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Top 10 React Components Libraries Every Javascript Developers Must Know

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 3, 2018

React will effectively create interactive UI’s and design layouts for each state of the application. Alongside React has huge list of libraries which can make our development so easy to work with. Therefore Javascript developers can greatly leverage benefits of React libraries. On finding the most powerful and easy going React libraries, here we wanted to list React libraries along with its most promising features which will definitely helps to boost the performance of your application.

Create React App

Create React App is finest project created by Facebook to remove the hassles on configuring and kick starting with react app. If you’re the newbie to React and don’t know where to start then you must definitely give a try on Create React App which will save hell lot time from manual configuration and also from manual inputs. It has comprehensive guides and tools which exclusively designed for the beginners to start with react application.
You can able to install and run react app on local by giving the command,

npm i create-react-app

GitHub page of create-react-app

Ant Design

Ant Design another popular react library that’s ideally developed for UI which gives rich experience to work with. It helps you to apply candid designs on your application and it would be so great to design desktop applications. Another interesting fact about Ant Design is, its a Chinese library but due to its convenient UI features it has been translated into English and its completely written in typescript which sets user interactive phase.
You could read more details from GitHub repository

React Bootstrap

If you ever had an experience working with Bootstrap then you will never leave this tool! Because people who worked with Bootstrap only knows how comfortable it is to work with. It allow us to blend the bootstrap design into React.js. Bootstrap is well known UI framework and imagine integrating this popular UI library into React.js, its the best way to blend bootstrap design into React. Also user easily convert any static layout into mobile responsive one and absolutely user will love to work with these combination.
Find React Bootstrap On GitHub

npm install --save react-boot



Blueprint is an another UI toolkit aimed to provide the basic reusable interface elements that are required for an application. More than desktop solutions, this tool flexible for web and application. With Blueprint we can include and customize the basic elements like icons, navigation, buttons. Apart from React, it also supports Angular and Vue.
And you can install this with below command,

NPM install blueprint

Find Blueprint on GitHub.

Semantic UI React

Semantic UI another flexible easy to work library designed to provide JavaScript for your components. and it is one of the widely used React library used by top brands like Amazon, Netflix.
you can install it by,

$ yarn add semantic-ui-react



One of the most loved and widely used react library destined to combine Google Material design with React. Through Material UI, you can get large set of components such as Buttons, icons, Auto complete, dialog boxes. It’s highly advisable for building single page application. Also it’s a easy to use and user friendly library.
Find Material UI on GitHub.

React Belle

React Belle is the highly customizable react library that’s opt to work on both mobile & desktop apps. With React Belle you can individually customize the base styles of all components.
Find ReactBelle on GitHub.

Styled components

By providing a clear structural CSS syntax, Styles component avoids the problem of over writing or over lapping so we can directly use it in components and this UI component also allows us to build reusable components.
Find Styled Components on GitHub.


Enzyme is the javascript testing utility that is ideally created to test React components. With help of flexible Jquery API, its easy to manipulate and traverse the output of react component.
Find Enzyme on GitHub.


Gatsby help us to build static websites in React. By integrating some notable plugins in Gatsby, we can load data from any sources. Gatsby will speed the process of building websites in less time and also it has seamless support and maintenance. Other notable feature of Gatsby is, that it doesn’t require any server to run.
Find Gatsby on GitHub.
Above are the list exclusively preferred by most of the Javascript developers and in case if you find any useful react library apart from the list then don’t forget to share your view with us in the comment section. Let’s not end this list here, will continue adding it based on your opinions on React Libraries.

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