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Top 10 Apps That Are Built Using Flutter Framework

  • By Agira Technologies
  • July 9, 2020

Flutter is one of the high performing cross-platform development platforms that have been continuously providing some of the best mobile applications for the industry. There are many benefits that come along with flutter development. Here is the list of top 10 mobile apps that were built using Flutter Framework.
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Many top successful companies across the world such as Google, Alibaba, and GroupOn have used Flutter to build their top of the line mobile applications. To take advantage of the best features of Flutter mobile development, it is important to hire the best mobile developers or mobile development companies who have the top-notch technical expertise and hands-on mobile development experience. 
The top 10 mobile applications developed using Flutter

Google Ads 

As it is well known that Flutter is developed by Google for both Android and iOS platforms, it is a cross-platform mobile development toolkit. Google Ads is one of the popular tools that is used by millions of users across the globe. This Google Ads mobile application helps the users to view Campaign details and statistics using your mobile. 
Some of the notable features of Google Ads include real-time alerts, push notifications, and provide suggestions for running ad campaigns. 
This application is present on both Android and iOS platforms. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and rated 4.3 out of 5 in Google Play store. And rated 4.5 ratings out of 5 in the Apple store.


Being the most popular Chinese E-commerce giant in the world, Alibaba has leveraged the most benefits out of Flutter in its Xianyu Application. Xianyu is used by millions of users to buy and sell products from many categories. It was developed with a single code base to save development time, cost, and maintenance. If you want more details on how Flutter is used in Alibaba, here is where you can find related information.
In Google play store, the application had been downloaded by more than 50+ million users, 200 Million registered users.


It is a lifestyle mobile application that helps as a journal and mindfulness app with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm. Even though the Reflectly app is developed using React Native, the development team rewrote the entire application into Flutter in 2018 for both Android and iOS. They have reduced their build time and cost by about half overcoming the challenges faced in React Native Framework.   
Some of the notable features of the application are questionnaires, story creation, advanced statistics, insights, and a beautiful interface.

SpaceX GoSpaceX

It is an unofficial mobile application that gives information about Tesla’s space division. One can get all the detailed list of events, launches, and vehicles in Tesla. Some of the notable features of SpaceX Go are its simple yet clutter-free User Interface, easy navigation, and Geolocation features that let the user check the position, speed, and status of Space Spaceships. 


It is the game streaming platform that lets a hardcore gamer through its high-end technology expertise. This cloud platform was built by Google with the help of Flutter in both the platforms – iOS and Android. The immersive user experience of Stadia is everything that it is famous for. The Google Stadia is available for both iOS and Android platforms with millions of users and downloads from 2019. 
Google stadia have been built using Flutter SDK during the prototyping stage of the project. Some of the best features of stadia are wireless controller, Android TV support, LTE, and cellular gameplay. 

Google AssistantGoogle Assistant - Wikipedia

It is known that Flutter has provided its best technology to support and empower the ever-growing Google Assistant apps. The official page of Flutter has given a detailed view on how Flutter is being helpful in Google Assistant Apps. You can read the blog here.  
“Flutter is powering Google’s smart display platform including the Google Home Hub, and delivering our first steps towards supporting desktop-class apps with Chrome OS” 
Flutter has been constantly improving itself to support from mobile development to multi-platform development with the help of its portable UI framework for all screens and others.

HamiltonHamilton (Closed June 28, 2020) | Texas | reviews, cast and info | TheaterMania

The top-notch mobile application of one of the top hit American Broadway Musicals, Hamilton was developed with the help of Flutter mobile development. This application has every possible feature that is required for an entertaining musical brand. Some of the notable features of Hamilton Application are videos, daily bits of information, updates on tour location, and chat stickers. It is more appreciated for its most beautiful UI/UX.
This application is present on both iOS as well as Android platforms with millions of users across the world. 

GroupOnGroupon, logo, logos icon

Groupon is one of the multi-million corporations that lets the users get a plethora of services with great deals and offers. 
With a premade application, Groupon has integrated its application to Flutter instead of writing the entire application from scratch. They have integrated their merchant facing application using Flutter which has about 500 thousand users and downloads in the Google play store. 
Some of the notable features of the application include Campaign activities, performance, and customer support services, and other insights. 

RealtorRealtor-Logo - Atlantic City & County Board of REALTORS®

Being one of the most well-reputed real estate applications, the realtor is always known for its best user experience and service. It provides you with all the essential information at your fingertips with precise information, images, and contact details. This mobile application lets you find, buy, and sell real estate across the country. 
Some of the notable features of the Realtor application are its mortgage calculating function, extensive filters, and much more. It is also available on both platforms iOS and Android built with Flutter mobile development. 

WatermaniacLogo Watermaniac Ícone

It is one of the lifestyle and health mobile applications which is available on Android. It lets you keep track of your water consumption. Some of the notable features of the application are its daily goals setting, past insights, and alerts with notification.
Flutter helped this mobile application with its lightweight, high efficiency, and fast functionality. 
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