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Comparison of Top Javascript Frameworks in 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 7, 2020

As we are aware of the top front end frameworks of 2020 and everything that you should know about it in our previous blogs, it is now important to compare these top frameworks and its features to analyze which framework is right for you. 

If you did not read our previous blog, read this blog about the top 5 front-end / Javascript frameworks of 2020. 

In this blog, we will see the main features of these top javascript frameworks, their comparison, the pros and cons of these front end frameworks. 

As a disclaimer, you should be understanding that these top javascript frameworks are dynamic and new updates are released in short periods of time. So, this piece of information focuses on the development features of these frameworks at this particular time frame. When in doubt, you can always contact our top-notch javascript developers to clarify it or to get the latest updates. 

Here, in this blog, we will be comparing the top three javascript frameworks, React JS, Angular, and Vue JS. 

Let’s compare the general information of these frameworks.

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Comparison of Javascript Frameworks – Popularity 

Google Graph

NPM downloads

React is the most downloaded application according to NPM patterns. It doesn’t mean, though, that they are the best. You need to take a look forward at the Npm trends to decide on the which framework wins when it comes to popularity.

(Image Source:

b) Stack Overflow Trends: 

When we compare popularity of the top javascript frameworks Angular,React and Vue  in 2020, Stack Overflow Statistics suggest that React earns the highest percentage preceded by Angular. But Vue ‘s success has risen steadily over the last few years.

Image for post
(Image Source:

GitHub Trends

Github Repositories have some interesting and fascinating figures. Altough  React has the most fork and view rates, Vue has the most stars.

Image for post

(Image Source:

Javascript Frameworks Performance Comparison

Considering that the performance is the major factor why a framework is chosen to develop a top-notch application.  And when it comes to assessing the output of Angular, React and Vue, bear in mind that DOM is known to be the UI in any software application.  Both React and Angular have different ways to modifying HTML files, but Vue helps you get the most of the benefits from both React and Angular technologies.


Angular is a common Javascript platform that uses real DOM and is better adapted for single-page applications where the content can be periodically modified. Second, Angular uses a two-way data linking mechanism that replicates all changes made to the views in the Model in a stable, effective and intuitive manner.

Cons to Consider: Due to the many features of this platform, when transforming the project into heavy programs, it can slows down the performance relatively when compared to React and Vue.


React is a front-end library that uses Virtual DOM which boosts the performance of the applications of any scale that requires daily content updates like Instagram. React is based on a uni-directional data flow. This would have greater oversight over the whole enterprise.

Cons to Consider: As React is constantly changing, developers working with React need to update their skills on a regular basis to get on with new things flawlessly. Everything changes constantly, because sometimes major corporations can’t find them in a convenient position to work with.


Vue is the youngest JS platform, built with amazing functionality to solve the challenges that developers face with Angular and React. It is made up of all the positive stuff in React and Angular. It therefore uses the virtual DOM to deliver high performance and memory allocation.

Downside: Vue does have the largest community support relatively compared to React and Angular.

Top Companies that use React JS, Angular and Vue JS for developing their high end applications throughout the globe.

Source: Dzone

Numerous Javascript frameworks are readily available in the market with great features. Some of the other reliable JavaScript frameworks other than the above mentioned are Ember, Node, Polymer, Meteor, and more. But Angular, React and Vue are the best javascript frameworks that are great for rapid development with an advanced ecosystem. We tried to compare the various parameters of each system without any prejudice.  This reference guide helps you appreciate the context and features of these top javascript frameworks. Therefore, you can effortlessly select the best framework for your next web development project.

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