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Why Do You Need Freshworks Consultant Partners?

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 27, 2022

Over 50,000 enterprises use Freshworks’ SaaS to improve customer experience (CX, CRM) and employee experience (ITSM, HRSM). Freshworks enables businesses to delight their consumers and workers quickly and easily. Agira Technologies is proud to announce itself as one of the top Freshworks consultant partners.

Freshworks, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm located in Chennai and San Mateo, launched on the Nasdaq after completing an IPO valued at over a billion dollars, demonstrating its success.

Freshdesk software is one of the top help desk systems and customer service solutions for your team members to streamline customer care. The software also aids teams in offering an exceptional client experience.

Thanks to this workflow software, individuals in the corporate world may provide the most reliable customer services.

The best feature is that the program can be tailored and automated to meet your specific company requirements.

Agira Technologies is one of the best Freshworks consultant partners in providing the best integrating solutions for clients and transforming the way businesses function. Our technology partners offer the best solutions, and we have extensive expertise installing them to meet your needs.

Our Freshworks Integrations ensures that everything works for you to cater your every customer.

What do you get from Freshworks CRM?


This low-cost customer service software allows your support team to collaborate and swiftly handle client issues. You may use Freshdesk to organize all of your client information, classify and assign tickets, and never lose track of them.

When you have a team huddle where you discuss challenges with specialists and come up with the best solution, the collaboration between teams and departments becomes swift and efficient.

A single platform provides access to several channels of assistance, including email, phone, chat, social media, and the website.

Use Freshdesk’s built-in features to save time by automating repetitive chores. Customers may help themselves through a self-service portal, which saves time for your agents.

Using real-time data, helpdesk reports and metrics allow you to measure how customers feel about your helpdesk. Custom reports are provided by reporting to help you measure and improve efficiency. Freshworks Consultants can assist you in customizing your workflows, customer portal, and agent roles to meet your company’s specific needs.

Freshdesk provides five distinct programs to suit the needs of small businesses to huge corporations. The most basic package for getting started is $0 for an unlimited number of agents. As your business grows, you may upgrade to the Blossom plan, which is ideal for small teams and costs $15 per agent per month invoiced annually.

On top of the basic capabilities, the user will have access to automation, collision detection, helpdesk in-depth, and SLA management. Similarly, for expanding teams, big teams, and companies, the prices are $29, $49, and $109, respectively. If you’re having trouble deciding which plan to choose, our Freshworks Consultant Partners can help.


Freshchat is a contemporary messaging platform for teams that want to communicate with product users and website visitors in order to improve their sales and client retention. It is a messaging solution for every point of the customer experience, whether it’s lead generation, customer interaction, or customer care. It’s very simple to combine with Freshdesk CRM.

Your website is where all of your conversions and money come from. In real-time, however, content shock and attention shortage are issues. Visitors only stay on a website for 6 seconds before leaving. Freshchat’s proactive, dynamic features, such as bots and campaigns, engage website visitors and help them convert.

Customer involvement is critical for growth, yet signing up does not ensure that users will be successful. With the support of customer engagement strategies like in-app messaging, email campaigns, user segmentation, campaign insights, and so on, Freshchat Integration can convert unconvinced consumers into engaged users. Last but not least, Freshworks Integrations provides customer assistance solutions to keep your users happy.


Freshsales makes it easier for your sales staff to close transactions by keeping them updated and reaching out to prospects at the correct time across all channels. Also, this is made possible by utilizing the built-in phone and email to send targeted emails to prospects, locate the best sales leads, grow wiser with real-time email notifications, and better manage the sales funnel.

Freshworks Implementation Partners can provide you with a variety of Freshworks CRM Integration solutions as well as third-party apps to help you optimize your sales pipeline. Freshsales Suite is offering a free 21-day trial. Customers may also pick from four different plans, priced at $12, $25, $49, and $79, depending on their business’s specific demands.


Freshservice provides cutting-edge yet simple IT assistance to help you streamline your IT service and manage internal requests from your staff. It aids to increase agent productivity by quickly responding to employee questions, automating internal processes, gaining complete visibility into how your configuration items are to your business, keeping your team up to date on key metrics so they know how they are performing, and improving employee experience by avoiding tickets for common scenarios.

Why Do You Need Freshworks Consultant Partners? 

Freshdesk software helps you to simplify your whole company process and better manage your client interaction process. Certainly, Freshworks’ partners help with work management and other things.

Establish A Close Relationship With Your Customers.

It is possible to capture the whole life cycle of customers by using the Freshworks CRM. Furthermore, it will assist the company in efficiently targeting its potential audience. Also, it will instantly access sales pipelines, log calls, send emails, and effectively track leads.

This, in turn, leads to the company’s success and a tenfold increase in revenue.

Improve Your Communication 

Freshworks CRM, the sales managers’ one source of information and true facts, also aids in streamlining the communication process. Also, this will close the information gap and increase visibility across corporate groups.

Cut Down On The Data Entry

Freshworks solutions provide a number of critical features that automate tediously and simplify tasks. such as lead generation, drip campaigns for new leads, sign-up forms, and email triggers to engage new customers.

Increase Your Revenues

Another important advantage of adopting Freshworks CRM is that it streamlines sales by allowing salespeople to see customers’ top-line views. They can also take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling possibilities at the correct moment. This will boost the possibilities of reaching company success even more.

Construct Solid Pipelines

It facilitates the visualization of the pipeline, making it easier to prioritize opportunities and enhance sales funnels. Also, this will improve overall concentration and guarantee that sales pipelines remain clean and unclogged.

Collaboration To Grow Your Business

The facts and information that Freshworks CRM generates may be used by support and marketing teams. Simultaneously, the marketing team can use it to target campaigns and by the support staff to answer requests more quickly.

Customize your Freshworks CRM to match your specific sales pipeline demands. Equip your team with the greatest tools to operate successfully with Freshworks Integrations at Agira technologies.