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Rust vs Go: Which One To Choose And Why?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • November 19, 2019

The present languages used for the development process are far more advanced. Rust and Go have numerous set of advantages and used for web development projects all over the world. Both the open-source programming language offers some advanced features for developing efficient software, integrated toolchain, memory safety and has a strong community of users.
Even though both have a few similarities, they also have drastic differences between each other. What are the major differences? Developing from scratch, meeting various requisites and writing different types of programs.
You will have a clear overview of when you can use it with the pros and cons listed for both the languages. Depending on your requisites differs the choice of programming language. On thinking about the coding experience and popularity. Both the language share the same birth year. The Golang popularity is on a hike from the beginning, But Rust has been experiencing stable growth in popularity over these years with a strong community.

Go vs Rust: What are the differences?

What is Go?

Go vs pythonGolang is an open source programming language that used to make efficient server-side software. It is the fastest-growing programming language of 2019 and its popularity expanding. Go was introduced by Google in 2009, used for modular program construction. It is a statically typed, compiled and high-performance language.
The concurrent mechanism makes it easy to write programs for building simple and reliable software. Go’s garbage collection, dependency management, the power of run-time reflection, robust components and software architectures adaptability are impressive features for an advanced system.

Pros and Cons of Golang development

Advantages of Go

  • Golang is faster than many other programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, etc.
  • Statically typed language that can compile to machine code.
  • Simplicity of code
  • Lightweight threads Goroutines
  • Concurrent mechanism
  • Ease of use
  • Smart standard library
  • Cross-platform
  • Static analysis tools
  • Garbage collection
  • Flexibility
  • IDE Supported
  • Suitable for writing DevOps Tasks and microservices
  • In-built security keeps the bugs away
  • Considered substitute for C and C++

Disadvantages of Go

  • Limited library support
  • Not a System language
  • Does not support object-oriented programming
  • Interfaces are implicit
  • No generics
  • Fractured dependency Management

What is Rust?

Rust latest releaseRust is the third fastest-growing programing language after Python. It is a system programming language that is safe, concurrent and practical. Rust is an advanced extension of the ML languages. It has a fast performance with stronger compile-time correctness.
Rust provides a guaranteed memory safety and has complete control over the memory lifecycle. With the improved parallelism and modularity, it helps you to write programs better. Mozilla, a famous web browser was developed using Rust.

Pros and Cons of Rust development

Advantages of Rust

  • Strong support of generics
  • Guaranteed Safety
  • Complexity of code
  • Rich patterns and Syntax
  • Easy Integration with C and several languages
  • Zero cost abstraction
  • Predictable run time behavior
  • Saves time in debugging and testing
  • Strong community support

Disadvantages of Rust

  • Complex programming language
  • A Steep learning curve
  • Rust is slow to compile

Rust vs Go: A Comparison

Go and Rust is the youngest programming languages that are widely used in Development today. Other languages like Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++ are considerably old. Both are an open-source, compiled, both are designed for modern and microservices with parallel computing environments.
Which programming language to use for my next project? That will be the very first question that will pop up in a developer’s mind when he planning on a new project. However, Go and Rust is designed for web services and can deal with a heavy flow of traffic. Most modern developers tend to agree with the fact that Golang is a lot faster than Rust.
You can approach the above question in different ways. In terms of application development, Go has more use cases and sufficient flexibility. You can take advantage of its concurrency and speed of deployment. (Rust can also expect these things, but rust is a bit slower)
Rust has been a superior programming language for many developers too. It is considered more secure than any other programming language. It prevents memory-related security vulnerabilities. Go is as secure as any other modern programming language. Rust competes with C++ if you already know C++, Rust will be easy for you to learn and work with complex codes. Comparatively, Golang is easy to learn and write programs.
Rust is somewhat hard to work with and fully oriented towards applications where security is highly required. And Go is ideal for building applications aimed at various other factors and security.
The TIOBE Index ranks Go is the 20th most popular programming language while Rust is the 25th position. Apart from the factors mention here, There are more benefits to choosing a popular language for your development. Other factors such as documentation, plugins and community support will make your work a lot easier. This will automatically will reflect in the overall productivity of the application development.

Final Words

Over the past few decades, programming languages have emerged to be the prime option for enterprise application development. These frameworks are designed especially for web services and it is so far so good!
Rust vs Go. Both the languages are considered as competitors because they emerged at the same time. The Growth of Golang is faster than Rust. Golang is profoundly known for its simplicity and better programming experience. This makes Golang more efficient for working in large teams and cost-effective.
Rust allows the developers to take control of the threads and offers superior security than any other programming language. But still, most developers lean towards Go for web development. To put this in a bigger picture. Golang will continue its rule over development and Rust is also topping the developer’s priority lists. In the future, this image might change. But, at present Go is a clear winner in this rush!
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