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Python Vs Node.js: What To Choose & Why – A Detailed Comparison

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 10, 2019

The choice you make today will eventually make your tomorrow – It is true that the amount of time you put in something to make the right choice will bring you the best of everything. This guide exclusively curated to help two set of people one for beginners who like to start their career but being helpless to decide what to choose and for the entrepreneurs who would like to build a business-centric application but not having a clear picture of what to use and when? Also, any individuals who like to make a clear decision on what to choose and looking for guidance – You’re included here!
As we said, this blog will guide you through every aspects of the two emerging languages displayed in the title – Python vs Node.js
If you already got an idea about these languages then no issues but in case if you’re a beginner or a growing entrepreneur then here are the notes for about each language.

What Is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side and cross-platform run-time environment that has a lightweight framework to build real-time web applications. Basically, Node.js written in the popular programmer friendly languageJavaScript that helps to build both server-side and network applications which capable of running across multiple devices.
Node.js is an ideal choice for scripting which has the largest community for its consistency and stability to develop applications.

What Is Python?

Python is an object-oriented multipurpose programming language used to build a high-level dynamic application. Also, Python is mostly preferred for data science, machine learning, and AI projects.
Moreover, Python setting a huge demand in IT, due to its library of open source data analysis tools, frameworks and testing environment which are highly preferred to develop scientific & big applications.


Libraries are one of the greatest assets for Python as it comes with the standard library to support programmers for using the language conveniently. These libraries are very much flexible that can support any sort of features and functions like image manipulations, complex calculations, and automation. Also, it is compatible with many formats and protocols such as MIME, Http and more on the list.
Node.js also got clean & flexible library support but comparing to Python, Python got good library support than Node.js Usually, Node.js gives minimal support and it requires NPM which demands lots of work on installing packages and modules whereas Python giving complete integrated library support that works great with other components.

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Most of you reading here must be known that Python is a dynamically typed language which indicates that its performance totally depends based on the context. So when the codes grows longer & complex then obviously it takes time to check and identify the context which will slow down the process also becomes difficult to fix. Thus takes a deep insight or someone who has keen knowledge about code to handle and fix the errors to turn the development easier.
Performance is the heart of any application, in fact, that’s the factor where the entire team will rely on! So, if you want to compare the performance between Python and Node.js, we would definitely go behind Node.js because when it comes to performance, Node.js is far better than Python as it is basically inclined with Chrome’s V8 which is a powerful engine that gives high performance.
With power packed features like Robust tools, Process manager, cluster module enabling and load balancing over multiple CPU cores, Node.js gives extended support to optimize and deploy applications. Equally, you can handle multiple requests & connections in Node.js with help of event-driven architecture.


Scalability is the next considerable factor we need to look after in development which comprises to serve multiple numbers of requests at the same time without losing the performance.
Basically, Python doesn’t have inbuilt asynchronous programming support but it still supports with help of asynchronous processing whereas Node.js has an asynchronous architecture with I/O. So, sometimes you will not find the architecture of Python as scalable as Node.js though it’s not a big deal because Python has loads of tools to achieve the necessary scalability.
The reason why we are stressing more on Node.js for its scalability is, here the modules provided by standard libraries are remains the backbone of achieving high scalability. Also, you can turn your Node.js to be fully functional because scaling can be easily achievable in Node.js

Easy To Reade & Use

Starting with Python is like reading English because Python has a simple structure and clear syntax tree and also got a very less use of keywords.
Moreover, if you’re a beginner who would like to start programming as a career that should be easy to use then you can choose Python as it is Beginner friendly language you will love coding in it as we said it’s lot fun and easy compared to Javascript.

Career Opportunities & Community Support

When you ask us about Career opportunities, Python and Node.js both have equal opportunities and also both employees are being paid well when the exposure & performance sounds good. Therefore, obviously, Python and Node.js is the best choice to kick start your career as a programmer.
Besides, when you focus on the community both have a large community support around the world! You have lots of online medium, meetups, forums, groups, to discuss the technical expertise & doubts with other experts.

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Enterprise Centric Applications

Both plays a big part in producing enterprise solutions but the function & industry of application will slightly differ. Since Node.js is an event-driven architecture and has complete integrated support in building enterprise and real-time applications whereas Python holds another big part in producing big enterprise application in the different sector includes data scientist, MAchine learning, Artificial, Big data and also interactive user-friendly enterprise applications.
Node vs python
Image source from Hackathon
Beginners reading here – Hope you got a clear idea to take the next step of your career and entrepreneurs or any other growing individual who would like to acquire knowledge about the comparison between Python and Node.js, hope you got to make right choice & why. Apart from knowledge sharing, we still like to hear from all our readers to know what languages attracts them most in this blog and what can be added to improve it better. Post us queries and try to share it with the people who need to read this. Help them to know the difference between Python Vs Node.js!
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