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Top Python Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss In 2019

  • By Akmela Priya
  • July 11, 2019

Are you planning to invest your time and money on Python? Then you are on the RIGHT track.
As we all know Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in technological advancement which undoubtedly makes Python a high in-demand programming language. It is becoming mandatory to stay ahead of the learning curve and the easy way is to attend the conference and getting in touch with industry experts and networking. So if you are in search of top events to attend this year? We know it is an overwhelming task to search and find the best one. That’s why we’ve done the work for you.

Python crowned as most questioned language on StackOverflow”

Before I start listing the best one, Here is a small brief of what can you learn from conferences?
The conferences featured here can help you address some of the biggest concerns such as:

  • making technology decisions;
  • managing innovation;
  • keeping abreast of emerging technologies or frameworks;
  • improving coding skills, especially if you’re a startup CTO;
  • managing the engineering team mix.

List of Python conferences to attend in 2019


#1 PyCon UK

Location: Cardiff, Wales | Date: September 13–17, 2019
About the event:
PyCon UK is the 5-day conference that aiming 500+ attendees from the UK. Attendees can indulge in so many tech pursuits like keynote presentations, speech, knowledge sharing, and panels. Alongside a notable thing is, this conference offers an option for the companies to sponsor a booth and pair their conference efforts with recruitment.

#2 PyCon DE & PyData

Location: Berlin, Germany | Date: October 9–13, 2019
About the event:
This year, two major Python conferences PyCon DE and PyData paired up to produce a big event.
This event offers over 100 sessions which will be exclusively dedicated to PyData topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Data Science and ethics, and other Python topics like programming, DevOps, or Django.

#3 Plone Conference

Location: Ferrara, Italy | Date: October 21–27, 2019
About the event:
For those unfamiliar with this small, passionate community of 200+ core developers and 800 contributors, Plone is a content management system (CMS) geared toward users of varying technical skill levels. Organizations such as NASA, eBay, and the FBI have used Plone for both public-facing and internal websites.

#4 PyOhio

Location: Columbus, Ohio | Dates: July 27-28, 2019
About the event:
PyOhio is a unique conference from this list because it’s the only event on this list that’s completely free. The organizers ask for donations to manage it grow it better, anyhow there’s no barrier to entry if you can’t afford at the time. Note that there are no exhibitors and no corporate sponsors.
PyOhio ensures to deliver multiple Python based presentations, sprints, keynotes and knowledge sharing sessions.
Location: San Diego, California | Dates: September 22-27, 2019
About the event:
“Six days of talks, sprints, and tutorials in San Diego”
DjangoCon – It is the complete package for any developers and entrepreneurs or businesses because this conference invites both the enthusiastic developers and growing businesses to take part in. So it will be helpful for the developers who are on the hunt for jobs and also businesses who would like to meet passionate developers.
As the name implies, it includes the topics of all about Django and Python development. Also, you will come to know about many project teams & their ideas of evolving Python to the next level.

#6 North Bay Python

  • Dates (likely): Early November 2019
  • Location: Petaluma, California
About the event:
North Bay Python conference is a two-day Python conference going to happen in downtown Petaluma, California. The ultimate goal of this conference is to gather every type of Python user even from the students to Python experts.
20 sessions are gonna be taken from the experienced persons across US and other countries on various topics. These sessions includes leading Python community members, technical aspects and how Python and Python-based systems work in real time environments, industry-based benefits and more on the line.

#7 PyGotham

  • Dates (likely): Early October 2019
  • Location: New York City

About the event:

PyGotham conference highly invites all type of Python enthusiasts to speak of and it especially good for the young coders or the beginners to have a great exposure about Python. Because a wide range of topics are included such as Python fundamentals, web development, language processing, testing also some useful tips & tricks.

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Hope this article helps you to find the upcoming Python conferences around the world and we believe that we have added most of the big & best Python events here. Besides, If you think that this list can be added with a few more good suggestions then do not let us to miss any of it! Post us your comments below, our Python experts would like to hear from you!

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