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Reasons Why AngularJS Is A Good Choice For Web Application Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 2, 2017

AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework for Web App Development. It is written in Javascript, which is built and maintained by global giant Google. It is developed to create client-side applications. Within no time, AngularJS emerged as a well-liked Javascript Framework. It extends HTML with new attributes, and it should be added to an HTML page using a <script> Tag. AngularJS is one of the most popular Javascript MVC frameworks.

 Note: MVC is a software design model used for developing a web application. Model– Lowest level pattern for maintaining data, View– For displaying data to the user, Controller– Code that controls the interaction between the above two

Need Of AngularJS:

If an application needs to be developed across all platforms, AngularJS makes it easy. one can use the code you build in one platform to build applications on other platforms.
Wide ranges of templates are available, which allows you to build the features quickly. We can also extend the template language with our own components.
AngularJS is predominantly used Single Page Web Applications and other apps like HRMS, CMS, and more. It is the first choice of developers to develop this kind of application.

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Why AngularJS is a Good Choice for Web App Development

Now let’s dive into the reasons why AngularJS is considered a good choice for web app development. The first and foremost reason to consider AngularJS is that it is easily adaptable and takes you pretty little time to learn if you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A wide range of tools

There is a wide range of tools available that will make the web app development process burdenless. Some of the available tools:

Useful Libraries

Even though Google maintains AngularJS, loads of AngularJS enthusiastic web app developers also participate, and many libraries are made available. These libraries will help you and boost up the competency of the AngularJS framework.
Here we’re listing some of the useful libraries.

Directives to define custom and reusable elements

Directives will be of great help to the developer to define custom and reusable HTML-like elements and attributes. Some of the commonly used directives in AngularJS development are:

  • ng-aria
  • ng-animate
  • ng-bind
  • ng-class
  • ng-controller
  • ng-model
  • ng-view

(Here ng is the core module. It is loaded by default when the AngularJS application starts. It contains all the components that are required for the application to function)
Apart from the vast availability of tools and libraries which make the web app development process an easy path, there are other reasons to turn our minds towards AngularJS. Some of them are:

  • It is a well-known fact that Single page applications are making their way into the web, and they are considered the future of web apps. The first choice of any developer to develop single-page applications is AngularJS.
  • An application built with AngularJS requires minimal coding. Being a robust MVC framework, AngularJS lets you do more without exerting yourself. The main advantage of being an MVC framework is that one layer is independent of other layers, which makes the development process easier and uncomplicated.
  • Two-way data binding is one of the core features of AngularJS. The change in one layer immediately updates the other layer. That is, the model change is immediately updated in view also.

Due to abundant benefits and support, most leading tech companies consider AngularJS to develop web applications and even convert their old Java-based applications to AngularJS.

If you are a startup company or an entrepreneur looking for a team who can speed up your development time without compromising quality or performance, you should hire AngularJs developers from us. Our team at Agira technologies is highly skilled at AngularJS.

Developing web applications using AngularJS is an absolute breeze for us. If you are looking for someone who can develop your application, we can help you. Our services are fast and economical. Contact us now.

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