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MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack – Find the right stack for your business

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 3, 2019

MEAN Stack Vs Full Stack. To understand the difference between full stack and MEAN stack, you need to know to understand the basics of it. To put in a nutshell, a full stack developer takes care of everything from backend, frontend, API and other deployment while the MEAN stack developer takes care of everything related to a few specific javascript technologies.  
Most commonly, web development is divided into two major components. One is front end and the other is back end development. 
The front end development comprises of the things that are used by the client to handle and manage their website. Managing their website actually means performing activities such as adding proper content, buttons, texts, media, forms and the overall behavior of the web page components. To put in the developer’s words, one can say that web development related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and all their libraries and frameworks. 
The other is the back end development which involves everything that happens from server-side. All the logical processes and manipulations of data from the client-side, storage and retrieval of these data to-and-from the database.    
It is very obvious that these two different components of web development require different tools. 

Source: Google

The web development involving both front end, back end, API development, and others is known as the full-stack web development. Whereas, MEAN stack development is the development process involves only a set of technologies that comprise stack. It mainly involves 4 major technologies that are MongoDB, Express JS, AngularJS, and Node JS. 

Full-stack developer 

A Full stack developer has the complete knowledge to develop a web application, user interface, or APIs in server. This means that they are good at backend development, frontend development, database management, mobile application development, and testing. These all-rounders have knowledge of everything relating to the entire web development process.
A full-stack developer can work on 4 different parts

  1. logical processes
  2. database-related processes
  3. validation of users
  4. server configuration

Most companies in recent days are interested to hire full stack developers for their knowledge in varied technologies which can contribute to a great UI/UX. These full stack developers are added advantage to your company as they can solve problems across glitches, or build a complete web /app from scratch.

Benefits of hiring full stack developers

  • Easy Switching between the front end and back end development based on the requirement of the project.
  • Work on the entire design structure, and provide complete solutions. 
  • Cost-effective
  • Ownership of design & implementation on a site is easy.
  • Easy to upgrade with new technology and tools 
  • Comprehensive work for individual Full Stack developer gives the flexibility to move from task to task according to the need of the project.
  • An ideal option for small & medium enterprises as the complex website requirement can be broken into segments to save time.

Full stack developers skillsets

Here is the list of skillsets to look for when you hire full stack developers for your business.

  1. Front end and back end technologies, in server.
  2. Knowledge in database management and cache.
  3. Hands-on experience in API (Rest & SOAP).
  4. Version control systems.
  5. Basic design ability.

MEAN stack developer

A MEAN stack developer is a person who has knowledge in the development process using these particular set of technologies MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, and NodeJS. You can also call MEAN stack developers as JS-based application developers. 
MEAN is comprised of 4 different technologies:

  1. MongoDB express is basically a schemaless NoSQL database system
  2. Express JS is a framework applied to build web applications in Node
  3. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework made by Google
  4. Node Js is a server-side JavaScript execution environment

Benefits of hiring Mean stack developers

  • Covers the full web development cycle from front end development (client-side) to back end development (server-side) using JavaScript.
  • Makes the development process flow smoothly by supporting the MVC(Model View Controller) architecture.
  • Helps to resist unnecessary grunt work. So that the web application development much organized.
  • The merger of four great technologies, i.e., MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS.
  • Presence of a lot of pre-built extensive suite of testing tools.
  • Cost-effective with open source frameworks and backed by good community supports.
  • Ideal for companies who require a secured single page application with a highly dynamic user interface.

MEAN stack developers skillsets

Here is the list of skillsets to look for when you hire MEAN stack developers.

  1. Front end and backend processes.
  2. Html and CSS.
  3. Web development, integration and cloud technologies.
  4. Db & Design architecture.
  5. Knowledge and experience in SDLC and Agile environment.

How to hire the right stack for your business

In the ever-growing tech industry, the expectations of the users are really high. It is eventually urging the website owners or clients to keep their site updated to match their customers’ expectations. So, many companies are looking for reliable web development services across the globe. Although you can be great in using new technologies, but it is not really easy to pick the right technological infrastructure for your business. 
Here is what you need to know before hiring the right stack developers for your next development project. 
Firstly, you need to understand the word stack that has been being repeated from the beginning. Stack represents the combination of programming languages, technologies or even software packages. Follow the following steps.

  1. Know your project requirement to check the feasibility and attribute of the stack.
  2. Introduce agile software management practices – it is the roadmap of discovery for every organization to endure customer-driven market. 
  3. Be aware of different database architectures and software solutions and its differences. 
  4. Get a clear overview of the expertise and knowledge of the developing team that can give beyond your project requirement. 
  5. Flexibility and scalability are the two major factors that you should never ignore.
  6. Depending upon your budget and timeframe, make sure the final development cost is reasonable.

This is enough to know about the technical fundamentals of full stack and MEAN stack.
Got more doubts? Contact us. We will help you pick the right software infrastructure for your project or company. 
Get in touch with the best in industry full stack developers and MEAN stack developers who can contribute to the guaranteed growth of your business.

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