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8 Essential Skills That Every Angular Web Developer Must Have

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 21, 2019

Angular web development is being preferable by many businesses recently due to its ability to build websites with a seamless user interface and experience. When it comes to front-end web development, there is always a consistent requirement of diverse Angular developer skills.

To be a successful Angular developer, one needs to develop different skills in varied programming areas and apply them at the right place and time. But firstly, the developer needs hands-on experience in Angular development with solid exposure to the Angular framework itself. The fundamentals to develop an Application that includes creating forms, modules, components, and services. With this experience, the developer is all set to provide great solutions or build beautiful apps.

If you are a budding Angular developer, here is the list of skills that you need to learn. And if you are a recruiter who is looking for the best Angular developers in the industry to develop a product, here is the list of skills that is essential for an Angular web developer.

Top Angular Developer Skills

1. Node Package Manager (NPM)

It is one of the must-have tools for every web developer to install several client-side web development packages. It is the primary tool that is used to install Angular as well. So, it is one of the mandatory things to know how to install multiple npm packages (including non-Angular packages).

2. Angular CLI

It is the most commonly used package which is probably the first package that you might install with NPM. The Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) makes things easier when you want to write code to configure your app. It ensures that your app will adhere to the best-accepted practices.

There are many other benefits like reduced time consumption, customizing the existing app, and error-free functioning code from Angular CLI. This is why it is considered one of the essential skills for an Angular developer.

3. HTML and CSS

As HTML and CSS are the fundamentals for web development, it is crucial for an Angular developer to have knowledge or experience in working with both these technologies. This knowledge helps the developer to build web applications faster. Angular provides the basic building blocks for developing a functional web app. But one needs to render it in the browser using HTML and CSS. You can create beautiful interfaces with Angular and other style libraries, but fundamentals help you reach longer places to achieve the tweak. Angular also has a JS console, the best browser developer tool that allows you to edit your HTML and CSS and preview the changes live.

4. Javascript

It is the major tool of a front-end developer. The fore-mentioned HTML and CSS are meant to style the interface or the presentation of the page, while javascript takes care of the function. For instance, if you want to build an exclusive app or website for your business or client with many features audio, videos, high-quality animation, and others. you need the help of the js tool to implement all of these interactive features.

5. Typescript

Most of the front-end client-side web applications are traditionally written in Javascript. Typescript is the superset of Javascript which supports you to write error-free codes while typing. It is preferable for developers to write code on Typescript especially when creating apps. Typescript can actually enhance the team’s productivity with its strong typing, refactoring the code, and does a great job when it comes to large enterprise application development.

6. RxJS

Although RxJS is the library of reactive programming, it is bundled with the Angular framework. The library holds observable streams that let you perform common tasks such as HTTP requests of data and other asynchronous tasks.

7. Responsive design

Due to the development of the digital era, the web is used in many other devices than laptops or desktops. So, it is important to design web applications that can adjust well with all the devices like tablets, mobile phones, watches, and many others. Sound knowledge in responsive web development is crucial for a front-end developer in recent days.

8. Version Control/Git

It is one of the best practices to save your process. Version control is the process of tracking and controlling changes to source code. It is risky to work without source control even for developing simple applications. Similar to typescript which allows you to refactor your code, Git helps you to experiment with new features and coding techniques. In case, if you are experimenting with a part of the code and it fails, you can return to the previous working version of your code. So, you can experiment with your code without any fear of losing the already existing code.

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