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Weekly Roundup: PostgreSQL 12 Release, Ionic React Announcements & Latest Tech Updates

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 18, 2019

Agira’s Weekly digest is to let you know what is happening in the world of technology. Get access to the popular on the web in one place. This month is filled with notable releases of technologies and version updates. Also, enjoy new and trending articles and blog posts from developers across the world. Take a Glimpse of what’s brand new in this week of October 2019.


PostgreSQL 12 Releasedpostgresql 12 released

PostgreSQL 12 was released on October 3, 2019. The latest version of the world’s most advanced open-source database was launched by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.
PostgreSQL 12 includes improved overall performance, particularly over large data sets and space utilization. This release highlight includes notable capabilities such as SQL/JSON path expression support, optimizations for how common table expression queries are executed and generated columns. Read more from about the release from here.

Announcement of Ionic React

Ionic React announcementIonic announced the availability of Ionic React a native React version of the Ionic framework. Announcement was made on October 14, in their blog post. Ionic makes it easy to build apps on for web, progressive apps, Android and iOS. Now it has opened the gates for a whole new audience.
Ionic React comes all with one code base, default React development patterns and a huge ecosystem around the web platform. If you want to know more interesting features of Ionic react. Check this Ionic Blog post.

Visual Studio Version Update

VisualStudio version updatesVisual Studio is an IDE developed by Microsoft. It used to develop Graphical User Interface, mobile apps, web apps as well as websites. Visual Studio has many issues fixes solved from September 2019. Visual Studio has release four version updates in a row this October. This VS 2019 update comes with corrupts installation.

Check out the latest, to know the top issues fixed in the Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3.5

Swift 5.2 Release Process

Swift 5.2Swift 5.2 is all set for release on November 5, 2019. Swift is Apple’s programming language used in Apple devices as well as Linux. The first version was released in 2010. There are a lot of major changes to take over this release. All languages and API changes will go through an evolution process.



Beginner’s Roadmap to Web Development

The tutorial is the ultimate guide for the beginner to start with the fundamentals of web development. It is all equipped with useful links to other tutorials by paving you the right path to follow. Jessica Chan, the author of the blog, being a responsive web developer herself, designed it perfectly with illustrations to infiltrate knowledge subliminally into your minds.

machine learning_Agira Weekly40+ Modern Tutorials Covering All Aspects of Machine Learning

The article aligns every best tutorial on Machine Learning from nooks and corners of the internet. Information in all formats from books, presentations, cheat sheets, illustrations to videos are listed. Another interesting article is 100 Days of Machine Learning by Vipul Patel which aligns major topics as tutorials of Machine Learning in 100 days.


trending blogs_Agira weekly

Unwrapping the Ocean Plastic Conundrum Via Blockchain

With the drastic development in the blockchain technology, this interesting article features the use of the efficiency of the technology for an eco-friendly purpose. Cointelegraph coined the information about the world’s first collection of recycled fabrics made from ocean plastics and whose provenance can be traced via blockchain.

Websites_Agira WeeklyStop building websites with infinite scroll!

This eye-catching article will give you valid reasons why you should avoid developing an infinite scroll on your website. The author describes everything that you should know about “scroll” from history to till now. And more interesting stuff about it.
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