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How Businesses Can Use Blockchain To Boost Revenue?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 5, 2018

Blockchain, a new name flooding the IT industry with its massive success in a short period.
With the strong security and increased key value, the Blockchain fever is exponentially getting huge raise in global market.
The potential it has to revamp the existing system by proclaiming less cost is the main tempt for enterprises to adopt Blockchain.

The new windstorm is creating a huge revenue stream for businesses

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Blockchain, a decentralized distributed ledger that supports peer to peer network which has autonomous access to datasets. This radical transparency is what makes enterprises to affirm Blockchain as an idolized source for their next move.
Let’s uncover the incredible possibilities of Blockchain Ecosystem how this technology will change the revenue System for businesses?
There is no obligation for having separate centralized admin access whereas every user can act as an administrator.
From the Manufacturing to production, it can check the entire life cycle of products. Also ensures the products meet desired regulation policies.
On other hands, this system also helps in fraud detection and prevents products from getting unauthorized sales.

Why Data is the significant source for Businesses?

While Blockchain plays a compelling role in providing datasets, Companies’ alike human resources are on the hunt of chasing job seekers.
When Recruitment sectors are ready to pay for the valid inquiries of job seekers then probably HR sectors also can leverage the benefits of Blockchain.
Academies & Institutes are in search of massive data collection of students. With precise targets they can promote their institutes to the right students & parents.

When the information’s are precise and accurate then lucratively every inquiry will turn into a valuable lead.

That’s the reason why all the global enterprises & companies are aiming to adopt the higher residuals of Blockchain.
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Industries which tend to afford more benefits,


Blockchain Revenue Based on Region & World Markets,

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Since we are only on the initial stage of implementation. So enterprises are just cornering out the bottom lines of what this massive technology can offer us.
But once we start deep rooting the advancement of Blockchain, you can find the incredible features of holding valuable datasets.

A Decent inquiry of datasets will always target the right people. From where your businesses can make a firm stand in the global market without depending on any local ledger systems.

Before promoting the products to the global market, businesses should know the traits & statistics of customers. Most Significantly, that would help them to collect the interest of customers, personal tastes, buying plans & investment ideas.
And that’s how Amazon & Google are retaining their customers with the standard statistical data.
It will change the whole ethics of business model and fundamental way of proceedings.

“Abhijit Sarkar, Vice President M N Dastur,” Says, Blockchain can successfully implement in any kind of contract – taxes, mortgage payments and even bets between friends. “However, the most prominent promise of blockchain for consumers is the near elimination of high-cost payment intermediaries in the western world. We know how networks like Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal, routinely charge between 1-3% of every transaction in the name of convenience. When and if frictionless unrelated-party transactions become a reality, one will wonder why this massive, half a trillion dollar market capitalization industry today, ever needed to exist.


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