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10 App Ideas Using Javascript That Turned Into Million-Dollar Startups

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 28, 2019

Got stuck in picking the right project ideas to boost your business? confused to choose which will work and which will not? Well, here are some of the clever Javascript ideas that are self contained and worth focusing on.
Whenever we’re on the hunt of finding right app ideas for the business, we must know to figure out the real time ideas which will solve the user’s problem. Else, we must even more adhere to recreate the existing system in a more powerful way which should meet the user compliance.
Having these in mind, we had a complete research on creating & recreating existing apps to provide user convenient solutions for our clients. Each idea has its script & also the twist to recreate the existing system in a successful way. On other side, even if you think you’re too late to start these ideas, this post will proof you wrong & show you how you can start and make it work! So, take these boat of app ideas & drive it today, hopefully these ideas could resonates your business to pursuit your end goals.
Let’s unfold the project ideas one by one,

1) Online Book Reading Apps

You might have witnessed this for decades that the current generations are too much obsessed with knowledge! They likely to be engaged with books more than people. Apparently, the ratio of  book readers has got enormous growth compared to last few years! Book reading apps are such avid solution you could consider in today’s world. You may also think that how its gonna work when we already have dozens of apps already? No! It’s not like that!  Internet are not just filled with right choice of apps which provide us everything  we exactly search for! There are loads of irrelevant results we tend to get.
People are interested in learning & exploring different novels, articles, books, blogs and different journals in different formats.
book apps
Unfortunately, not every app is providing us the right sources. So, how about building an app that segregates every resources based on the category & only provides us the consolidated results. These apps are still needs to be redefined with more specific features! And the path is open for you!

2) Building Integrated Digital Marketing Tools

Everything is Marketing today! And we can’t deny it because marketing gives us ability to visualize every business in a new dimension and it plays typical role to transforms businesses into pioneering stake holders. There were the days when the businesses gets down it has to undergo some standard time to reclaim the loss. May be it can take 1 year or more than that! But with today marketing tactics you can reclaim everything in a day or month including the loss. Because “Digital Marketing plays that level of legitimate role to help the businesses even which has no future.
To align it straight, building a marketing app which can help the entrepreneurs to get their direct ROI is another cool idea. In current scenario, we could find so many digital marketing tools and apps but all these apps has a constricted options & unconnected features. So, it would be great if we can provide a well integrated app which can track the users behaviors and at the same time it should also help us to achieve our targeted ROI.
digital marketing tools
For example, one of our client came to us with an idea of building digital marketing tool which ideally needs to be emphasized for Re-targeting Mechanism. And that’s where our experts came to realize the lagging system which are needs to fixed in marketing tools right now.  As the result, we built a solid re-targeting tool for our client which not only helps to track down the results but it takes one step ahead to retarget your users with necessary actions & it works till it makes sure that they were converted into customers. Cool? Is not it?
We loved the idea & our client too!

Technologies Used


3) App Like Tik Tok For Vloggers!

We had enough over look with Blogs! Its time to switch for Vlogs! Users are don’t want to be bored with dozens of page content! They want everything in a short explainer video yet its time consumable too! So, as we’re stepping into the generation of Vlogs! What’s the another coolest trick we can do with Javascripts to help the people move forward!
When we have so much social media tools for entertainers why don’t we have ideal platform for Vloggers?!  An app like Tik Tok? Yes! Why don’t we create an app like Tik Tok for the bloggers to have smooth experience so the learning or reading something new will never be troublesome factor for learners & also the Vloggers!
We must remember our Angular experts now! When we came up with this idea they didn’t stop us at any cost instead they worked along with us to make it as a super cool project yet another successful project added in our history succeess.

