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10 Essential Features of An Learning Management System (LMS)

  • By Agira Technologies
  • June 24, 2019

The rise of LMS drastically increasing the learning capabilities in various industries! Especially, when it comes to corporate training programs or competitive exam preparations, this learning management system saves plenty of business hours by providing interactive training sessions. Comparing to traditional learning methods, LMS gradually changed every in & around possibilities to attract new users.
Obviously, LMS bagging the top place in every entrepreneur & organization’s business list. So, How this LMS software needs to be prepared & what are the imperial factors they consider before building an application is another enigma.
Today, we’re going reveal the topmost imperial factors to build powerful LMS apps to attract all levels of customers.
If you’re looking for such business optimized LMS guidelines to drastically improve your business then you’re lucky enough to have our blog on your screen.
Being a leading LMS service provider, we always like to sort out the best Learning management approaches to produce seamless apps.
10 LMS Features
So, today we would like to share the top 10 guidelines for LMS apps that you can use to boost your businesses.

  1. Interactive user interface
  2. Reliability
  3. Generating customized reports
  4. Lucrative Gamification options
  5. Tech support
  6. Integration & Data Migration
  7. Content Management
  8. Ease of Access
  9. Customer support
  10. Integrated Admin Management

1. Interactive User Interface

How your application attracts the users to stay on your app for a bit long is what matters on this whole LMS life cycle. The interactive user interface is the key to reach the user’s favorite list. But How? How we can build such an interactive user interface that attracts all kinds of people regardless of their ages.
Keep in mind, your application should bridge both traditional users & modern users. In order to comprise that, it needs to be rich in user graphics yet simple & clear to use.
An application must comprise a rich content catalog followed by a unique approach includes formats of producing questions & answers, reports to users are the intensive way of attracting millions of users every day.

2. Reliability

How reliable your application is directly equal to how close you are to success!
Even if it is simple, keep it reliable! How fast your app allows users to navigate & facilitates the users with reliable content is another secret key to stay top on your users’ favorite list.

3. Generating Customized Reports

Without having an intense passion, no one will ever come across E-learning or any LMS related software’s to spare their valid time! So, if they are choosing your application then make sure you give them a complete statistic report of where they are, how good is their learning capabilities & how much more they need to stay ahead to achieve the next milestone.
You can also use interactive sessions, graphs & visual treats to calculate their score or IQ level and more to motivate them. This way you can make your users feel engaged & monitored so there is no point for users to leave in the middle.
Less engagement or being provided with less information will drastically lead to a lack of interest in using applications furthermore.

4. Lucrative Gamification options

Sometimes the learning should feel like we’re not learning at all? Is not it something everyone loves to have? Exactly! Hold on imagining your favorite games! That’s what our next point is!
Have an app that exactly behaves like games! Games are the real epitome to turn normal users into a permanent one!
In between every session, surprise your users with lucrative game alike options! Show them their points & awards in a rich visual treat, let their favorites cartoon congrats them on moving to their next course. Make it more user-friendly and have a different set of inbuilt gamification features to surprise your users then & there.

5. Tech Support

Your technical support team is the backbone of your app! They should be ready to fix any issues despite regional times. In case When your users at the mid of their course get stuck, when you call your technical team they do not say we are not available at the time when it’s really crucial. Request for 24*7 technical support to make sure you build a positive impact among the users.

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6. Integration & Data Migration

Integration & Data migration another big part of LMS! Producing an app with complete LMS capabilities will eventually turn your app into a complete package!
while building an app, tailor it to add any customizable third-party features like libraries, video players and also ensure it has customized to support all devices like desktops, tablets, and mobiles.
Other things to note, video & audio support should support any devices which has diverse options like Camera and MIC’, ‘with Mic and without Camera’ and ‘without Camera and Mic’
Any LMS or Content-based apps should have the capability to support Data migration so when you want to move the content to the next domain or theme, you can move it without losing any of its features. Also, you don’t sit & spend long hours mapping the features so when your app fails to support then it might affect the whole application & mapping process while migrating the content.
So, ask your development team to have a good & prior understanding of it.

7. Content Management

Clearly, we are into the very kernel part of the application! Be it a normal content or video streaming, how you’re going to manage & place the content to provide reliable access is the primary thing you should consider on your list. For example, to provide high-quality video content to users, our development team will precautiously decide where the content needs to be stored for a seamless experience.
Also, our experts suggest some of the great servers like Amazon Cloud front & Wowza Streaming for faster delivery. Make a note of it. It helps!

8. Customer Support

Customer support is the only way where users feel they are connected with you! If you’re not going to provide the proper assistance when they need you then trust me your application totally gonna be a mess!
Despite having technical support, having proper customer support is key to make your users feel acknowledged!
Besides having human supports, also your application should have automated to talk & initiate the proper assistance without delay! Try having integrated Chabot’s & customized AI to assist your customers.
So, your app will win the user’s heart before you land!

9. Ease of Access

Categories, content, streaming, navigation everything should be easy for the users to navigate through your apps. Even if you have a complex structure or content, try to give your users enough information to navigate through every step. By chance, if the user wants to access anything in the mid of the course, make sure they have proper pagination, navigation & assistance throughout the courses.

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10. Integrated Admin Management

Combine all the features that are available in your app including the purpose and overall brief about your app and present everything in Dashboard which should be simple & easily understandable. Remember, A dashboard is the kernel of an app to help users to guide, maintain & organize the content.
Loved reading? Need more detailed guidelines to build interactive LMS apps for your business? Reach out our experts to build highly scalable LMS based apps.

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