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How Salesforce can transform your existing sales team

  • By Agira Technologies
  • September 29, 2022

All markets are these days consumer-driven. Customers always want the best and do their research before buying products. Hence, salespeople need new technologies and strategies to attract and influence their audience. The pandemic has left 80% of buyers and sellers adapting to virtual selling. They believe that virtual selling is here to stay.

In reality, we were all forced to use the virtual World to get the job done. And as humans, we surprised ourselves by creating many opportunities. Even with loosened restrictions, virtual meetings remain the norm. It also meant training your team remotely. It was challenging but not impossible.

Salesforce is everywhere

A company’s sales team is likely out of the office to meet customers, attend conferences and events. They are on the go more than other departments. Hence, they need the right tools to keep them connected and updated. Salesforce being a cloud-based platform, it is always available at any time of the day or night, regardless of what computer, smartphone, or other devices the sales rep needs to use to access it. It offers a range of products that work together to improve the sales pipeline and drive customer experiences. Some of the products include;

Sales Cloud automates sales, finds leads, closes deals faster, grows accounts, and accelerates productivity.

Service Cloud closes cases faster, manages field service, personalizes customer support, and predicts needs for superior customer experience.

Marketing Cloud is a unified marketing platform to know consumers, engage them, and personalize their experience across every touchpoint.

Slack connects customers, employees, and partners with the conversations, apps, and data that power digital workflows for an all-new way to work.

Customer 360, the world’s first real-time CRM, connects your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams around every customer.

What does it help with?

Having looked at the different products, let’s look at how Salesforce helps you maximise your Sales pipeline in this era of digital transformation.

Sales process

Sales Cloud is a sales automation product designed to automate the sales process and includes a wide array of features. You have everything from quote generation to AI-driven intelligence in one place. Sales Cloud Einstein, an AI-driven CRM, automates data entry and does predictive analysis to identify leads. Teams can make data-driven solutions with Revenue Intelligence and pipeline inspection. The pre-integrated apps that AppExchange offers help improve business operations. These apps are compatible with desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads, and most other modern devices. Hence all customers and reps will always have access when they need it. These features help sales reps work smarter and increase efficiency. Thus, making the sales process flow smoothly.

Lead nurturing

To maintain a good customer base and gain loyalty, your company needs to put your customers first. Few customers need constant following up and contact before they take the plunge. However, this following up takes time. Salesforce Service Cloud makes lead nurturing easy by allowing the sales agent to set up automated, personalized messages to the customer. It helps create a schedule that will give them regular reminders to check in personally with the lead.

Once you have customers onboard, Customer 360 helps you store all your customer data in one place. You have a unified customer profile that all processes and departments can use. It creates a unified customer ID that allows companies to easily connect customer data across various Salesforce apps. It enables your business to deliver integrated customer engagement at scale.


Digital transformation improves collaboration within and outside the company. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, sales teams can collaborate over a single platform. Teams can keep up with critical projects and topics with an easy-to-access social feed. It also recommends you follow relevant people, files, and information. The Salesforce Mobile App allows you to access critical sales information from your mobile device. Remote work at its best.

Salesforce Community Cloud enables employees and partners to connect with customers and vendors. You can engage the audience and streamline communication with out-of-the-box templates and themes. It creates an ecosystem where resellers, distributors, and partners coexist. This increases your sales by offering seamless access to all the information. Partners can register new leads, update records, and manage funds to close deals faster.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing plays a vital role in your product’s success. You must ensure that your product reaches the right audience at the right time. Marketing Cloud helps marketers drive relevant and highly personalised customer journeys. You can market customer experiences across multiple touch points, such as email, mobile, social, web, etc. Marketing Cloud runs customised campaigns that generate quality leads.

Better digital culture

Even with the best software, you need a great team and a winning approach to train & develop. Salesforce gives your team a huge advantage over the competition. It helps users upskill faster, and the learning initiatives like Trailhead ensure users are focused. When teams see the benefits of the technology, they are much more likely to abide by best practices. Sharing insights & dedicating time to understanding how their roles impact become a part of their job.

Closing thoughts

Salesforce has no doubt made digital transformation easier. Its functionality, scalability, and analytics make it a first choice for sales automation and enhancement. This integrated CRM platform helps your team manage and grow customer relationships. To know more about Salesforce, reach out to our Agiratech executive.




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