-efficient and open source
  8. Support MVC architecture
  9. high level of productivity.

One can develop applications using MEAN effortlessly and quickly because of its uni-language javascript for both server-side and client-side. So communication and access is fast and effortless. If you hire a well-experienced MEAN stack developer or Javascript specialist to manage your project, it is more than enough to manage the complete project. Also with Node.js, you can deploy applications on the server directly without a stand-alone server. 

5 best ways to hire Mean stack developers

There is no right recruitment cycle. Depending on the complexity of your project, your project requirements,  and other factors, the right recruitment cycle might differ. So, analyze your project and its requirements before hiring the best MEAN Stack developer for your business. 
Once choosing upon the right payment cycle, you can hire MEAN Stack developers in the following top 5 ways. 

  1. Freelance MEAN Stack developers
  2. Offshore MEAN stack developers
  3. Remote MEAN stack developers
  4. MEAN stack development team
  5. MEAN stack development company or services. 

There is no right recruitment cycle. Also, depending on the complexity of your project, your project requirements,  and other factors, the right recruitment cycle might differ. So, analyze your project and its requirements before hiring the best MEAN stack developer for your business. 

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Mean stack developer skillsets

When you are hiring the best MEAN stack developer for your business, you can consider checking the following skills to make sure that you have hired the best candidate for your project. 

  • Node JS and Express JS – In-depth knowledge of npm, multi-processing in Node JS, REST, CRUD, SQ Lite,, Gulp, & Grunt. 
  • Angular JS– Typescript, Bootstrap Grid System, Dependency injections, SPA, Directives, Pipes, Observables, and testing. 
  • MongoDB – Master NoSQL, data modeling, ingestion, query, sharding, & data replication.
  • Javascript Fundamentals, HTML, CSS to style a webpage. 
  • DevOps, GIT, web security.
  • Programming templates and understanding of MVC architecture design guidelines.
  • Problem-solving, decision making and communication skills. 

Mean stack developer interview questions

So, if you are not sure how to check the skillsets of the MEAN stack developers. Here is the list of top interview questions that you should ask the right candidate.

Angular Interview Questions

  1. Define Scope in JavaScript, Routing Guard, Service, Decorators.
  2. Differentiate Linear and Binary search.
  3. How to use closure to create a private counter?

Node JS and Express Interview Questions

  1. Differentiate Node.js, AJAX, and jQuery.
  2. Define Callback

MongoDB Interview Questions

  1. Differentiate SQL and MongoDB databases.
  2. Differentiate Classes and Interfaces
  3. Define BSON, Indexes.
  4. Define Dependency Injection.

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Benefits of hiring MEAN stack developers from Agira technologies?

Agira technologies are the best MEAN Stack Development company to offer you outstanding modern Web Apps. 

  • Qualified Assured services.
  • Competitive rates. 
  • 100% Transparency.
  • Flexible Engagement Models.
  • Reduced Time-To-Market.
  • NDA Endorsed.
  • Affordable and reasonable prices.
  • Easy to hire. 

To conclude, being known with all of this, you can get help by filling our contact form. We will help you find the right choice for your next project. 

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