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How to Build an Online Web Portal And How Much Does It Cost?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 5, 2020

A portal is a web-based solution for a diverse setting that is personalized according to requirements and used only by authorized users.
If you’re wondering, both web portal and website are the same? The purpose of both web solutions is different, but the portal may have similar features as it is generally accessible through the internet.
Web portals are highly beneficial for most of the business verticals. A web portal development can help automate mundane processes and significantly save time and increase engagement for customers, partners, and employees.
In this blog, let’s find out how much does it cost for online web portal development and the factors that influence the price.
Let’s get started with the basics!

What is a Web Portal?

A web portal is commonly confused with the website because they share some standard features. In general, both a portal and a website can be assessed through a unique URL. 
A web portal is a personalized product build around certain requirements with distinctive characteristics that are not interchangeable. A portal has an aggregated content and is only made available to authorized users. Web portal comprises a unique login only with a specific group. It can be customers, partners, etc. It acts as a single point of access to provide information for authorized users. Changes can be made by those only with relevant permissions.
A website is simply a platform to digitally present for your products or services to any user in the world. On the other hand, the web portal drives the active participation of the user and used to provide particular information to a specific group of people.


What are the Types of Web Portal?

Web portal development services create a personalized experience for specific users and convey messages. To have streamlined communication and process, every organization needs a web portal to function effectively. There are four common types of web portals includes,

  • Customer Portal
  • Employees Portal 
  • Partner Portal 
  • Membership Portal

Customer Portal

A customer portal is used by a business platform to enhance customer support and take their sales processes to the customer in a new dimension. While having a customer portal, the users can stay informed, place & track orders themselves, and report problems. A portal can hold a history of each customer to build long-term relationships and increase satisfaction for the customer. We portal improves the loyalty of the brand and saves time & resources for the business.

Employee Portal

All companies use the employee portal to streamline internal networking where the employees can communicate on digital medium solely managed by the organization. This type of gateway is used to assign tasks, share updates on an essential event within the company, log timesheets and leave requests, and so on. It is a collaboration tool that helps in communicate effectively and manage new hires of the company.  

Partner Portal

Business partners need a platform to cooperate with many domains regularly. This applies to the bank, healthcare, logistics, and real estate industry. It is for the partners who need to maintain active participation to function the business effectively. These industries ensure an ongoing process of sharing information where all the partners are engaged. 

Membership Portal

Subscription offering businesses can benefit from a membership portal. It allows a good accuracy of the members’ data and provides updates to increase consumer engagement. Almost the entire process is self-service and fully automated. Members include in the portal will receive materials, results, other plans, etc. with little to no administration efforts from your end.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Web Portal Development

The web portal is a single point resource center that can list all the resources available within the organization or on the internet. Based on the requirements, they are many aspects that impact the cost of web portal development. A web portal is beneficial for a wide range of industries and can bring a significant change to any business with a web solution. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular essential factors that you will need to consider in web portal development. 

Outsourcing Company vs. freelancers 

It is a primary choice that can lead your web portal to a successful development journey. If you outsource the portal development to a company, it has experienced developers and industry advisors who can help you plan the whole process. On the other hand, hiring freelancers includes risks associated with deadlines and cooperation models. So, instead of taking a risky road for a low price, it is better to trust an outsourcing partner for your web portal development.


You can list the required functions for your web portal. It is more evident that more intricate tasks require higher costs. Here are some of the essential features that you can consider in your web portal development.

  • Use Profile
  • Document Management
  • Data aggregation
  • Advanced Search
  • Collaboration & Networking
  • Task and Knowledge Management 
  • Performance management
  • Analytics & Stats
  • Data feeds
  • Self-service tools

Skillsets of the team

Experienced developers tend to create more proficient web portals than junior colleagues. They have higher hourly rates and work faster. A team comprises of different programming for different tasks to ensure the refined quality of the web portal. If you’re planning to build a long term complex project, hiring a dedicated team is the best choice.

How much does it cost to build a Web Portal?

If you decide to work with a development team in the USA and India, a custom web portal development will cost you at the range of $20,000 to $80,000. Consider getting a rough estimate from your outsourcing partner, who will help you increase or cut unnecessary costs depending on the features validations for your platform. Building a web portal takes ample time and requires a wiser decision to stay flexible in development costs.


Businesses today have become more competitive and digitally driven. Custom Web portals greatly influence every aspect of organizational management. It reminds of the goals of the specific group and keeps them focused on the right messages. There are dozens of factors to consider when investing in web portal development. Every stage of the development requires special attention to bring the best out with the superior value for money.   
Get your custom web portal at an affordable price at Agira Technologies! Hire our web portal developers who are highly skilled and can work dedicatedly towards your project. Get in touch for an estimate quote, we are happy to help!

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