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Top 10 Online Resources to Learn Go Programming

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 28, 2020

Golang aka Go is the fastest-growing programming language. Though the language has easy to learn syntax, finding the right resources for learning can be tricky if your new to the programming world.
Now, let’s take a brief introduction to the Go programming language.
Go is an open source language officially released by the Google production team in 2009. It was developed by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Rob Pike. It is a multi-purpose programming language specially designed to build faster and scalable applications. It provides features like fast compilation, garbage collection, dynamic types, concurrency, standard libraries, and packages.
To set up an environment to implement Golang, you will need a text editor and a Go compiler. You can download the latest version of Golang from this link.
Are you looking for reliable resources to learn the Go programming language? Get started with the tutorials and courses in this post in order to start learning Golang programming.

1. Go by Example

Go by example learn Go
Go by Example is an interactive online course tutorial for learning Go. The tutorial covers all topics in a well-organized manner. The concepts are well defined and instructive which might help you to clearly understand the concepts. This tutorial is suitable for beginners as well as advanced programmers. Even professionals have something to acquire about Golang. It covers the very basic concepts such as how to install Golang in a system.

2. Introducing Go

Introducing Go _Learn go
This book is for beginners. Introducing Go will is an easy resource to pick up your learning. If you want to get deep into the core concepts of Golang, this book is the best choice. It teaches you how you build real applications. It has step by step instructions and exercises for you to practice what you learn.

3. Tour of Go

A tour of go _learn go
With this tutorial, A Tour of Go, you won’t require to have a working setup in your system. It comes with the builtin code editor, this makes it easy for you to take little steps into Go programming. The tutorials cover key concepts such as functions, packages, flow controls statements, variables, maps, slices, and structs. This online tutorial offers complete guidance in learning and as well as practicing the concepts.

4. Hackernoon – Basics of Golang

Hackernoon_learn golang
Hackernoon’s, basics of Golang is a great start for beginners. It is free to start the course content for learning Golang. The course will help you in easily understanding the fundamental concepts and covers related concepts such as variables, loops, functions, etc. You can also learn to set up an environment for Golang.

5. Go Bootcamp

Go bootcamp-learn go
Go Bootcamp is one of the comprehensive guides for learning the Go programming language. This course covers all the basic to advanced concepts of Go. It is among a high-quality resource for learning Golang over the internet. It teaches some of the key concepts like Interfaces, concurrency, methods, practices, collections types, packages, etc. All these tutorials are available for free in order to learn Golang.

6. Golangbot – Golang Tutorial Series

golangbot-learn go
Golangbot is a fun and easy way to follow and learn Golang regularly. You can access the free series of tutorials available on the website. To put it simply, this platform has all the information you need, anything related to the Go programming language already available.
This can help you in improving your coding, solving practical issues, basics of Golang to advanced tutorials. Golangbot is inclusive of all the learning materials you need.

7. Gophercises

gophercises - learn go
Gophercises is a free online tutorial for learning Golang. If you want to get familiar with Go concepts, this will be an awesome platform to enhance your skills. The tutorial includes key concepts such as functions, interfaces and reading input from the command line.
It teaches you with guides and exercises that will tune you as a skilled Golang developer. You can practice coding and also different concepts of Golang such as mutexes, goroutines, and channels. These exercises will help you boost your confidence while working with Golang.

8. Learning Go –

learning go
Learning Go is a free ebook where you can learn the Go programming language. It has high-quality pieces of information on all the concepts of Golang with clearly defined examples.
This ebook is for beginners, so, you are not required to have prior coding experience. But, it also covers advanced topics for learning. Which includes basics, functions, libraries, and packages. You can directly access the content with any signups.

9. Tutorials Point

tutorials point_learn go
Tutorials Point is one of the leading platforms that is delivering a wide range of information about Golang. This website is for everyone. Beginners to professionals, this tutorial has something for everyone. Here you can learn the basic concepts along with advanced features.
You can get started with key concepts such as environment setup, operation, data types, etc. The tutorials have an active forum for Go dev’s questions and answers. You can ask your questions and receive answers for Golang experts, to clearly understand the concepts and approaches in Golang.

10. GoLang Tutorials

golang tutorials - learn go
Golang tutorials is a free online class for beginners as well as professionals. You can learn how to program with the Go programming language. It has a good collection of basic and advanced concepts of Golang. It covers concepts such as control structures, structs, interfaces, memory management, etc. The tutorials are divided into sections, where each section is well defined with examples.
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Want to read more such tutorials to learn Golang programming? We recommend you take a glance at blogs that will help you in building real applications here.
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