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Top 10 Laravel Blogs You Must Not Miss

  • By Agira Technologies
  • December 7, 2018

Laravel is becoming a top choice among the developers due to its convenient features and easy-going nature so this blog is aimed to help you to have a closer look at all the significant concepts of the Laravel framework. Check out the top 10 Laravel blogs today.

How To Create A Custom Validation Rule In Laravel

Indeed, one of the major tasks in any project would be data validation, Laravel comes up with a splendid move to validate our input data and it has plenty of built-in validation methods available. You can chain the validation methods to create the desired rule for your data which is great.
But sometimes we might receive a business case which couldn’t be solved with the built-in methods, in that case, we have to create custom validation rules which we can reuse it in the future. This blog clearly portrayed the Custom validations in Laravel.
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Best Laravel Security Practices You Must Try It Out!

Laravel provides several security mechanisms to secure the application. However best it is, it is always best to ensure the quality of the final product by applying the best possible practices. This blog comes with the best practices that we must follow while developing the Laravel applications.
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Laravel API – How to Build REST API with Laravel 5.5 / Laravel 5.6

Laravel is an excellent framework that nicely balances the gap between Symfony (The powerhouse of an enterprise framework) and Codeigniter (the small, easy learning framework). That’s the reason why Laravel became the de-facto choice for most developers and organizations. so more than recommended its necessary to build the best & powerful REST API with Laravel.
This blog has a very clear explanation of building a REST API with Laravel framework, Along with the new addition to Laravel 5.5, it would be even easier like never before.
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12 Tips For Laravel Performance Optimization

Ensuring the performance of the Laravel application is a crucial skill that every developer should be able to deliver to their clients. Since Laravel is often used to build business information systems, the performance of Laravel powered applications has serious implications for the success of the business. In many cases, the management information systems that provide decision making support to management layers need to be fast and high performing at all times.
In this article, they have collected several important tips for optimizing Laravel 5.5 apps performance. We believe these tips would provide great help to Laravel developers who are responsible for maintaining Laravel powered business apps.
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10+ Laravel Packages For Building Laravel Apps

Are you the one looking for a collection of Laravel packages to build power-packed apps but don’t know what to use and where to get? No worries! you don’t have to build everything from scratch.
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Data Validation in Laravel: The Right Way

If an app was a world then data would be its currency. Every app, no matter what its purpose, deals in data. And almost every type of app works with user input, which means it expects some data from users and acts on it accordingly. But that data needs to be validated to make sure it is of the correct type and a user (with nefarious intent) is not trying to break or crack into your app. Which, if you are making an application that requires user input, that is why you would need to write code to validate that data as well before you do anything with it. This blog guides you with Data validation in Laravel.
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Writing Custom Laravel Artisan Commands

Laravel’s artisan command-line interface (CLI) extends Symfony’s Console component, with some added conveniences and shortcuts. Follow along if you want to learn how to create some kick-butt custom commands for your Laravel applications.
Laravel ships with a bunch of commands that aim to make your life as a developer easier. From generating models, controllers, middleware, test cases, and many other types of files for the framework. Without Laravel’s console features, creating a Symfony console project is pretty straightforward so get to write the Custom Laravel Artisan Commands.
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Five Hidden Gems of Laravel

Many developers who use Laravel are probably only barely scratching the surface of what the framework has to offer. Because there’s always so much we can do with the Framework when we dig more into it. On the same mission, this blogs listed some of the best gems that are hidden within Laravel.
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Creating APIs in Laravel 5.5 using API resources

An excellently written blog to create API using API resources, you might wonder yet another API blog? when we can get a sea of blogs for creating Laravel API?! But this one remains epic being more specific and user-friendly.
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Using Laravel’s Eloquent Efficiently

Ever since Laravel 5.3, We’ve seen many cases where Eloquent’s relations and their underlying query builders are not used efficiently so this blog ideally helps you with how to build eloquent relationships efficiently.
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Read and try out all these effective concepts of Laravel to avoid the complexity in building a better application, similarly, you can also learn more about Laravel on our biggest blog portal. Also, post your top picks of Laravel blogs on the comment section, would like to count on your best suggestions!

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