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Top 7 Types of Applications To Build With Angular Framework

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 4, 2021

Angular is one of the top JavaScript frameworks that lets you build a top-notch web application with excellent performance and a seamless user interface. One can develop beautiful web applications, Single Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and Mobile applications with compelling animations for their businesses. You can also build numerous high-performing applications using Angular effortlessly in less time and money. In this blog, you will get to know the top 7 types of applications to build with Angular. 

Recently, Angular has exploded in popularity for its high-end tools, easy learning curve, and reliable features. Many huge game players in the tech industry are making the most out of Angular Framework to build their applications. Such huge companies are Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and much more. 


Ideal Applications To Build With Angular

Angular is an open-source programming language, is known for its regular updates and strong community support that instantly provide solutions to any issues. So, if your Angular developers face a complex problem, there are people to give a hand. When you build your application with Angular, along with an accelerated development process, it provides you with endless opportunities, off-the-shelf solutions, and enhanced scalability. Here are a few types of applications to which Angular is the best suit. 

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Single-Page Applications (SPA)

Single-Page Applications is the #1 in applications to build with Angular. If you inquire to any expert which framework is the best for developing SPAs, every expert’s recommendation is Angular. Single-Page application’s specialty is that when you land on a page, it dynamically displays information of the page. It provides a seamless, uninterrupted user interface when compared with conventional multi-page applications. Meanwhile, Angular’s routing and data management features make SPA development faster and highly effective. 

Enterprise Web Apps

From start-ups to huge enterprises, almost all organizations often require complex software to solve their day-to-day issues. For most of these companies, Angular is a go-to framework. It is scalable, comes with MVC architecture and code reusability. Also, it aids in the organization’s development process and ensures to meet high-security requirements.

Mobile apps

Angular development is fantastic for building every type of mobile application. Commonly, developers use this framework to develop a cross-platform web application. However, combine Angular with NativeScript, another open-source framework for iOS and Android development, to build high-end mobile applications. You can also use Ionic to create a hybrid app that offers a near-native experience while sharing most of the code with Android and iOS.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWAs provides your web application with advanced advantages such as responsive design, quick loading time, and offline capability. These significant advancements for web applications were a selling point as they were previously not working offline. 

To create a PWA with Angular, you need to hire developers and put in extra effort to ensure that all PWA rules are followed and check if the application functions correctly.

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Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps 

Web applications are viewed in a browser or served from a server. The server is in charge of preparing (pre-populating) custom user data, which significantly reduces the site’s loading time.

It also raises the site’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs), which will help you promote your product and reach the right audience.

Interfaces With Stunning Graphics

Awesome UI animations are becoming a more common source of competitive advantage for web apps. They may be appealing, but if implemented incorrectly, they may cause users to dislike your app. The Angular team is well aware of this, and as part of the official library, they have developed a module that makes designing and executing animations a breeze for your team.

Industry-Based Angular Applications

List of industry-based applications that you can build with Angular.

eCommerce and mCommerce Apps

AngularJS has been used to create a large number of eCommerce websites. The framework includes numerous features that enable developers to build a visually appealing and user-friendly eCommerce or mCommerce application.

Airbnb Ruby on Rails

Travel Apps

Angular’s dynamic features enable an AngularJS development company to build a flawless and feature-rich travel app for you, regardless of the type of travel app you want to develop for your business.

Social Apps

LinkedIn is an excellent example of a networking app developed with AngularJS. The LinkedIn development team used the AngularJS framework throughout this application’s mobile component.

Video Streaming Apps

YouTube and Netflix are excellent examples of AngularJS applications that fall into this category. Developers should use AngularJS to develop high-end video streaming applications with a lot of functionality.

Weather Apps

AngularJS is the framework to create a weather app with an interactive and user-friendly interface and high performance. is an excellent example of an AngularJS-based weather application.

Job Portals

One can use AngularJS to create any user-generated content portals, such as and AngularJS development is entirely feasible for these types of apps, despite their high functionality.

Content Management Systems (CMS), e-commerce applications, static websites, design systems, banking websites, and other types of web apps may benefit from Angular. However, it all depends on your project’s requirements, your team and organization’s size, and your product’s scope.

To conclude, Angular is an excellent choice for any web application. Moreover, it has all of the most desired features. Notably, Google and a thriving community are supporting Angular. 

Thus, your team can use official tools and components to reduce development costs, improve the structure, and make scaling your project easier. Furthermore, using Angular gives you access to a large pool of talent who will understand the technology and the code underpinning your product.

Even though there are many JavaScript frameworks on the market, Angular is the most widely used and well-established framework, with many major brands using it. If you want to use AngularJS to create your next business app, work with a reputable and experienced AngularJS development company for high-quality services and quick results.

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