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Top 10 Tutorials & Courses to Learn Java Online

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 7, 2020

If you are a programmer or graduate who is looking to learn Java, you have come to the right place. We are sharing some of the awesome resources like tutorials and courses which can help your learning a lot easier. If you are learning Java for the very first time, it is a great step to get into mainstream programming. Java is one of the most popular programming languages that has been around for more than 20 years. 

Java is for the server-side application which required higher performance with a lower latency server to seamlessly handle complex tasks. It allows the developers to create an end to end trading applications, back-office applications, and Android applications. Java has quite a large company and it is expected to grow in the coming years.   

1. The Complete Java Masterclass

The masterclass is one of the most popular courses to learn Java online from Udemy. It is a well-updated course that includes changes from Java 8 and Java 9. It is a comprehensive study material of over 72 hours. The course is made by famous Java instructor Tim Buchalka. He has explained every concept in detail and one at a time so that you can have a better understanding. The course covers basic concepts to advanced features such as Core Java fundamentals, data structure, OOP, Java collections, MultiThreading, File IO, Networking, Java 8, Database, Unit Testing, Database, and changes. 

2. Java Programming for Complete Beginners

This is the latest course available on Udemy and has the most latest changes in Java 9. It uses tools like JShell and teaches how you can program in Java. The course structure eases the learning process and follows a step by step teaching method with a detailed approach towards concepts. The course covers all the fundamental Java concepts such as Basic, object-oriented programming, Generics, Multithreading and Concurrency, Functional Programming, File handling, Java Collections, and File & Exception handling. This course was once free but now a paid course. Once you are enrolled you will have lifetime access to all the videos and associated materials.

3. Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer

Java In-Depth is another awesome course that can help you learn Java from scratch. The course gives you a comprehensive knowledge of Java and has well-explained videos which make learning more interesting for the learners. It is very detailed and covers the majority of topics a beginner will want to learn from methods, classes, collections, variables, data structure, threads, and networking. It has some good code examples using JShell which is helpful.

4. The Complete Java Developer Course

This course covers the changes from Java SE 8 and some changes in Java 9 and Java 10. It has detailed coverage of Java 8 syntax, functional programming, and the new features along with Java FX which allows creating GUI bases Java application. It is a good course for beginners as it covers all the essential Java concepts such as methods, control statements, loops, arrays, strings, object-oriented programming, file handling, multithreading, collections, strings, database, etc.

5. Java Fundamentals: The Java Language

This Java course is for beginners available on Pluralsight. You can learn all the fundamentals of core Java concepts. You can learn about the data types, threads, class, error handling, files, and other core Java concepts. This course is from a well-experienced instructor Jim Wilson. It is a sophisticated course from the java beginner’s point of view. It covers all the essentials concepts of Java programming language and server-side and client-side development for Android apps. 

6. Java Programming and Software engineering Fundamentals

The course is designed for beginners and offers a specialization certificate on the completion of the course. It covers the core programming concepts and allows you to write programs, solve complex problems with real-time examples. It is a foundational course for who wants to solve real-world problems, design algorithms to test, and debugging your programs. It is covering Java concepts such as object-oriented programming language, Data structure, Advanced-Data structure, and helps in mastering the software engineering interview course. 

7. Object-Oriented Programming in Java

It is a specialization course available for Java and other programming languages like Python, C, Javascript, etc. It helps the developers to be able to solve complex problems through object-oriented design with Java. You can also gain experience with learning Java in two developer environments such as BlueJ and Eclipse. You can earn how to program with graphical user interfaces and design programs that will help in managing large data. The course is created by reputed companies and universities around the world.

8. Java Professional Program

This course by Karpado is a great material to start as Java professional developers. It is probably the smooth path to become a highly paid full-stack Java developer. It covers the concepts in -depth. They are offering all of thier beginners to the advanced course at different levels. 

9. Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software

The course is available on Coursera. It improved your programming and problem-solving skills. You can learn from step and step guides to design algorithms, to develop and debug programs. It helps you learn custom open source classes. You can also get a certificate of completion of the course. You can access the programs and other types of data. 

10. Java Specialists Superpack 2020

It is an advanced learning resource for any Java professional developer. It is created by Dr. Heinz M. Kabtuz. This bundle contains in-depth material on concurrency, design pattern, Java basic, bits, threads, and continuous delivery.


The above are some of the best courses to learn Java programming. These tutorials can ease the process of learning right from scratch to advanced levels. Ensure the course material covers the concepts you looking to learn before you select the course. This way you purchase a cost-effective course material that offers adequate knowledge on the concepts. We are sure that choosing Java to learn will one of your best decisions. These tutorials and courses will be an opportunity to learn and improve your skill sets to have a better career growth. 

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