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How to Hire Laravel Developers and How Much Does It Cost.

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 1, 2020

Hire Laravel Developers who can help you build the industry-leading web applications for your business. But, it can be a daunting task to find the top Laravel development from the thousands of developers that are available. Identifying the right talent from the crowd cannot be easy.

To make your application run smoothly, you will provide the best backend to build the foundation and a sleek front end to create an immersive user experience for the customers. It is mandatory for every entrepreneur to hire the best Laravel JS talent for their project to create the top-notch application for your business. If you want to make the most out of the latest technologies of Laravel, here is your comprehensive guide on how to hire the best Laravel developer, and at the right price.

Laravel Developer Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

The Laravel developer job duties and responsibilities are important for an entrepreneur to know before hiring one for their business. This helps you in finding the right talent, write a suitable job description, save time and cost.

The first and foremost Laravel JS developer skill is the passion for logical problem solving and teamwork. The Laravel developer should be a great problem solver with strong programming knowledge, aware of the latest developments, and hands-on experience in building Laravel applications. The following are the list of Laravel developer skills that you should expect from a top of the line Laravel developer.

  1. Laravel fundamentals and a strong PHP foundation
  2. Infrastructure development with Agile practices
  3. Build, test and Debug Laravel development
  4. Hands-on experience with HTML, CSS, and AJAX
  5. Knowledge of OOPs and MVC is an added advantage
  6. Experience in Laravel testing tools.
  7. API integrations- knowledge of RESTful or SOAP
  8. Client-side scripting and networking.

Identifying and hiring the right talent can bring a lot of benefits than you expect. So, it becomes crucial to hire the right candidate for fitting perfectly to your company’s special needs.

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Laravel Developer Recruiting Models

There are many recruitment cycles to hire Laravel developers for developing your high-end applications. It is important to choose the right cycle that suits the requirements of the unique needs of your business and development. The following are some of the most commonly used recruitment methods to hire the best Laravel developers.

1. Laravel freelance developers

The Freelance Laravel developers are easily available on many different sites that can cater to your company’s requirements. If you already have a team of developers and only require a small amount of temporary work to be done. Hiring freelance Laravel developers is the best model for you.

2. Laravel Offshore Developers

When it comes to offshore Laravel developers, it is more similar to the freelance developer but with enhanced security and more trustworthy developers duly NDA signed with a legal contract.

3. Laravel in-house Developers

If you already have a team of Laravel developers and if your company needs a consistent requirement for Laravel development, it should probably hire the best in-house Laravel developer for your team which can be on a permanent or contract basis.

4. Outsource Laravel developer/team

Outsourcing is also similar to offshore development. Based on the requirement and the size of your in-house team, you can hire an offshore Laravel developer or a team.

5. Laravel Development company

If you or your company has no idea over the technical knowledge of your project development, it is the best choice to involve the technical team of experts to do the work. In that case, hiring a Laravel development company can help you with all the requirements and many added benefits comes along for a longer-term. If you are interested in ROI, hiring the best Laravel development company is everything that your business deserves.

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Hourly Rate of Laravel Developer

The Laravel developer salary may differ depending on the experience of the developer, the hiring company size, the country, and many other factors. When we are talking about the national average salary of a Laravel developer, it is the approximate number taken from a number of Laravel developers across the country.

According to Payscale, the average Laravel developer salary is $64,479/ year in the United States. The highly experienced professional developer earns about $94k and freshers earn about $43k.

This means that the hourly rate of Laravel developer is about $24.09 / hour in the US. Here is the list of the national salary of Laravel developer salaries across countries. All the information below is with reference to the information given in

Laravel developer Salary in India – Rs. 546,000

Laravel developer salary in Canada – $110,000

Laravel developer Salary in Germany – €46,454

Laravel developer Salary in UK – £68,000

All the details mentioned in the above table are taken from Payscale on the 27th of May, 2020.

So, it is a wise option to consider hiring the best offshore developers for your project if you are cost-effective solutions.

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What are the benefits of Laravel web development for an enterprise?

There are many reasons to choose Laravel development as it brings along several benefits with it. One can assure that a web application developed using Laravel is highly secured, loads faster, and show enhanced performance. Its MVC architecture is one of the main reasons developers prefer Laravel development.

How can I check the expertise of a Laravel developer?

It is important to hire a skilled Laravel developer for your project. Ensure if the developer has all the qualifications, skills, and experience in Laravel development. Our most qualified Laravel developers are skilled in PHP based application development and frameworks with MVC architectural pattern. Being updated with all the latest updates and improvements related to Laravel development, we can promise to deliver the best out of the latest technology for your business.

What are the major tools that your Laravel developers use?

HTML 5, VuejS, Amazon Web Services, Style CI, Node js, Sublime, Laravel, Grump PHP, Laravel Forge, GIT, Laracast, CSS 3, Redis Cache, Bootstrap, Angularjs, Digital Ocean.

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