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SaaS Checklist: 10 factors To Consider Before Selecting Outsourcing Company

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 17, 2019

If the title drags you here then you must be here to take a big decision for your business. Outsourcing the company is one of the best decision you will make and at the same you must have to be cautious about it. Agira – an emerging IT solution providers who are also addressed as one of the best outsourcing partners in the industry has a vast experience in producing the apps on time. Therefore, being a most trusted outsourcing partner, Agira came forward to produce the essential list of 10 factors to consider before selecting any outsourcing partner.
Let’s see what’s are the areas you must have a prior look on,

#1 Business Reputation

Age of the company, stability and business reputation and balance are the few imperial things likely to be noted to ensure you’re under the great surveillance to keep track your projects getting done on time. Apart from all these things, try to utilize the internet wisely to find more about the company firms, collaterals, achievements, reviews, awards an recognition’s and the number of successful case studies before you make a word with them.
If all these points are continuously maintained and implemented by the particular company then that’s the sign that you got to witness the right outsourcing partner.

#2 Pricing

Fixing the pricing model is one of the most crucial mistakes everyone commits when it comes to finding an outsourcing partner. Most of us focused on finding the cheapest vendors instead of aiming the right outsourcing partner who can act like a backbone of your business stream till it turns better. There are some really good vendors providing excellent resources & services for a competitive price model. All you have to do is a proper analysis before making any decision.
Sometimes, saying yes to the Best outsourcing partner is the only thing that could save your entire operational cost of the project. To align it better, for example, let’s assume that you have got some urgent project requirement to be accomplished in short time in which the technologies involved are not from core services you’re offering. If that’s the case you can’t build the exclusive capital team and further resource alliance which will never help you in near future and this will obviously end up in spending more expense than the allocated budget. This is why we ask to be bit concerned about choosing outsourcing companies so make sure to balance both quantity and quality at the competitive capital amount.

#3 SLA

Checking for SLA – Service Level Agreement is another promising thing we should consider while looking for outsourcing. This document will give you a clear idea for both parties to be clear about every aspects & norms involved in the commitment you’re going to make for the next period of time. This will also help you to avoid any conflicts or confusion that make sure to deliver what is committed.
Therefore, ask for SLA and read every sentence and details about the partnership in it.

#4 Agile Practices

Agile is the standard protocol maintained by most of the successful companies to deliver the performance packed product on time as expected. Choose the company that follows proper agile standards and scrum methodology to deliver outstanding, cutting edge IT solutions that add real value that goes beyond what is expected.

#5 Technical Expertise

Find out the outsourcing company that has the ability to compete in any raising technologies and whether they capable of turning any failure models into a successful one. For example, Blockchain, AI, Data Science, Machine learning are some of the raising technology that are aiming by global companies. Likewise, apart from the core technology, the company should have a clear exposure and continuous experiment on new technologies to help even better on our track.

#6 Trained & Dedicated Resources

A well trained and dedicated resources are one of the greatest assets you will ever find! If you find the team who has the ability to transform your ideas into the business also ensure to deliver you what promised despite of timeliness. Don’t let them go!

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#7 Ability To Meet Deadlines

It is important for any outsourcing company to finish the work before the deadline so check for their rigid experience and ability to finish up the projects on time in order to avoid any conflicts at last minute.

#8 Proper Demo & POC

Not every company will offer proper POC. POC is the gateway to understand about the company & capabilities. Alongside, it’s their responsibility to provide proper Demo, prototype, wireframes before beginning the implementation.
If you got to witness the more real-time demo’s and POC back to back then that’s a proof that particular company got good standard lifeline on producing real-time applications.

#9 Communication & Customer Support

Despite checking the other technical factors, don’t forget to look for the constant customer support, communications, and other business collaborations to keep us posted about any ongoing changes and updates.

#10 Flexible Timing

Basically, outsourcing will differ based on the requirement, deadline and the size of the project. So it would be great if the outsourcing partner provides flexible support on both full-time service & timing slots.
Was it useful? Like to know more about Outsourcing? Do contact our dedicated team to suggest you more business ideas and best outsourcing plans.
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