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6 Essential VSCode Extensions for Angular Developers

Every developer worth his salt would have a lot of tools under his belt and the first tool will be mostly an IDE a.k.a Code Editor. For a long time, people were using Eclipse or Netbeans for almost anything that comes in there way with a couple of plugins put together. It was helpful in […]

  • Vignesh M
    Vignesh M
  • August 9, 2019

Listing 10 Rails Console Tips & Shortcuts To Boost The Productivity

Rails console is the back door of the Rails application. In this blog, you are going to learn the tips and shortcuts on the Rails console that can boost productivity. I want to share with you, all the commands to interact with the Rails app. I’ve have been using Rails console parallelly when writing an […]

  • Arjunan Subramani
    Arjunan Subramani
  • August 6, 2019

How To Clone A JavaScript Array In Multiple Ways

Hello friends, I’m here to discuss a demanded topic. In having 3 years of experience in web development. I frequently came across the questions about cloning a JavaScript Array. I thought why not write about it to share my knowledge of the concept. So, here is my explanation for you. Cloning is copying the value […]

  • Nagaraj Ravi
    Nagaraj Ravi
  • August 5, 2019

The CEO's Checklist: What It Takes To Be A Successful CEO

Ever wonder what makes a CEO highly successful? What kind of magic makes their tech business the groundbreaking merchant? Yes, we are talking about someone who is making something big and few of them who are making it even bigger. You must have heard of Satya Nadella(Microsoft), Marc Benioff (Salesforce), Sundar Pichai (Google), Jeff Bezos […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • August 1, 2019

20 Brilliant 404 Pages To Turn Lost Visitors Into Loyal Customers

Have you ever landed on a 404 page, while browsing online? At least once, you would’ve stumbled into a 404 page. Lost in midst of nothing! Think back then, when you clicked on the link and you landed on the page where you found nothing. You must be really annoyed at that time! Because you […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • July 31, 2019

How To Prepare For Your Technical Interview

Are you excited about the interview letter that has landed in your inbox? What if the letter is from the most awaited company you want to kick start your dream career. We know, you have thrilled to take up that interview opportunity. If you’re a fresher preparing for interviews for technical jobs you arrived at […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • July 30, 2019

SaaS Checklist: 10 factors To Consider Before Selecting Outsourcing Company

If the title drags you here then you must be here to take a big decision for your business. Outsourcing the company is one of the best decision you will make and at the same you must have to be cautious about it. Agira – an emerging IT solution providers who are also addressed as […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • July 17, 2019

How To Upload Images/Files To AWS S3 Using Node.js

  File uploading is very common in the world of web development. When a web client or browser uploads a file to a backend server, it is generally submitted through an HTTP form and encoded as multipart/form-data. Here’s where Multer acts as a middleware for Express and Node.js that makes it easy to handle this […]

  • Bharanidharan Arumugam
    Bharanidharan Arumugam
  • July 1, 2019

10 Tips To Improve Your MongoDB Security

  Numerous organizations use MongoDB in their projects for data storage. Though MongoDB has some default security configuration yet still there is a possibility to misconfigure and leave the database into critical situations. MongoDB allows anyone to make changes in the database, even without any authentication. As a MongoDB user, we have enabled all the […]

  • Saravana
  • June 27, 2019

10 App Ideas Using Javascript That Turned Into Million-Dollar Startups

Got stuck in picking the right project ideas to boost your business? confused to choose which will work and which will not? Well, here are some of the clever Javascript ideas that are self contained and worth focusing on. Whenever we’re on the hunt of finding right app ideas for the business, we must know […]

  • Agira Technologies
    Agira Technologies
  • March 28, 2019