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Everything You Need To Know About Ruby 3.0 JIT And Beyond

  • By Agira Technologies
  • March 1, 2021

The team of Ruby 3.0 JIT has been working hard since 2015 to make its version better performing, concurrent, and typing. It is essential to recognize the groundbreaking performance enhancements of the latest version of Ruby. Matz from the official Ruby team stated, “Ruby3 will be three times faster than Ruby2” Ruby 3×3.

You don’t need to try Ruby 3.0 because we recommend it. Check out the exclusive interview of Matz, Koichi, and Tenderlove on the future of Ruby Performance on Heroku’s official blog.

With the Optcarrot benchmark, which measures single thread performance based on NES’s game emulation workload, it achieved 3x faster performance than Ruby 2.0.

Ruby 3.0.0 covers those goals by

  • Performance – MJIT
  • Concurrency – Ractor, Fiber Scheduler
  • Typing (Static Analysis) – RBS, TypeProf

Not only the above performance enhancements but Ruby 3.0 comes with a lot of other exciting new features. Here is the list of some of the best improvements in the latest version of Ruby.


It is fascinating to see the improvements made in MJIT. The Ruby 3×3 is trending worldwide for its accomplishments by improving the speed and performance by three times. In the Ruby 3.0 version, JIT provides you with the performance enhancements in restricted workloads, such as games (Optcarrot), AI (Rubykon), or any program that spends much of its time calling a few methods multiple times. While Ruby 3.0 dramatically reduced the size of the JIT-ed code. It can still not simplify workloads such as Rails, which also wastes time on too many methods and thus suffer from i-cache issues exacerbated by JIT. 

If you are too worried about this issue, you should be keeping tabs on the release of Ruby 3.1 for further improvements.

Ractor (experimental)

Ractor is an Actor-model like concurrent abstraction intended to have a parallel execution function with no thread-safety issues. 

You can render several ractors and run them in parallel. Ractor lets you create thread-safe parallel programs so ractors cannot exchange regular objects. The exchange of messages facilitates communication between the ractors.

Ractor imposes many limitations on Ruby’s syntax to limit objects’ exchange (without multiple Ractors, there is no restriction). 

The design and implementation are not mature and can renew in the future, so this function is classified as experimental and displays the “experimental feature” warning until the first happens.

Fiber Scheduler

Fiber #scheduler is added to intercept blocking activities. This makes for a lightweight concurrency without modifying the original code. 


RBS is a term used to define the forms of Ruby programs. 

Form checkers like TypeProf and other RBS support methods would provide a lot greater understanding of Ruby programs with RBS definitions.

RBS aims to promote widely seen trends in Ruby programs and allow advanced types to be written, including union types, overloading methods, and generics. It also supports duck typing for interface styles.


It is a type analysis tool included in the Ruby kit and currently acts as a type of inference. 

It reads simple (non-type-annotated) Ruby code, analyses what methods are specified and how they are used, and produces a signature type prototype in RBS format.

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