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Weekly Roundup: Angular 9 Release, Firebase SDK, Latest Tech News & Updates

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 7, 2020

For the love of programming and technologies, we are sharing something new and exciting every week. Today, on doing the same, we have some release notes and news updates for this week of February 2020. Agira’s weekly roundup will let you know the tech news, perspectives you should read for the developer’s community and learning enthusiasts.
Let’s get started with the latest releases.


Angular 9 Released

Angular 9 featuresAngular v9.0.0 is here!. It is a major stable release in 2020 for the development framework. This new version brings a lot of improvements that developers would love to work on the Angular ecosystem. It switches application to the Ivy compiler and default runtime. And also has improved testing components. Here is a blog that explains it’s new features in this link. Some of the new features include,

  • Ivy
  • Smaller bundle sizes
  • Faster testing
  • Better debugging
  • Improved CSS class and style binding
  • Improved type checking
  • Improved build errors
  • Improved internationalization and more

Firebase SDK version

FirebaseFirebase has released the latest SDK on Feb 3, 2020. It is a mobile and web development platform maintained by Google. The recently released updates for Android and Android BoM. The Firebase Android SDK has been updated for App indexing, cloud function and storage, A/B testing, realtime database, and remote config. The improvements were also made for Android BoM v24.6.0. Learn more about this SDK release here.

Electron 8.0.0 Release notes

ElectronjsElectron is an open source javascript framework developed by Github. Electron 8.0.0 release notes were published on February 4, 2020. This stable release has some added features, fixes, documentation changes and breaking changes. The last update was on January 30, 2020, which updated the fixes for v7.1.11. Read more about the new features from the release notes here.

Ionicons 5 is now available

Ionicons 5 was released on February 6, 2020, through an announcement in the Ionic blog. Ionicons provides with a set of premium open source icons to be used on the web, Android, iOS, and desktops. This version has welcomed over 1200 icons including new objects, brands, actions and more. Learn more.

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Most developers know JavaScript and want to Know Go

Golang most wanted to learn programming language
According to the HackerRank developer survey, JavaScript is the most known and Go/Golang is most want to know programming language among developers. The author analyses the 2020 HackerRank developer skills report. See more details about the survey report form this article.


Angular Material Data Table – Paging, Sorting and Filter Operation

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