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How to Choose the Best Resume Parser?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • February 6, 2020

In today’s era, there are millions of opportunities from startups to large enterprises for talents across the world. For an enterprise to recruit a person might approximately receive more than 50 resumes a day. This means that the enterprise would receive 18,000 resumes in a year. How much time would it take if the HR recruiter takes to segregate each resume according to its fields, skills and qualification? Modern companies always look for the best software tool to automate this boring stuff. Resume parser is one such tool that eases the hiring process. So, in this article, you would come to know everything you should know about the resume parser and things to consider choosing the best resume parser for your business.
Not just large enterprises, many recruiting services, consultancies and staffing firms receive numerous resumes each day. Most of these data are from job portal websites, online postings, emails or referrals. There are many applicant tracking system(ATS) and HRMS that are mostly cloud-based ATS to simply the hiring process, you would need. But, the process becomes simple only when all the collected data enter properly into the ATS. Here is where the resume parser comes into the play. It acts as a mediator to solve this issue.

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What is Resume Parsing?

The resume parsing is automating the process of parsing the resume and sending it to the HRMS or ATS software efficiently. Technically, resume parsing is a process of converting unstructured data of resumes collected from different sources into a structured format. The API that performs this process is called Resume parser or CV parser. A resume parser collects, analyzes and extracts data from resumes and convert it into machine-readable output such as XML or JSON.
You can easily store and analyze any number of resumes automatically in seconds.

What does a Resume Parsing Software do?

Basically, the resume parser is a compiler or interpreter that converts unstructured data to structured data. To keep it simple, one can say that it takes the resumes that are in a word document, text, PDF format and converts it into machine-readable formats such as XML or JSON which can be easily fed into an ATS or HRMS.

  1. The resume parser takes the resume that is in PDF or word document format.
  2. It segregates the information into various fields such as contact details, qualification, skills, work experience and other required information that you can set.
  3. It builds a data structure called a parse tree or syntax tree.
  4. Then, it gives the output in machine-readable JSON or XML format.

This is the simple workflow of a resume parser and how it makes things easy in the recruiting process. For any company to ease this work, might mandatorily need a resume parser that You can invest in the best resume parser to save your time and money to track the hiring process. If you are a startup that wants to build a resume parser for your own company, here are the features that you should consider.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Resume Parser

As you know the importance of the resume parser in the recruitment process, it is crucial to choose the right resume parser for your business. If you are a first-timer choosing a resume parser for your startup, here are the things that you should consider and the beginners guide on how to choose the best resume parser.


The resume parser should be able to parse any number of resumes efficiently in less time. It should be able to analyze the basic information like phone numbers, location of the candidate and other important information quickly.


We are using a compiler to save time and money. So, it should do that job perfectly. A resume parser should ideally be quick to parse a number of resumes in seconds.


Your business might grow any quicker than your expectations. It is important to choose any software that can efficiently scale up along with your startup. Also, you should consider that fact that the recruitment team might receive 3 resumes one day and 3000 resumes the other day. So, get a resume parser that can tackle both of these situations.


As the major work of the resume parser is to take inputs in human-readable (Doc, PDF) formats and convert it into machine-readable (XML or JSON) formats. There are many other formats other than these in both cases. The ideal resume parser should take inputs and deliver outputs in many different formats. And, the software should also allow the user to customize it accordingly.

Multiple Language Support

The CV parser should support major languages worldwide to parse.


Things would be easier if you can integrate your resume parser with the already existing ATS or HRMS that you are using. So that you do not need to download the output and send it to your ATS which can be automated.

Easy to Use

Most importantly, whatever the features maybe, but the client or the user should be able to understand and use it easily.

Compatible with ATS

Obviously, when you are using a resume parser, that should be able you deliver output that is compatible with your already existing ATS or HRMS.
Take a look at our best Resume parser – Case Study to get to know more.
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