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Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular Development

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 15, 2019

Angular web development is renowned for its seamless user interface and exceptional user experience. It was introduced by Google in 2009, it has been continuously receiving warm commendations from the developers’ community. However, it is important to consider both the good and bad of Angular development when choosing the right option for our business.
Being known as the best tool for developing front end web development, let us look at its cool features and explore the benefits and drawbacks of it.
As already mentioned Angular transformed HTML pages into a user interactive dynamic interface.
Although, there are many other ways to build dynamic websites, Angular is the simpler one for convenient engineering. Angular’s architecture aimed at building beautiful websites in an effortless way.
Google released Angular 2 in 2016 which was the complete rewrite of the previous framework to match the increasing requirements of the web. The rewrite was drastic that developers couldn’t even update or migrate their old code (syntax is different from the previous version). So, the Angular team came up with migration techniques and tools to solve this problem.

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Pros and Cons of Angular Web Development

The advantages and disadvantages of Angular web development here represents Angular 2 and 2+. React Js, being the closest competitor with Angular, it would be appropriate to compare the advantages and disadvantages in mind to choose the right fit for your business or project.

Pros of Angular

Component-based Architecture

It is one of the major factors that differentiate Angular JS and its successor is its component-based architecture. These components enhance the user interface by breaking it into small pieces and encapsulating its function. The conversion of Angular Js from Model view controller architecture to component-based is one of the main advantages that ensures high reusability of components. This means that the code is self-sufficient and easy to read.
The components being independent, unit tests and quality assurance procedures are simple. The component hierarchy allows you to do better implementations which enhances maintainability and productivity.

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Angular is written using the TypeScript language which is a superset of Javascript. It helps you in rectifying errors when typing the code. The advantage of TypeScript helps to medium-large enterprise applications. It helps the Angular developers to write error-free codes in a short period. You can also expect other advantages including reduced build time, better navigation, autocompletion and refactoring services.


It is the commonly used library of Angular that helps you to handle asynchronous data calls. You can easily handle events independently and execute continuously. Despite being tied to a single person, the execution is broken down into individual and interchangeable pieces. It works like an assembly line. Asynchronous programming with RxJS has made things much easier.
Although RxJS is quite difficult to learn, you can outshine if you master this tool. With a better understanding of observables, you can reuse, manage and combine code blocks to work efficiently.

Angular Directives

Directives were present from the first version of AngularJS. Moreover, a few modifications were done due to the migration of architecture in further updates. You can extend HTML capabilities by adding or removing elements from the DOM tree. You can find three angular directive types are components, attributes, and structural directives.

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High Performance

There are many factors present in Angular development which can accentuate the user experience of your app and accelerate the speed of it. One can ensure efficiency with the hierarchical dependency injection and Angular universal support. You can build an outstanding user experience with a responsive web design that lets the user find exactly what he wants from your site in no time.

Angular development
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There are many other pros of Angular development such as its two-way data binding, DOM manipulation, improved server performance, and faster application prototyping. Moreover, Angular is preferable for its the MVVM architecture, the HTML templates, easy updation, Google long term support, and its powerful ecosystem.

Cons of Angular development

Along with all the advantages, there comes a few disadvantages too. With a consistent controversy about latest versions of Angular was due to many reasons. Here are some of the cons of angular development.

Migration Legacy Systems

As already mentioned, there has been a drastic difference between AngularJS and the succeeding versions. The migration legacy systems came to bridge this gap. This allows the user to update the old codes written in AngularJS into ones that suit the latest versions of it. The major complexity of migration is that it takes a long time to migrate. One such renowned migrating technique is lazy loading. You can optimize the work by invoking the Angular JS part of the code and render within the application.

Angular is Verbose and Complex

One of the other major complaints that has been imposed on Angular development is that it is verbose and complex. This is the only problem that hasn’t been changed from the prior versions of Angular. Here, the component-based architecture of Angular that has been mentioned as pro becomes a con. For example, you need 5 files for a single component, inject dependencies and declare lifecycle interfaces. So, it takes a lot of time to understand the development process as well as in doing repetitive things.

Mandatory Javascript Support

Javascript faces a lot of problems due to AdBlock. AdBlock is the extension that disables javascript applications. If your end-user has installed such one in their laptops or computers, they might not get access to your content, website or web app. So, your application might lose its efficiency if most of its end-user uses an AdBlock. But this does not happen with the case of plain HTML based web.

Steep Learning Curve (especially with MVC)

If you are planning to build a web application with a developer who is new to Angular development or unfamiliar with Model-View-Controller architectural patterns, it is a big disadvantage. It takes more time and energy.
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