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5 Major Challenges of DevOps Implementation

  • By Ganapathi M
  • July 17, 2017

DevOps Implementation is an experience to cherish. Recently we have been working with one of the USA major enterprises to fix up their production setup. The Apache Ranger implementation we did have lots of nuts & bolts to consider. This 8 week is a new learning for us. We understand the DevOps Implementation better from enterprise angle. From this engagement, I have top 5 challenges and solution listed out in this blog.

1) Culture:

As you know and read “Culture” plays a major role in any technical implementation. The traditional way of working makes people very comfortable. When the team is on-demand, to move towards DevOps Implementation there is resistance.


Solution: Find an internal champion. The champion should own the complete DevOps Implementation. The to-go person will help the team to understand the change for good.

2) Tools:

The general mind set of DevOps movements carries a myth. “Tools” are available for all the activities. It is not completely true. Most of the times the scripting capabilities play a major role. Ready made tool set would be difficult to find out.


Solution: Good Technical Scripting Resources should be part of the team. They should lead the infra scripting needs without shy.

3) Networks:

The variants of networks IPs, Ports, Routers, WAN LAN, Routing Tables, perimeter network etc would be a challenge. These components are there for validated past reasons. These variations could be a major bottleneck.


Solution: Network is one of the major challenges anyone would face. Plan and migrate with a best DevOps resource for changes during DevOps Implementation. No work out other than mitigating the risk.

4) Skill set:

Identifying good resources who understand the technical challenge is important. Most of the times DevOps Implementation might need a niche skill. It will be so important to identify such resource.


Solution: Understand the skill required completely. Don’t assume on things. Any small variations could have great impact. Talk to Technical Guys and make sure you have right skill on the place.

5) Budget:

A turnkey project for DevOps Implementation would be a very tough ask. Lets us agree the fact that there will always be challenges. Unforeseen risk will be there to mitigate. This is not because of the planning or understanding. But because of the fact, every implementation is unique on it is own way. A very small network or application component could make the DevOps Implementation tougher. Budgeting with better buffer could always help.


Solution: Any project should make the way within allocated Budget. This might not be true for DevOps Implementation. This not because of planning or skill. But because of the nature of the job. Should insist on the “Quality” parameters than other parameters in DevOps Implementation.


Even with all the challenges, our DevOps Implementation for the client is successful. The product environment improved a lot. The security updates recommended by the governing bodies are full-filled. The 2 weeks delayed the project, delivers a great Quality to our clients. We are working on next set of automation to the same client.


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Ganapathi M

CEO | Blogger | Speaker | Idea Evangelist | Help StartUps & SMEs | Man on A Mission | Curator | RotarianThe author is Ganapathi M, CEO, Agira Technologies. With a track record of around 14 years in the arena of technology, Ganapathi has an astounding passion for technology and is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Being a people's person and a natural leader, he has built a strong and dedicated team of technology experts at Agira (#agiratech).