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Everything You Should Know About React JS

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 11, 2019

What is react js?
React is one of the famous open-source Javascript libraries especially for single page applications. Facebook introduced it and originally defined it as a Javascript library for building user interfaces. It is mainly used for handling the view layer for web applications. The most beneficial part of React is that it allows you to build user interface components that are reusable. Being developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer from Facebook, it is first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and on Instagram in 2012.
If you want to develop large applications that are fast and scalable? React is the right choice. With react, you can build web applications that can change data without reloading the page. It allows you to create robust websites by integrating React with other javascript frameworks. Most developers prefer React Js when comparing to other frameworks because of its advantages.

Why React is so popular?

React Js is majorly famous for its one of the unique feature called Virtual DOM. As developers, you would obviously know the difficulty of working in DOM API.
Being built to resolve the relatively slow DOM API, the virtual DOM of React is the strong suit that has blown out the developers. React uses a virtual representation when it needs to read or write to the DOM. And then it updates the browser’s DOM in an efficient way. The best part about react is that you can create web applications with an excellent user interface that can work really fast. It uses a DOM tree to speed up the javascript while the React DOM manages to update the browser DOM to match the react elements.
This fast, scalable, and simple javascript library can do wonders to the user interfaces in the application. And It’s view in the MVC template can also be integrated with other JS libraries.

Why should you build a web application in React Js?

There need to be two different perspectives for choosing the right technology for web development. One is from the developer’s perspective that is related to the latest tech improvements, ease of use and time consumption. The other is an entrepreneur’s perspective of choosing technology for his product by considering the cost and safety. We need to consider both of these perspectives as they both contribute to the real-time usage of any technology.

From an entrepreneur’s perspective

  1. Renowned and a reliable javascript library – Being the most popular among front-end developers, React is adopted by many tech giants such as Instagram, Yahoo, Dropbox and much more.
  2. SEO-friendly Javascript – Despite being a Javascript, React is SEO friendly which means you can get the seamless UI that works most efficiently in every search engine with react based web applications.
  3. React supports React Native – When you develop a web application with react, it provides the architecture to build mobile applications in Android as well as Apple.
  4. Cross-platform applications – As it is well-known that React Native proves excellence in working cross-platforms. The React-based web applications work greatly in all platforms and devices.

From a developer’s perspective

  1. Reusability of Component – Programmers consider reusability as a remedy that allows them to reuse the component that is priorly developed for some other application using the same functionality. So, react js lets the developers to build functioning application effortlessly.
  2. It is Simple and Easy – Creating a seamless user interface can never be simple if not with react. For a developer, this library brings all objects together. React is easier to learn, understand, and build a beautiful app because it is the view controller in MVC architecture.
  3. Virtual DOM ensures fast rendering – The structure of the web application is the one that defines the performance. When building high load applications, engines use DOM which cannot ensure bottlenecks. So, even small layers can make drastic changes. But working with DOM API can be hard. React came up with virtual DOM which resolves this issue. You can build heavy loaded and dynamic web pages with react. You can build web applications with better performance with great UI in less time.
  4. Code stability with one way data flow – React uses downward data flow which ensures that a small change in the child structure does not affect the parent structure. The changes made by the developer are modified and updated. This structure ensures code stability and application maintenance.
  5. Flux and Redux architecture – The flux architecture has action creators that allow you to create an action from method parameters. The central dispatcher keeps all the actions to update stores. The approved version of flux which is known as redux has a single store. The redux enables a feature that lets you define a middleware to intercept dispatched actions.
  6. A helpful developer toolset – React has 2 major development tools which can be installed as chrome extensions. The react developer tool and redux developer tool are both useful and essential for every reactJS developer.

Now you know why it is popular among the developers than any other frameworks.

What major companies use React js?

Many tech giants use React Js partially or exclusively for developing their products. Facebook has its own web pages developed using react Js. It has recently released its new version of react called React Fiber. Instagram is completely based on react js library. This is the real-time proof of the most elegant user interface as you can witness.
netflix react js
Netflix used React for its platform called Gibbon. Being a happy user, they published an official blog post on how React helped the UI developers in Netflix to develop an application with startup speed, runtime performance, and modularity. Read their official blog by clicking the above image. Many other major companies like The Newyork Times, Yahoo mail, Whatsapp, Khan Academy, and Dropbox use React JS.
So when are you going to develop a web application with react for your business?
Get in touch with us to hire the best React Js developers in the Industry to develop a web application with a flawless user interface that your users would fall in love with.

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