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LMS - Designed For New Age Learning

LMS comprises highly engaging learning experience that well equipped to give the best user experience possible. It gives training professionals a complete package they need to manage their entire training program from a secured and centralized environment. It’ rich content catalog & formats of producing questions & answers, reports to users are being evolved more intensively which attracts millions of users of every day. Our LMS empowers students, teachers, parents, sales and service leaders, training departments, HR teams and Operations team across the industries.

Our unique designs & approach includes interactive elements such as stories, animations, drag & drop, draw & match, Gamification, & lucrative themes to engage the learners.

Services We Offer

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    LMS Custom Development
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    Enterprise Training and Development
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    Education Content and Mobile Publishing
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    Provides built-in Reporting and Dashboards
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    Design, Animation, and Video Services
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    LMS Theme Design
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    Remote Teaching and Courses
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    API Integration & Data Migration
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    Custom Reporting
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    Plugin Development
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    Expert Support & Help Desk

Features We Build

  • Multi-Device Compatible Course Builder
  • Customized Library Management
  • Rich GUI and Custom Dashboards
  • Online Assessments and Quizzes
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Easy Integration
  • All in One Admin Panel
  • Enhanced Customer Experience & Support

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Providing Next-Generation IT Consulting & Development Services

Agira Technologies specializes in crafting solutions for entrepreneurs, medium sized organizations, agencies, and start-ups. With a blend of ingenious expertise, system prowess, and cloud compatibility Agira Technologies endeavors to maximize the profit that clients educe from their IT investment. We deliver full-cycle product development, from scoping through production to deployment and support, with keen attention to detail.
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    Dedicated Developers
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    Custom Application

Benefits of Custom LMS

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    User-friendly Interface

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    Ease of Integration

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    Content Management

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    Ease of Access & Customization

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    Assessment and Testing

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    Reporting and Tracking


About Agira Expertise In LMS

With 50+ dedicated professionals trained in building impeccable e-learning solutions, we helped clients across globe to scale their business. Meet the team Agira your new learning partner, a hub for providing customized e-learning solutions that rightly aligned to meet your business goals.

Whatever your elearning goals, we have the tools, the talent, and the vision to make it happen. We are committed to providing world-class service that delivers peace of mind, so you can get back to contributing to the success of the business with higher-value activities.

Customers stories


What is An LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a tool that helps to manage an organization’s learning activities. You can easily load content such as courses, learning resources, certifications, and tests. You can specify the receiver to track and report on its usage.  

What kind of support do you offer?

Agira’s support team offers intuitive solutions with speed. Your LMS will be an effective application for your users. We are always ready to answer all your questions in a timely fashion. Our qualified team will help you in understanding specific needs, and in answering your challenges.

How secure is my course content?

We will ensure that any of your course content will be fully protected on the internet. You will be able to monitor your LMS for any suspicious activity from the admin dashboard. If you upload copyrighted materials, the access if completely restricted only to approved members to take your courses. We also make sure even the students cannot download your videos.

Can I create new E-learning content with an LMS?

Sure, you can seamlessly integrate your e-learning authoring effort. Collaborate effectively with your team to create your e-learning content and deliver it to any device and track the result easily through our LMS.

Can I Upload my existing content?

Certainly, you can upload anything whether you have PowerPoint presentations or be it videos, documents or any other course content. You can easily upload all the content right into the system.

Do you support the organization of any size?

At Agira tech, we keep ensuring our clients achieve the highest level of success. We offer LMS that perfectly fits for small, mid-size to enterprise-level businesses. Our development team will guide you in taking full advantage of all the functionality of the feature-rich system. We do find solutions for complex business needs for our clients for they can reap maximum benefits from our LMS.