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Top 10 Websites Built Using React Js

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 10, 2020

React JS has been used by some of the most successful websites in the world. Along with its efficiency and flexibility, its applications also contribute to its popularity. Despite being a javascript library, it gives a tough competition to front-end frameworks like Angular. If you want to build seamless user interfaces that load efficiently faster, say thanks to React JS. It has got everything you will need to build a beautiful website. Don’t buy my word?, here are the top 10 big companies that use React JS.
Why should you opt React JS for your Business?
React JS is known for its virtual DOM and MVC architecture. The MVC breaks down the entire application into simple individual components which helps you to build dynamic web applications. And the virtual DOM speeds up the website’s loading time. Henceforth, React JS is popular for its core objective that provides you with the best rendering performances, a fast loading website despite its dynamic interface.

As you can see the growing popularity trend of React JS in Google trends which says that React JS would be an obvious choice for web development in future too. Also, a study confirms that about 220,401 live websites are using React right now and 1,140,177 sites had used React previously and 150,946 websites are in the United States.

Top 10 Best React JS Websites


As you will obviously know Facebook, the most popular and social media with 2.5 billion users.
React JS was built by the developers of Facebook, React JS is definitely used in its development. It partially uses the maximum out of React JS and has also released a completely rewritten library called React Fiber.
More than 2.13 billion users enjoy the high-speed rendering of Facebook around the world. This loads your newsfeed with the relevant data despite the speed of your internet connection. Partially, React JS contribute to Facebook’s seamless user interface with features like “Like, Share and Comment”.facebook agira


It is a well-known news aggregation site with 330 Million users in 2018. This global platform lets its users interact with other users, engage in discussions, and share content. Reddit categorizes its content into categories or subreddits which are more than 138,000 in number. It is popular for its AMA subreddit and the capability to make almost any content viral in a unique way. This is the reason why marketers love Reddit.
Many other social media platforms are built using React JS. Some of the other common social media platforms called Whatsapp web uses and Instagram also uses React JS partially.


Being the most classic NEWS broadcasting company in the world, BBC entrusts on React JS and uses it to deliver the best quality website to its users. React JS was chosen to be used in the base web architecture of BBC online resource. So, it lets them add their own Javascript templates on both the server and the client. Now, the users can view the site even though their devices block javascript. Also, using React JS lets them provide quick automatic updates (with live data) easily.
You can check the use of React JS in their Github repository.
There are many other similar content-rich websites like The New York Times and Bleacher report use React JS for their front-end development partially or completely.


The well-known cloud-based online file hosting service with 400 Million registered users uses React JS. This software stores and synchronizes your data in the cloud to let you access it anywhere around the world via any device with an internet connection.
Dropbox recently switched to React JS after seeing its benefits. With the help of numerous resources and toolkits, Dropbox has got the most out of React JS from Virtual DOM to long term support.
Some of the features that Dropbox provides you are cloud storage backup, file synchronization, and client software.


It is a web performance and security company that lets its users protect their website and accelerate its speed. Being based in the US, Cloudflare offers services like a content delivery network, DDoS mitigation and other Cybersecurity services.
When this high cybersecurity expert chooses to React JS for their website, it is sure that it is an impenetrable front-end stack for any business website.


Airbnb is a successful example of a React JS website as the brand is also bespoke for its UI and UX. So, it is acceptable to say that React Js contributes a lot to this marketplace that connects landlords and tenants together. With more than 150 million users around 65000 cities, it has recorded 2.4 billion dollars in sales from their platform.
This US-based company is the most popular marketplace for travelers around the world to discover and book accommodations.


Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services across the globe. This On-demand video platform captures its users with its sleek UI and UX.
netflix react js
Netflix used React JS for its platform called Gibbon. Being a happy user, they wrote an official blog post about the support that React JS gave to its developers. The UI developers in Netflix uses React to develop an application with startup speed, runtime performance, and modularity. Read their official blog by clicking the above image.

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Atlassian is a leading team collaboration software that helps in agile project management JIRA, and other features including Confluence, social collaboration tool – HipChat, Bitbucket, and Stash. One can clearly call them a React development because they incorporate React JS internally and externally. They are the ones who use the benefits of React JS like effortless deployment to desktop, web, and mobile with its reusable components. Most of its features like Hipchat and JIRA forms are rewritten in React JS.
Being based in Australia, this notable enterprise software business is a significant React JS application.


Similar to Atlassian, Asana is also a team collaboration software that is a close competitor of Atlassian itself. web and mobile application designed to help teams improve communication, organization, and collaboration.
When Asana wants to build a simple website that is easy to maintain, read, test and high performing. So, they chose re-write their front end with React JS. It uses it’s virtual DOM implementation feature to solve many UI issues.
Above all, they chose React JS because it could easily integrate with their framework called Luna.


PayPal is one of the highly secured online payments management systems for many years until today. You can easily do online transactions securely using this application. With more than 268 million users, Paypal has processed 2.2 billion transactions in 2018.
Moreover, Tesla uses React JS for their advanced web engineering technology as a foundation for its official Tesla Motors resource.
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