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Top 7 Ways to Modernize Legacy Applications

  • By Agira Technologies
  • April 29, 2020

It is a known fact that the development in the software industry improves better day after day. So, if you are using old software systems, it is important to modernize it to the requirements of today’s expectations. Especially when you are running a business that is directly or indirectly dependant on the software systems. The use of outdated or underperforming software can largely affect in terms of performance and efficiency. So, here is the list of ways to modernize your legacy software system without replacing them. Before that, you should be knowing what is legacy software systems and where it lags behind.

What is the legacy software system?

Some software systems such as pager technology have been diminished after the use of mobile phones. But when it comes to business processes, the technology handles a lot of business-sensitive data which can be a great risk when you are updating it to the latest technology.
Legacy software systems are one such technology that is hard to replace which handles vital business processes within a business organization. These systems are common in many industries such as healthcare, banking sector, finance, insurance, and transportation.
If you need a proper official definition for legacy systems, here is the definition that is given by the Gartner.

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Legacy systems are the information systems that may be based on outdated technologies but is critical to the day-to-day operations of a business.
Many federal systems and organizations had been employed with these systems and trying to modernize it. As already mentioned, the modernization of these systems involves a lot of risk and loss of data. So, it is important for companies and organizations to assign their modernization project to the right technology companies. We are one such best technology experts with great experience in the legacy modernization process.
It is important to note that you better try to change or update your legacy system only if you find any issues with it or if you want to sort out a problem. Or, there are chances for the crashing of the entire system too. If you want to modernize your system, here is the list of things that you can try instead to solve the problem.
There are many ways to modernize your system and each of the ways comes with its own sets of effects, costs, and benefits. It is important to note that the replacement of the entire system is not the only option that you have got. As our main objective is to remove the obstacles that your business face and sort the problem out. Although if you think the legacy system is holding you back from the business, you can try these modernization methods. There are many reports that are given by Gartner about the investment in digital innovation and one mentions that through the end of 2020, enterprises need to spend more money on legacy modernization.
So, it is important to modernize your business at affordable prices before the demand rises and price hikes. Get to know about these top 7 legacy modernization methods in brief.


If you want to make use of the existing system application features and values, you can create an API that reused the legacy software components without disturbing the code. You can just access the layers with the API that is built with an easy and attractive interface. This technique is encapsulation. Very little or fewer changes are made to the code in order to avoid risk. This is one of the most affordable and reliable techniques that gets you extended application features, secure data, and enhance the value and functionality of your application.

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Similar to the above technique, this is a secured technique that does not make any changes to the code, low cost, and less risk. We move the mainframe application to a cloud or virtual infrastructure without altering the application code. If you want to sort out the problem in very little time, this is the best approach. The migration happens to a modern open system like SQL environment or cloud mostly.


As the name suggests, it is migrating the code to a new platform by adjusting it while keenly preserving the existing functionality. Only minimal changes to the application code are made such as managed database offering or auto-scaling. The one thing that you need to note about the Replatform technique is that it only allows for base cloud functionality and cost optimization. No resource commitments required for refactoring.


This technique is about restructuring and optimizing the application code without changing the behavior and functionality to make the appropriate changes to the application components, features, and structure.


As the name says, the architecture of the application is replaced in this technique. Alterations are made materially to the application code in order to shift it to new application architecture. This can help you access the application fully and get better capabilities of the application platform.


Building the application again or rewriting the application code is what this technique is all about. It literally means writing the application from scratch while preserving the functionality of the system, its scope, and specifications.

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It is the entire process of replacing the existing application code of the legacy systems and eliminating the old application completely. This is risky, but it can help in sorting out your problem if your business is not that dependent on the legacy systems.
So, it is all dependent on your understanding of your business problem that you are trying to solve. If you are not sure about the problem that your business is facing, it is always better to talk to us, the best technology experts in the industry to help you solve your legacy system-related problems.
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