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A Guide To Plan and Build A Successful Mean Stack Application

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 19, 2020

For an entrepreneur with less or no technical knowledge and experience, it is pretty hard to make a decision when it comes to developing a web application for their business. Developing a mobile or web application is not an easy task. It involves a lot of important decisions to make. For instance, choosing the right framework, hiring the right developers or a development company, negotiating time and budget frame properly and much more. So, here is everything to help you make the right decisions and a guide to plan and build successful MEAN stack applications.

What is MEAN stack?

It is actually the acronym for the set of javascript-based technologies Mongo-DB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node JS. A MEAN stack developers develop a complete application using these particular set of technologies MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS. These developers are also known as JS-based application developers. Mean stack basically comprises of everything that is required for developing applications as shown below. It has all the capabilities to develop fast, reliable and robust applications effortlessly.

  1. MongoDB – A schemaless NoSQL database system
  2. Express JS – Web development framework to build in Node
  3. AngularJS – A JavaScript framework
  4. Node Js – JavaScript execution environment

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Why Entrepreneurs should choose MEAN Stack Applications?

  1. Cost-effective – The application development involves open source technologies.
  2. Enhanced Performance – Node JS empowers (client and server-side) applications significantly in performance.
  3. Single data format – All the data are transferred in JSON format throughout UI, data layer and server.
  4. More flexibility – The MVC (Model View Controller) architecture is supported by Mean to make it more flexible and customizable.
  5. Faster development – Developing MEAN applications can save you a lot of time with its numerous libraries of Node Js.

Benefits of choosing MEAN stack for web and mobile applications

  1. Usability and speed
  2. Easy learning curve
  3. Single language use
  4. Open-source technologies/ platforms
  5. Effortless code transfers between frameworks
  6. Numerous useful libraries
  7. Guaranteed seamless UI
  8. Flexible document structure
  9. Cloud Compatible
  10. Availability of developers

There are many other benefits of Mean stack applications. It is important to understand that Mean stack is beneficial only if you apply them for developing the right applications.

Top Use Cases of MEAN stack applications

  1. Testing the MEAN stack application is pretty easy on cloud platforms. So, you can efficiently develop cloud-native applications.
  2. The front-end framework Angular JS provides a perfect environment for developing single-page applications (SPAs). So, there is no requirement to update web pages for each server request.
  3. News aggregation sites

Now, you know the benefits of developing your application using MEAN stack. So, let’s find out what are the major factors that you need to consider or plan before building your application.

Things you need to consider before building you MEAN Stack application

1. Know your project requirement. It is crucial to check the feasibility and attribute of the stack for the requirements of your application. Make sure how many pages or screens are needed. You can visualize the application when you are organizing the screens into collections. This helps in build cycle of the application. Then, plan the individual screens that are possibly needed for your application. Divide the screen into collections to help you recognize and manage all the pages/screens. Now plan the collections to check if the business logic flow is properly arranged. Also, ensure that the flow is not disrupted.
2. Be aware of different database architectures and software solutions and their differences. Once the planning of the collections is done and the business logic flow is checked, you need to move to the architecture of your application. You should make sure that you choose a robust architecture for seamless data transfer from the database to the browser.
3. The API of the application is the part that combines both backend and front end together to execute the business logic of the application. The efficiency and the architecture of the application are largely dependant on the API that is built.
4. Make sure that the end result or look of your application is responsive, i.e., the user interface adjusts itself according to the size of the device that it is viewed. Also, flexibility and scalability are the two major factors that you should never ignore.
5. Introduce agile software management practices. it is the roadmap of discovery for every organization to endure a customer-driven market. Make sure that you develop your application by following a Test-Driven Development or behaviour-driven development approach.

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Other than these technical aspects, you should also consider the following factors.

  1. Get a clear overview of the expertise and knowledge of the developing team that can give beyond your project requirement.
  2. Depending upon your budget and timeframe, make sure the final development cost is reasonable.

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