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4) Event Management Apps

event management apps
Event management is next magnificent field everyone looks for! Don’t start imaginiging about the stereotyped events we had experienced for all these years! Get to the next door, imagine about the real time events where you can connect the real time talented peoples under one roof! And imagine that platform also provides social networking option for you to give 100% user interactive entertainment features.
That’s how we started building an app to redefine the music industry that boosts to bring the music talents under one roof ! And how we helped our client mission is another interesting mystery.
To bring talented musicians around the world under spotlight, we built a platform where the music talents can discover, connect, collaborate & exhibit their performance.  Making it extraordinary, we gone one step ahead and built an integrated social media networking platform like facebook where the talents also can share their interesting daily stories to their talent circle. So, Strictly no noises from the unrelated industries anymore! As a result they can completely indulge with their favorite industry people to share, entertain & collaborate.
It’s another way of showing your excellence in open source technologies like Javascript to save time & money.

5) Blockchain Apps – Cryptocurrency Online Trading

Let’s take a ride into the world of Blockchain!  What we gonna do here with Javascript? Well, we can do a lot more! Let me tell you how! Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency are some of the gambling terms you must be hearing quite often in last few years.
As we know everything around us is getting digitalized, since we already started using digital currency so it might only take another 2 to 3 years to turn everything into a digital currency.
To add more value to it, “Online Crypto Trading” opens the gate for online professional traders to exchange crypto currencies that ensures the users to experience real time trading with key features. So, what we are talking is a basic online Crypto trading services & expand the trading reachability. But we could add more key features to solve challenges faced by online crypto traders.
cypto coins
Recently, Our team wanted to build an automated crypto trading platform which will allow us to trade your favorite crypto coins. On making it more user friendly platform, we aimed to build a riskfree crypto platform which also allows the users to adapt peer to peer connection & transfers so the users will never feel like they are into digital world.
Adding some more human touch into it, another interesting key feature we built here is, we introduced “Coins mortage option where the users can get affordable loans from the other users to achieve their share trading. As it will be really helpful for the coin traders to influence more in crypto exchange.
Finally, to keep it ideal, we introduced spot buy options for the users which will help them to exchange their currencies with Crytpo coins based on the market tarrifs. We could say, these are another bunch of cool ideas our experts brought to the table which helped us to see different dimensions of Crypto world all over again.

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6) Job Portals

Job portal
Job portal is another key to unlock the potentials stream! Job portal is the finest idea where you can act as a bridge to connect the business people to the right candidates & vice versa you can also assist the job seekers to maintain good curriculum by helping them to create resumes, connecting employers, navigating them to track the right jobs.
But one of the biggest disadvantage 70% of job portal have is “communication gap”. You’re not getting me right?
Ofcourse, we do have a diverse list of job portals in industry but what we are explaining here is one step ahead! Many of us wanted these apps to be more user convenient & we need instant connections to discuss everything in a shot! Imagine a job portal app along with social media messaging platform, where you can just query & get to know everything in an around a minute?!
That’s how you can build an app to fill the lagging communication gap we lack. Another, interesting option is having a “multilingual option” So you don’t want to miss any of your users around the globe! Let them stay super happy by giving them a convenient user experience.
We took the opportunity to build a job portal with seamless messaging platform for our client to expand the outreach of an app.

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7) Learning Management Apps

learning app
You must wonder thinking that learning management is too old to start now! Why do we even want to start it all over again? Why do we want to talk about Javascript here when we have a pool frameworks to build it right away?!
Yes! We do agree with you! But we must answer your why’s & justice why we chose Javascript here!
To add more value to your questions, let’s have a small project sample to get you a clear picture of what we’re exactly trying to highlight.
An year ago, we have started building a learning management app for one of our client and as like everyone, our client wanted a simple learning tool where the diverse industry people can learn together based on the choices they make. So, we’re about to create a solution which can segregate the courses based on the user industry & the certification will be provided in regards of his/her course ratings & performance. So, if you ask what we did in this system with Javascript. Well, Here’s how!
First thing is, we don’t want to bore our users or clients.
We wanted everything to be more interactive & more user convenient.
Unlike other learning apps, we built an app where user can make in fun learning! It’s not just about text but where they can completely interact, draw, paint, drag & drop, match the answers & join the dots. Just like that, they can illustrate every questions into a fun movable picture of answers & play with the Q&A. Precisely, we provided them a space for their logical thinking to solve everything with illustrated answers so that they can be more interested in solving answers. As a result, it’s so easy for them to complete their course & come to an end to acquire their certificate in an estimated time.
We would say, usage of Javascript is done at its best of our knowledge to cheer up the users in learning.
Obviously, there is no point of leaving or getting boring with the course!
This is something you must give a try! Because the effort might give you a surprising results!

