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Listing The 5 Best Ruby IDE In 2019

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 8, 2019

We developers are always on the hunt of finding the right cutting edge technologies and tools to ease the development. There are amazing IDE’s that are taking the big part in fixing up the integrated environment as these IDE’s connects millions of developers around the world and provide the hassle-free code development experience. Right from the first year, Agira has known for delivering sentinel & customized web and mobile app solution providers, but one step ahead we’re always addressed as the best Ruby On Rails service providers in the industry. So, that’s how we got to research more about Ruby technical expertise. This week, our Ruby On Rails experts came up with the concept of producing the top 5 Ruby IDE to look in 2019.
So, the RoR developers waiting here – start taking your notes of the best Ruby IDE!

#1 Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is one of the most preferred open-source IDE that helps to create programming and dynamic web applications. It provides extended supports over multiple programming languages including Javascript, AJAX, Ruby on Rails an PHP, CSS, HTML. Also, this tool keeps upgrading new features to improve productivity and to support customization.

Features Of Aptana Studio

  • Helps to predict the bugs.
  • Filter nodes are used to view the collections to match the patterns
  • Easily to set breakpoints, inspect variables, control execution.
  • Provides integrated support with Rails
  • Tree-structured code representation
  • Auto completion
  • Syntax or error high-lightning


#2 RubyMine

Another popular easy to use IDE used to produce seamless code. Rubymine gives complete support for the languages such as Ruby on Rails development, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, ERB, HAML, CSS, Saas and more. One thing you should know about RubyMine is that it’s not open-source or free since you have to pay for it. So, if you want to avail then get a free trial to experience it features and later on, you can decide to continue further. Students or any educational constitutions or learners who acquainted with learning organizations are lucky enough! Because JetBrains provides free access for learners and students.
Additional add ons:

  • Startups can avail 50% offer up to three years.
  • If you’re a previous user then you can get avail the offer up to 25%.
  • 30 days trial is available without any limitations on the functionality and also you can get a 90 days free trial for a developer’s team.

Features Of RubyMine

  • Integration with testing frameworks, bundler, rake, terminal, etc.
  • Auto-completion
  • syntax & error highlighting
  • Built-in debugger;
  • RoR and Sinatra support;
  • Integrated with Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS;
  • Flexible customization
  • Smart search


#3 Atom Editor

Atom editor is an open-source IDE from Github that has highly customizable features to ease the code development. Besides, It helps to increase the productivity without touching the config file every time. Usually, it doesn’t work alone since it gets support from the Githubfoe seamless experience. On the line, it supports various programming languages including Ruby.

Features Of Atom Editor

  • Git integration
  • Can run the code directly in the editor
  • Flexible customization
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Automatic indentation
  • Auto-completion is available excluding for Ruby.
  • Can be slow when opening really big files


#4 Visual Studio Code Editor

Visual Studio editor is a modernized and optimized IDE used to build and debug the web applications. It makes the development process easier for any platform and language. It gives emphasized platform for us to write the code fast and to debug the code instantly.

Features Of Visual Studio Editor

  • Terminal integration
  • Debugger integration
  • Underactive development
  • Built-in Git support
  • 4000+ extensions
  • It’s free and open source


#5 Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the most interesting and feature-packed text editor that comes with a great user-friendly interface. In addition, It supports Ruby and it is one of the highly preferred editor by developers.
Parallelly it allows you to add additional commands and text snippets to experience increased code efficiency.

Features Of Sublime Text

  • Syntax highlightning and quick navigation
  • API for creating own plugins for Python applications
  • Can work on multiple files at the same time
  • Can create own snippets and keywords

Liked reading? Having a suggestion to add on the list? Post your suggestions would love to know your favorite IDE’s and why.
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