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6 Best UI Design Principles to Develop Mobile Apps

  • By Agira Technologies
  • May 21, 2018

A recent report says that 23% of apps are used only once in its lifetime, and every one out of 4 apps were getting uninstalled after single use. Poor experiences are the main reason which drives the users to drag it to trash immediately.
So, how you want to make your app presence. Whether you want to lose in the crowd or stand out tall?
On the pursuit of producing streaming apps, it’s necessary to follow the Best UI Design Principles to Develop Mobile Apps with strong UI experience.

Focus on Mess free Design Layout

Preferably, users don’t like to be overloaded with too many options and contents. Special care needs to be taken on every screen while designing the features and lot of practice needed while placing contents in every section. Before deploying, make sure the features placed on your app are precise, necessary, and it’s simple to operate. So all these added criteria’s are recommended to ensure the app is designed to serve its purpose without losing the focus.

Furnish your App with more user convenient options

There are tonnes of apps available on the global market now. So how will you make your app stand out from all? It’s all about how you make the users to feel when they leave your app is the key to retain your users.
Generally, users will hate distractions. So, Don’t distract them inappropriate search results. Ensure to give high-quality search indexing which set to provide precise results what they have been searching for. Try to provide less “no result page” and if there is no page to fetch then go with listing relevant results as possible.
Nothing can make users happy like the way Autocomplete does. True! User will love, and It’s always to good to have autocomplete options in search options and forms to make the users extremely convenient with Mobile experience.

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Stay up to date with latest designs & Trends

From antique to latest, one must constantly swing on both trends to match the app features that satisfy all level users. Instead of providing overshadowed design, try to give clear icons & simple yet magnificent colors. Develop the layout that should fix well with all type of devices and adaptable over different sizes. This would result in creating seamless user experience to all device users.

Choose the right and standard colors

Drowning your users with great color impressions are the first and primary appealing factor in app design. A good choice of colors will make your app unique and unparalleled. Mix things up and choose sharp and straightforward colors that remain clean and cool.
Be it social media app or B2B app, go hand in hand and choose preferred colors based on your businesses. For instance, On Social Media related app, you can try with multi colors which attract the most fashionade social users. And for B2B, it’s good to remain with simple goal driven primary colors that apparently fits for your theme.

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Image source: JAXenter and Pinterest


Handle images with care for better loading

High-Resolution images are like both heaven and hell. Rich images can always give a best UI experience, but the same time it would take lot more time to come up with the fully loaded image. Here’s where the graphic designers need to play their master role in slicing and compressing the images to ensure the loading time without losing its quality.
If the image is too long to load then don’t seize them with empty pages or broken image icons. Instead, engage them with each slice until it loads the full image. Ask your graphic experts to get it done using image slicing.

Focus on Accessibility & core functionality

Image result for ui design principles for mobile apps
Trying to overdose all the features in a single app would only make an app look dump, slow, and hard to navigate. Before indulging everything, outline the core functionalities and features which is required and needed, and you can sculpt and polish core functionalities by adding seamless experience .
Don’t keep the tiny icons especially when it comes to tap or swift. Keeping shorter icons and not having space to tap would often lead to bad user experience.
Considering these design principles like simple mess free designs, easy navigation’s, right colors, core functionalities, user convenient options, Quality images are major traits to provide better UI experience for users. This would help your app to give strong impressions to users. Obviously your users will love to use again which would lead you to gain permanent users for your apps.
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