Technologies used


8) Food Delivery Apps Are The Real Kings

food apps1
We don’t have to insist much about Online food apps, as you know the huge role food apps plays in today’s industry. Food is the evergreen platform people will never so no in their lifespan! From zero to hero, “Online food apps” are making a strong territory by providing all the comfy options to customers !
Having countless of food varieties, people in big cities want to taste all the variety of foods & at the same time they don’t have much time to prepare food for themselves. Here’s where “Food Delivery Apps” plays the master role to make their job super easy.
Also selecting the food from wide list at affordable rate wouldn’t mind give people a second chance to think about the money. Because food apps making a clear justice by giving them features like top reviews, convenient services & an instant delivery in & around a minute.
So, in our point, making a super cool food delivery app with much more comfy options for the customers is the primary option for any entrepreneurs who like to reach the top of the world in short time.

9) Beacon & IOT Apps

IOT & Beacons can be used effectively to solve any perplexing issues faced by users especially in sort of data mining. 50% of you might recognized what am going to pin point here! where as 50% might not. So here’s the answer for those!
An app just for Zoo! Let’s assume a place like zoo! Sounds crazy! Isn’t it? Waite for it! It will make sense at the end! A year back ago we got request from one of our client saying that they want to build an app which completely dedicated for the Zoo! Users were requested to install this app before entering Zoo and how this app gonna help us here is different story! Ideally this app designed to solve the most major problem faced by us when we are entering into a place like Zoo.
Likewise it can be anything, Zoo or shopping complex or any vast social spot where we like to wander! There we cannot have a smooth experience until & unless we’re provided with the right guidance. Neither to enjoy it fully nor to accumulate the knowledge completely, we must know every details of the place or things that resided in every nook & corner of that spot. Here’s where the Beacons takes the role to guide us to know with the details that are chipped into it about everything a user will ever want to know!
Beacons can guide the users to know the nearby animals or places and the entire details about the animals or anything based on a user request! Similarly beacons can also be effectively used in places like shopping malls, auditoriums & big events to guide the user to reach the desired place with right information.

10) Hospitality Apps

Building separate app to provide simplified medical & hospitality apps are indeed best idea to invest in today’s generation.
Companies likes hospitality management are in so much demand to level up their customer service experience. There are diverse requirements from multiple ends, so when you miss the inquiries from customers it will lead you to gain the negative opinion. At anypoint giving the good ambiance & services will be the first thing that can save you from any external risks. Having an app where the hospitality professionals or any higher officials to engage their customers are the primary thing which could strengthen your brand.
Otherside, it’ also hard for professionals to sit & analyze the reports of every customer especially when you have a tons of data. In certain case, if you have an app to take care of everything in charge of you is best thing that will help to improve efficiency, ease workload and boost customer experience and that’s the mantra to multiply your businesses.

Other Interesting App Ideas


  • Real time chat app
  • Geolocation
  • Gif search, video search, etc
  • Real time games
  • Website monitoring tools with geographical data
  • 3D projection tools for auto cads

Likewise still another boat of ideas can be manifested through JavaScript but all we have to do is “to understand the demands of each industry & come with a solution that can solve the user never ending problems”.  This can be the best answer for any growing businesses to sustain in this contemporary times. Hope we believe these ideas might have resonated the different angles on each industry to build thriving app with demanding key features that users will love.
Meantime, our experts also working on other emerging technologies to come up with brilliant ideas to gear up the start up’s so stay tuned with our latest articles to get more updates straight from the industry experts & evangelists.
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