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Why Flutter Mobile App Development Is The Best Choice For Startups

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 8, 2020

Every entrepreneur wants to make use of the best mobile technology to build their business applications. There is a handful of technology to bring the best user experience that your customers deserve. But finding the right technology for your business needs is the toughest decision to make. If you are an entrepreneur who is considering flutter over the other cross-platform mobile application development platforms, here are the reasons that support your choice and why Flutter is the best choice for startups especially.

What is Flutter?

Google Flutter is one of the well-known platforms which used Dart to build high performing mobile applications suitable for multiple applications. According to Flutter.Dev
 “Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building  beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single  codebase.” 
Here is the blog on everything you should know about Flutter and Flutter architecture as a beginner.  
Some of the top companies like Alibaba,, eBay, and Dream11 are using Flutter to build their mobile applications. 

Why Flutter is the best choice for start-ups?

Flutter is gaining popularity against all the other well-known development frameworks. Being launched by Google, Flutter lets you develop robust, scalable, and highly efficient mobile applications. Here is the list of advantages that Flutter brings to your mobile application development.

  1. Cross-Platform

When you want to build a mobile application for your business, you will have two options to choose from. One is a native application development and the other is cross-platform mobile application development. The native application provides the best user experience, high performance, and highly efficient application, but it takes long development time, cost and it is exclusively designed to meet the Android and iOS separately. On the other hand, the cross-platform application development lets you build a single application that works efficiently for both Android and iOS systems without compromising efficiency. Also, cross-platform application development is easier, faster, and affordable.  Flutter, being a cross-platform development environment, it makes the perfect choice for Start-ups.

  1. High-Performance

All the above-mentioned characteristics of flutter make it perform efficiently. Being backed by Dart, supported by firebase, and other features make the perfect mixture of efficient ingredients to let you taste the success quickly.

  1. Sleek UI/UX

Usually, in the case of cross-platform mobile application development, the UI and UX are compromised as they are browser dependant. But when it comes to flutter mobile development, you can achieve the same user experience as such as get in native applications by using this portable UI framework that can help you build customized user experience and interface. The single code base is for both platforms with faster development, fast delivery, and affordable.

  1. Low-Cost Application Development

Due to cross-platform development, Flutter mobile application development for both Android and iOS comes under a single codebase. Also, developing flutter applications requires less time. When you are hiring a flutter developer, you will need to pay them on an hourly basis. As development time decreases the development cost also decreases. Being a single code base for both platforms, your costs get 2X times lesser than native application development. 

  1. High-speed Development with Hot-Reload

The cross-platform application development makes development time shorter with a single code base without needing to work developing the same application for different platforms separately.  In order to make the development even faster, the hot Reload feature of Flutter enhances the developer’s productivity 10X times by allowing developers to view real-time changes in the coding. 

  1. A Customizable Kit of Widgets.

Flutter has a broad catalog of customized widgets for both Android as well as iOS from icons to fonts. This ensures hassle-free development to attain the most out of the UI elements of a native application. Being a startup, Flutter brings you all the widgets to get that native performance and UX of an application. 

  1. Dart is Perfect For Multiple Languages.

Dart is Google’s in-house language which is Flutter’s object-oriented language. The developers with knowledge and experience in Java or javascript can easily learn this language with ease. This language makes compilation procedures effortless and compiles into native code. This makes the right choice for the start-ups to choose Flutter. 

  1. Effortless Testing

Being based on Dart and single code base, Flutter applications require less time to review and test as compared to native applications. Other than that, being single code-based the chances of errors are also lesser than compared to native application development.

  1. Integration with Firebase

Firebase as the backend is everything that a start-up needs. Firebase provides an application with outstanding support for cloud storage, real-time database, and hosting. You can also build serverless infrastructure which is scalable, and redundant.
With the adoption of Flutter for startups, there is no need to invest time and resources towards backend development. The Firebases are combined with an automation tool required for your release and development process allowing the team for constant delivery.
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