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5 Smart Ways to Develop your Business with Laravel Web Development

  • By Lavanya
  • January 7, 2020

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Laravel web development has always provided with successful results, high standard features, rich qualities, convenience in throughout the development process.  If you’re looking for flawless web development. Laravel is a smart choice of framework.  Wondering how Laravel contributes to the growth of your business? here you get the answers you need and which helps you boost the business.

What is Laravel?

laravel latest releaseLaravel is a framework of PHP used to build web applications. It is an open source framework that follows the MVC architectural pattern. Over the years Laravel has turned out to be ideal for web development. The learning curve of Laravel is pretty easy for beginners. 

Features of Laravel

Laravel framework provides some built-in features like 

  • Authentication 
  • Security
  • Mail and Routing
  • Configuration Management
  • Sessions
  • Caching
  • Testing and Debugging

Why Laravel Web development is best for your business?

Laravel web development will naturally provide more benefits with its features, one of the main reasons why firms select Laravel web development is for its high security.  With an ability to offer seamless performance on the website, Laravel is acknowledged for its fast website development process. Laravel MVC framework will also have better documentation than any other PHP framework.

 5 Ways Laravel Improves your business 

Every entrepreneur needs new clients to grow business. To attract new clients you have to present your business unique to drive more audiences. For the same reason, Laravel has some amazing inbuilt features to engage with your audiences that makes them feel secure and understood.
Now, we are going to take a look at the 5 smart ways you might need to develop your business with the help of Laravel web development.

1. Authentication and Authorization

Authentication in Laravel
Authentication is a process of proving assertion, which gives the individual access to the object or property.  In Laravel, authentication is managed by sessions for getting input from users like registration, log in details which might also include their email, password, etc. 
Authentication will involve checking the validity of the user’s credentials, whereas Authorization involves checking rights and permissions of the resources. The authentication file will be located at the config path which contains several documents for pulling the behavior of authentication services. It may also check for their permissions on the requested resources. 

2. Traffic Handling

If you’re planning for business your website will have to face the pouring requests form the visitors such as heavy traffic. To manage the number of visitors on your site, Laravel offers Traffic handling features to convince a large number of requests from the users within a minute.  Ensure your website quickly loads the content for the user and should not consume time for more than 3 seconds. If the website is too slow, the user loses interest and this also affects the reputation of your business. The website loading speed actually drives the performance of your business.   

3. MVC Architecture

Model-View-Controller is a software architectural pattern that separates application data into 3 main components – the Model, the View, and the Controller. The controller is a mediator between the model and view.  MVC architecture has multiple built-in functionalities that developers should use in application development. 
Apart from inbuild functionalities, MVC provides,

  1. Splitting of roles in project
  2. Responsibility isolation
  3. Full controls of application URLs
  4. Easier to follow the solid principle
  5. Better Documentation
  6. Improved Performance

How MVC works?

How MVC works
Source: Self-Taught Coders

Model – Model can directly manage the logics, data, and database or storage of the applications. It works according to the command from the controller and displayed in the view. 
View –  View displays the output of the application, like user end. It used to render the pages. 
Controller –  Controller is used to handling the request. It works as a mediator between model and view.  It accepts the input and converts it to commands for the model and views. 

4. Time to Market

Time to market is the duration between ideation, development, and deployment. Time to market is a crucial factor. During the development of the website, new trends might popup, which means an increase in competition in the industry.  if you want to be the first one to win over your competitors, Laravel can support that.  As it requires very less time than any other framework.  Laravel MVC has inbuilt tools and functionalities that can easily be embedded with the website during development periods. This will reduce the overall time period to develop a whole application.     

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5. Vulnerabilities

By default, Laravel makes your web application highly secure. The vulnerability occurs when there’s an attack or theft of website data.
Some of the major causes of vulnerabilities are, 

  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XXX)
  • Cross-site request forgery(CSRF)
  • file_get_contents()

SQL Injection – It allows hackers to inject the SQL into your data.  The hackers may try to insert their own custom SQL code to read your application data from DB.  Laravel will protect from this SQL injection by using the Eloquent model.
Cross-Site Scripting (XXX) – XXX is similar to SQL injection.  It allows hackers to inject HTML or JavaScript code into your HTML page. For example, hackers will try to manipulate your javascript code. Whenever the user accesses the page, JavaScipt will execute with impacts on every time of page reloads. But in the case of Laravel, it uses default {{}} braces to escape the outputs from hackers.
Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) – Laravel use CSRF token to reject a fake request from third parties.  In Laravel  CSRF protection can be enabled as default. This token will allows you to check for fake requests.  
file_get_contents() – This function is used to get file.  The hackers may enter any file from your server to read application data. This can be protected by validating the URL,i.e external internet address and scheme specify the Http or Https.  
Some of the commonly known vulnerabilities in the Laravel packages. 


The above 5 smart ways will definitely profit your business. Laravel has gained its popularity with the Blade Template Engine, which makes it ideal for web developments.
If you are planning to adopt the Laravel framework for your web development. I personally recommend you go with Laravel because there are a lot of useful features you can use. I’ve limited to 5 just to list down the major ones that are essential for driving your business.
Contact your web developer to update them any of the missing features you require or Get started with your Laravel Development at Agira. Hire Laravel Developers Today! Our experts will help you create a highly intuitive layout or plan to boost your business.  
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