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Convert Your Website Into An Effective Android Web app In Just 15 Minutes

E-Commerce Businesses Need a Mobile App

Building separate mobile apps to retain the customers are quite normal. But, how about converting your whole website into an efficient android web app in just few minutes?

With fewer efforts, you can save the time, resources and development cost too.

Is not it Simple?

Easy – Peasy right!

Let’s get into the process of converting website into  android web app.

We can achieve this all by using a simple factor called Web view.

If you think how this web view will help us? Here you can see the transformation.

Website to App Conversion Layout

Let me address it with a familiar sample.

In Facebook, when we click on any third party link, it will never take us to the browser. Instead the third party site will get loaded in Facebook itself.

As you can see this concept, entirely it’s done with the help of Web view.

Similarly, I will show you how we can implement this process on our website.

For the complete reference, I have attached the full source code at the end of this blog, So later you can use it to examine more.

Let’s focus on the steps involved in it.

Step 1: Header customization & Design


Above code used to create a toolbar and also to customize the header part which includes toolbar size and title etc.

Step 2: Web view

In below code, we are trying to show the website as a android web app.

Simultaneously, we can view multiple sites in a single app by splitting the screen view.  At the same time, we can modify the layout’s size also.


I have added a web view section pointing to specific web id. If you like to add more sites, you can add few more web view section by defining appropriate web id’s that would help you to carry multiple sites on the same screen.


Step 1: Defining variables


The above code is used to define the variables

Step 2: Integrating Design and id Declaration


Now we are integrating design part into Java class by declaring the id of design view.

Also, I had set the title for the toolbar.

Step 3: URL Specification


Consequently, we need to define the website address which we want to convert and the website must have the multi-resolution support.

Step 4: Defining Properties And Customizing Web View


Additionally, we are defining the properties of web view in above code. Likewise, we can customize the structure of web view.

Step 5: Configuring web view

// To clear the cache of the website in our android web app.

// To clear the web history

//To enable the javascript in web view

// Used to load the website url in webview and loading url deals the significant action here.

Step 6: Project Configuration

// Use the below code to set the internet permission in the Manifest file.


Source code:

Here is the manifest file of android to configure the overall application.




XML file which is used to design the screen. In this layout, I have created the app bar layout for toolbar and the required web view.




As we know that mobile usage got tremendous increase in worldwide by providing best user experience. So customer’s are seeking for the effective mobile based services which makes them focused without distraction.
Start now, Meet the diverse needs of your customers by converting your website into an effective Android web app.
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