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How to Upgrade Joomla to Keep Your Site Efficient

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 5, 2020

To make the most of your existing digital resources, it is important to keep everything upgraded day-to-day. Upgrading your Joomla website to its latest version can bring you a handful of benefits to your business including improved site speed, enhanced security, and outstanding performance.  Here is how to upgrade your Joomla website to convert your visitors into customers with seamless user experience. 

Upgrading Your Joomla Website To The Latest Version

Here is the step by step guide to upgrading your Joomla website to the latest version. 

  1. Back up all the important files. (save a copy of your entire website by using FTP programs or backup modules)
  2. Check Joomla update status in main control panel screen under maintenance header
  3. By clicking on the Joomla up to date option, it opens Joomla update screen which shows the version that you are using
  4. You can click on the check for updates button to check if any new versions are available.
  5. If a new update is available it shows you the link to the latest version.

Reinstalling Core Package Files

The reinstalling the core package files is similar to rebooting your mobile phone, it restores the available version or reinstalls it. When your website is corrupt, crashed, or hacked by any means, the best way to approach the problem is by reinstalling the core package files of Joomla to restore the current design and content of your entire website.
Here are the steps to reinstall core package files of Joomla website

  1. In the Joomla update screen that is used for checking the latest version of Joomla, it displays an option called reinstall package URL which lets you reinstall the core package files.
  2. Check if the URL starts with “https://downloads.joomla.org/cms/”. 
  3. In the installation method dropdown box, choose “write files directly”. 
  4. Now, click the “Reinstall Joomla core files” button.
  5. The process is quick and replaces all the Joomla files to make it work without disturbing your website components.

Updating Joomla extensions

Once you are done with updating the core Joomla to the latest version, the next step is to upgrade the Joomla extensions. When we are talking about Joomla extensions, it refers to your website components, modules, and plugins. 
Here is the step by step process to update the Joomla extensions.

  1. In the Joomla control panel window, go to the Extensions tab, choose “manage” to open further 4 options. Click on the update.
  2. This opens up the extension update screen.
  3. The Find Updates button lets you check for updates that are available for your extensions.
  4. If the update is present for any of your extensions, you can start updating it by clicking the update button.
  5. This updates your extensions to the latest version.

Deleting Joomla Extensions

Cleaning up the unwanted extensions is one of the most important step that makes your Joomla website more efficient and high performing. You can uninstall any components, modules, plugins, and templates from your Joomla extensions. Here is the step by step procedure to uninstall Joomla extensions.

  1. In the Joomla control panel window, go to the Extensions tab, choose “manage” to open further 4 options. Click on the Manage.
  2. This opens up the Extension Manager screen.
  3. The lists all the extensions that are installed on your website. 
  4. Find the unwanted extensions that you want to uninstall, and check the checkbox.
  5. Then, click the uninstall button on the top.
  6. This uninstalls the unwanted extensions with an Uninstallation Successful message.

Optimizing your Joomla website to improve the site speed

When you are owning a Joomla website for your business, it is important to upgrade your site to run more efficiently. Do you know that a visitor leaves the website if it takes more than 30 seconds to load? 
Yes, A study proves that 47% of your visitors leave your site if it takes a long time to load. The visitor only gives you 30 or fewer seconds to load the site content and attract the visitor and convert them into a customer. 
Also, the site speed and performance of the website is more important to rank better in most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The speed of the website plays a major role in the user experience as well. As a smart entrepreneur, it is important to make the most out of the existing resources. 
Here is the comprehensive guide on how to upgrade your Joomla website to enhance it performance and efficiency.  
Joomla Website speed improvement checklist

  1. Find a good web hosting
  2. Keep extensions up-to-date
  3. Clean out unwanted Joomla extensions
  4. Optimize images
  5. Optimize for mobile
  6. Compress CSS and JS files 
  7. G-zip your site
  8. Cache content

How to check your website speed?
It is important to know that many users across the world may experience your website differently with respect to various factors such as their network strength, and other factors. So, to check the website page speed, you can use the google page speed insights to get in-depth information about your website. There are also many other tools available in the Google PageSpeed tool. 
You can also use a Joomla extension to test the page speed of your website. There are many WordPress plugins. One of such popular plugins is WP Checkup. This plugin lets you find all the factors that are affecting your website’s speed from the security issues to the slowest plugins. You can also check your website speed on websites like Webpagetest.com and tools.pingdom.com. 
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AgiraTech is a technology company whose business services and domain solutions supports global clients who comprise the current world economy. Services we offer : Web development, Mobile App development, Blockchain, IoT and DevOps Consulting