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Top 4 Reasons To Integrate An Athleisure Shopify Store To Your Fitness App.

  • By Agira Technologies
  • January 14, 2022

According to Forbes, sportswear sales have gone up by 36% in 2020 when compared to the previous year. The rise in sales can partially be attributed to lifestyle changes. But also to the rise in popularity of influencers and fitness models that market and share sports apparel daily. Are you a fitness application owner or a fitness influencer?. Here are the reasons why you should integrate the Shopify store into the fitness app.

The JavaScript Buy SDK provides Shopify Partners with even additional options for hosting Shopify businesses.

The Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK is now easier to integrate into any website or CMS, requiring little change by end-users. This means that items may be controlled using Shopify’s sophisticated architecture. It includes checkout, refunds, and shipping, while the look and feel are handled by the CMS.

The Shopify website connection is a handy approach for agencies or freelancers to give consumers more innovative online buying experiences. Also, a new opportunity to promote the SDK to existing or future clients.

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It means that smaller clients who previously couldn’t afford it may now integrate Shopify into their website.

The JavaScript Buy SDK for Shopify may be used to:

  • Provide items on a website that focuses on customer service.
  • Provide a low-risk technique to test a full-scale concept.
  • Create landing pages in an easy manner.
  • Make a microsite for a certain line of items.

Today, we’ll go through each of the four possibilities of how to integrate the Shopify store into a fitness app.

1. A Website With A Limited Number Of Items

Some of our clients have a service-oriented website and don’t make a big effort to sell things. They may, however, be seeking a way to supplement their income or raise brand recognition by using promotional merchandise.

Perhaps it’s a nonprofit that wants to raise money by selling items. Alternatively, a service firm with certain tools to market. Alternatively, a restaurant with an in-house sauce line or a recipe book. Any of these instances might benefit from integrating Shopify into their current website.

They also utilize Shopify integration to sell golf-related merchandise through the Stanley Thompson Store, which is part of the website.

2. Put A Full-Fledged Store Concept To The Test.

For businesses currently running a retail operation, the advantages of reaching a larger online audience and giving an easier option for existing consumers to buy from their homes may be a significant win. However, making the switch to e-commerce can be stressful and costly, requiring a significant amount of time, money, and risk to get up and running.

An excellent strategy to mitigate that risk is to test the concept of an online store. Using the Shopify connection, a store may select a subset of items that they believe would sell well online and showcase them on a basic website.

If the customer has a restricted budget, more money may be spent on marketing to test the concept and get it off to a strong start. You’re on the correct track if you’re getting positive comments. Continue to add things to the store in order to complete it, while also testing user interest.

If you test the market reaction and discover that there isn’t enough interest, on the other hand, your customer will be grateful you spared them time and money.

3. Add Items To Your Landing Page To Make It More Appealing.

An effective inbound marketing effort relies heavily on landing pages. The landing page is a separate web page from your main website that has a single call to action in mind. The navigation bar limits the options accessible to visitors to this page, assisting them in achieving a specific objective, such as subscribing to a newsletter or providing an email address in return for a discount coupon or download.

A campaign may employ social media, content marketing, email marketing, or sponsored search to direct people to a landing page in the hopes of converting them, which would provide greater results than sending them to a generic website page.

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You may increase sales of a certain product or product line by sending users to a landing page dedicated to marketing the product or /product line using the Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK integration. Instead of a traditional call to action, a buy button can be the focal point of the landing page, encouraging visitors to purchase a product (and getting their email in the process).

Northern Village, my agency, uses the landing page of our website to offer a bespoke laptop pad that keeps a computer cool when resting on a lap. We now have a link to share on Twitter, Facebook, and numerous sites to advertise the product. The Shopify integration increased the effectiveness of the offer, and the orders are pouring in.

4. Create A Microsite For A Product Line.

A store may sell a variety of things that are unrelated to its primary business. It might be a one-of-a-kind item or a collection of items that would be a better fit for an internet store. Making a microsite for a product line is another effective technique to tap into a new internet market. It is simple to put up a modest website with its own distinct logo.

Creating a modest website and adding things to a new store is simple. That’s why you should integrate a Shopify store into your fitness app.

A Cost-Effective Technique To Create An Online Business

The Shopify JavaScript Buy SDK makes setting up a store on any website a breeze. This opens up opportunities for exposing customers to the concept of an online business with less risk and a bigger potential payoff.

This lets you leverage Shopify’s powerful, full-featured admin interface and checkout procedure while keeping your client’s website’s appearance and feel.

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