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7 Tools to keep your Rails code clean and organized

  • By Agira Technologies
  • August 31, 2017

Developing a large application needs million or more lines of code. Irrespective of the size of application or number of lines of code, the accumulation of non-functional code is obvious. Keeping the code organized and cleaning up the dead or unwanted code is advantageous to you and other team members who deal with the same project.

But, Performing this tasks manually is very time consuming and can affect your productiveness. Fortunately, If you are developing your application using Ruby On Rails then you don’t have to worry about this. There are many tools available that can make your code clean and organized. This tools requires very less effort from your side but gives more benefits.


Here I’m listing some of the tools that can make the code clean and organized. These tools make the code more readable without changing its structure.


1. Bullet

It is the Powerful gem that increases the application’s performance. We all know how N+1 queries affect the performance of the application. Bullet rescues you from this problem by showing alerts for N+1 queries you do in Ruby On Rails applications. It is developed by Richard Huang. Thanks to him this gem reduces the queries made and increases performance dramatically.

bullet tool for rails


2. Brakeman

It is Rails security scanner. It scans the application code and reports you if it founds any security issues in the application. All it needs is only your source code. Brakeman does not require any setup or configuration. You can setup and run it anytime. It is relatively faster when compared to other scanners.

Rails tools


3. Traceroute

Traceroute is a route cleaning tool that finds dead routes and actions. And it works by investigating the routes definition and informs you about the unused routes. It finds out the controller actions that are unreachable.

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4. Rails Best practices

Rails_Best_practices is code metric tool which checks the code quality of rails application. It provides you lot of suggestion that helps you to improve your code.

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5. Deadweight

Is your CSS file becoming large and do you want to find and clear the unused CSS? Then, Deadweight is for you. It is useful in finding unused CSS selectors in the rails application.


6. Rubycritic

It is also a code quality reporter. It provides the quality report by wrapping around various static analysis gems. The static analysis gems are Reek, Flog, and Flay. It provides a well-structured output. It is more convenient to use when compared to other static analysis tools.


7. Robocop

Robocop is a static code analyzer for Ruby. It can be used to check whether the application code follows Ruby code guidelines(Ruby Style Guide) that are outlined by the community. It reports us about the violations. Sometimes it automatically fixes the problems. It is divided into 4 sub analyzers, these are called cops.

Code analyzer for Ruby on Rails
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Whether it is a large or small application, the code should be clean and organized. Sometimes even for an experienced developer, it becomes a difficult task to clean their code. The above-listed tools to ease their burden both for newbies as well as experts to fasten up their coding process and keep it more structured. So if you haven’t started using them, start now.


You don’t need to take a warning or suggestion seriously every time, Some of them can be ignored. You have to analyze them and take the decision.


We at Agira are experts in Ruby on Rails Web development. Agira have develope numerous projects on Ruby on Rails. We constantly keep ourselves updated on latest tools and use them for developing our projects. These are some the useful tools which are used by our Ruby on Rails developers. To know more about Ruby on Rails web development, Visit Agira Technologies.

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