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5 Best JavaScript Certifications To Get In 2021

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 23, 2021

The web’s most common programming language is JavaScript. It’s used for various things, from building cookies to detecting browsers and enhancing website design, validating types, and so on. With thousands of job opportunities available, many developers are honing their JavaScript skills with the best JavaScript Certifications from top institutions.

Someone who understands JavaScript and related technologies like the DOM and HTML can create and maintain interactive, dynamic web pages. All major web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, support JavaScript.

JavaScript is not only one of the most common programming languages and web technologies, but it is also a highly sought-after skill in the IT industry. Choosing JavaScript as a career path is a wise decision.

Top 5 Professional JavaScript Certifications

Certification helps you to differentiate yourself from your peers, resulting in more work prospects, higher pay, and greater trust in your abilities.

To assist you in choosing the most suitable JavaScript certification, we’ve compiled a list of the top five JavaScript certifications.

1. W3 Schools -The JavaScript Developer Certificate

Level – Beginner

Platform – W3Schools

For candidates interested in getting certified for their JS skills, W3Schools, a common forum for learning web technologies, offers an excellent JavaScript Developer Certificate. Also, apart from JavaScript awareness, the certificate evaluates and verifies a candidate’s ability to manipulate the HTML DOM.

However, the JavaScript Developer Certificate examination’s questions are all based on the platform’s free tutorial and quiz.

Other JavaScript learning resources, such as books, online courses, and webinars, can be used to study for the certification exam and to improve your JavaScript knowledge.

Candidates should have a supervisor of their choice to avoid the use of unfair means or cheating during the test. The person may be an instructor, a supervisor, or a professional JavaScript programmer. The supervisor’s name and title will be printed on the certificate.

While the passing percentage for the W3Schools JavaScript qualification is 75%, candidates who score 95% or higher will have an Excellency Degree notation added to their certificates.

2. Certified JavaScript Developer

Level – Intermediate/Advanced

Platform – International JavaScript Institute (IJSI)

Another top JavaScript certification is the Certified JavaScript Developer by International JavaScript Institute, IJSI. The certification program not only assesses a candidate for their ability in using JS but also offers the opportunity to learn the advanced concepts about the popular programming language of the web.

Professional JavaScript developers and those looking to enhance their JS skills will benefit from the JavaScript certification. Adding the IJSI’s Certified JavaScript Developer credential to a JS developer’s resume would help them earn more money, get a better job title, and gain industry recognition.

The Accredited JavaScript Developer exam covers core and client-side JavaScript fundamentals. An IJSI-certified candidate understands the basics of programming, including syntax, control structures, data types, expressions, and operators. The use of JS in a web browser, as well as the DOM (Browser Object Model), AJAX, event handling, and graphics, can be helpful.

In-depth knowledge in prototype-based object-oriented programming, classes, and objects, as well as JavaScript Web APIs, are needed. The JS certification exam is entirely supervised by an IJSI proctor via video call to ensure the validity of the evaluation.

3. Microsoft – Technology Associate (MTA)

Level – Beginner

Platform – Microsoft

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification verifies that an applicant possesses the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to begin working in a particular technology area, such as programming, database management, or security.

Candidates can test their JavaScript skills and receive an MTA certification by taking Exam 98-382. Also, apart from JavaScript, candidates can choose from a variety of exams to receive an MTA certificate and demonstrate their abilities.

Candidates have the option of obtaining as many MTA certifications as they want. For each exam passed, an applicant receives an MTA certification. Exam 98-382 tests a candidate’s knowledge of ECMAScript v5 in particular and JavaScript in general.

A person who has passed the MTA Exam can read, understand, and write JavaScript programs. JS data types, functions, keywords, methods, operators, and variables are also well-versed. They can also communicate with the DOM and HTML forms, as well as execute and evaluate decisions and loops.

4. CIW – JavaScript Specialist

Level – Intermediate

Platform – CIW

Certified Internet Web Professional is the abbreviation for CIW. Since the mid-1990s, it has been one of the leading providers of vendor-neutral certification in the United States. Web design, creation, databases, networking, administration, and security are among the areas that the CIW certification covers.

Candidates who want to design client-side, platform-independent solutions that improve consumer interactivity and interest should seek the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification. The holder of the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification will communicate with users, change the Document Object Model, manage program flow, and validate forms.

The first section of the CIW JavaScript Specialist course covers basic JS concepts and techniques, such as common programming practices, data and variable manipulation, and the use of events, functions, and methods. Following that, candidates will learn intermediate JS programming techniques such as controlling program flow with control structures, manipulating the JS DOM, and deploying language items.

The JavaScript certification also covers debugging and correction techniques for JS code, as well as JS extensions such as JavaScript frameworks and libraries, advanced interactive web applications with AJAX, and web APIs. Software developers, web designers, UI/UX designers, and full-stack developers can benefit from the JS certification.

5) Microsoft – Certified Solutions Associate 

Level – Intermediate

Platform – Microsoft

You can earn the MCSA: Web Applications certification by passing Exam 70-480. This includes Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and one of the following two exams: Programming in C and Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. It attests to a candidate’s skill and knowledge of modern web app growth. It’s a great credential to get if you want to work as a web developer or administrator.

To sum up our top JavaScript certifications list, here comes the best JavaScript certificates that professionals gain to improve their resume. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a JavaScript certification that meets your needs.

As there is no substitute for hands-on programming experience, these javascript certifications can help you stand out from the crowd. In addition to that, it gives you more trust in what you can do and achieve with your skillset.

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