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Learn Laravel: Best Tutorials and Courses Online

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 28, 2020

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework used to build feature-rich web applications. The framework was initially released in June 2011. Laravel is easy to learn and a robust framework. It follows an MVC design pattern, clean routing, Object Relational Mapping (ORM), decent queue library, and authentication.
Laravel is a secured framework that can protect your website from web attacks. If you’re already familiar with PHP, Laravel is easy because it’s well documented. Laravel is frequent with updates and has long term support.
The Laravel framework simplifies many tasks and provides a creative environment combined with an expressive syntax. Here are some top tutorials and resources where you can learn the Laravel framework online. 
Symfony vs laravel

1. PHP with Laravel for Beginners

This is one of the best tutorials from Udemy to learn Laravel. The tutorial has more than 30 hours of video-based learning material. You’ll learn how to create and build a project by the end of the course. The key concepts include Form validation, How to use Laravel Tinker, Middleware and security, Laravel ORM, Raw SQL queries, how to download & add third-party libraries, and version control many more. 

2. Eloquent By Example

Eloquent By Example offers 14 lessons covering all the major concepts of the Laravel framework. It is a free course where you can join directly. The course is suitable for beginners and who are more interested in learning about Eloquent ORM.

3. Laravel 5 Fundamentals 

It is another free tutorial series offered by Laracasts. It is a 2015 edition of Laravel Tutorials for beginners. The video tutorials include 27 episodes, and you can learn everything in detail about Laravel fundamentals. 

4. Laravel the Complete Guide with Real-World Projects

This is a paid tutorial on Udemy. The Laravel course is suitable for beginners and intermediate to learn the fundamentals to advanced concepts of the Laravel framework. The course follows a project-based learning approach. You will learn about an MVC project where you’ll learn how to create, update, read, and mark tasks as completed. You will have to build a content management system as a project and many more activities for engaged learning. 

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5. Laravel Tutorial: The Complete Guide

This tutorial is a detailed program offered by Kati Frantz, a full stack web developer on Udemy. He shares his knowledge and teaches about Laravel. How to build web applications from simple to advanced concepts in 14 hours of on-demand video with two supplemental resources and lifetime access. It consists of 4 projects, CMS, Discussion App, e-commerce projects, and a todo app. From this program, you’ll have a deep understanding of the Laravel framework.  

6. Laravel 4 from Scratch 

These are video tutorials available on Laracasts for free. It has 16 lessons with step by step learning approach. 
The tutorial uses a 4.0 version of Laravel. In this course, you will learn how to install Laravel, creating master pages, models, database access, eloquent & blade basics, MVC architecture, authentication, validation, form handling, and more of the fundamentals in the Laravel development.  

7. Learn Laravel PHP Framework

This is a paid course of Udemy on version 5.6 of the Laravel framework. The course teaches who you can build a multi-user blogging platform. The program is suitable for beginners who want to learn about Object-oriented programming. The key topics covered are Eloquent relationships, CRUD operations, Controllers, Views with blade templating system, routing, deploy a web app, etc.

8.Laravel from Scratch

9. Laravel Documentation

Laravel Documentation is the most recommended resource center for Laravel enthusiasts. It has up to date resources covering the first version to the till date releases. Laravel community has active participation in its version releases. The documentation is in-depth and well explained with examples for easy learning. You can learn to build a functional application in less than 30 minutes using the Getting started tutorial.

10. is a community website that offers the best courses and tutorials for a wide range of programming languages. It also has an immense collection of excellent courses to learn Laravel framework. It has courses for beginners to advanced concepts to the learners at all stages, and You can ask questions and share your projects to discuss in its forums. It is a recommended place by the community members and programmers to learn Laravel.  


Laravel developers are in continuous demand. As Laravel is used in a wide range of simple to complex applications, it’s definitely worth your time. This blog summarized the tutorials and courses to learn Laavel framework, especially for beginners. All these resources are a great way to start learning Laraval development.  
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