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The ‘Main Thing’ about Web Development Workflow

  • By Ganapathi M
  • December 17, 2016

“Our development team in Agira extensively works in various Web Development projects and handles various Web Development Workflow. We have always wanted to, and have also tried to templatise the workflow based on our previous project experiences. A very common question asked during our Sales/pre-sales process from prospects/clients is about the web development workflow we follow or Agile Process or best practices. We explain our experiences and share our case studies. But, does one template/process/guideline fit every scenario…. Or can we show one? That is always a BIG question. Let me share my thoughts about about “Web Development Workflow” or Process or Cheat sheet for Web Development in this blog post.

Let us agree the fact; “Nothing is as smooth as it is expected to go in web development workflow”. If you have had any experience as a client or part of a web development team, you will know what I mean.

As prevalent as web development is in today’s digital era, and as easily accessible as it is, web development is not actually a simple straightforward process. It has its own (fair) share of complexities, and hence it is difficult to say that ‘Hey, this is the ultimate web development workflow, and this is the ‘Main Thing’ about our workflow model!’

Web Development Workflow – Highly customisable

Web development can be of various forms and natures, and a website being developed can be totally different from a back-end based web application being developed for optimisation purposes. The workflow for both types, in reality, will be very different. Similarly, the types of websites are myriad, varying greatly depending on the uniqueness and goals of the client organization. Being a sector where a high level of customisation is expected from the developing company, it is not easy to design a model or workflow that fits best for all types of web development. Therefore, the web development workflow shall depend on factors such as:

  • Type of web development
  • Domain specifications
  • Underlying technology stack
  • Goals or requirements of the client/client organization
  • Nature of the development team
  • Go to market strategy

The last point is of significance these days, since a web development team is no longer necessarily a group of developers sitting beside each other and working on the project. A web development team, today, can be varied, with

  • The team being dispersed across different geographical locations,
  • With different cultural backgrounds,
  • And thereby working at different time zones,
  • Or team members in the same location choosing to work at different timings,

and other such factors. A close to workable model as a web development workflow could be the following
[Thanks: Google, URL:]

The ‘Main Thing’ about Web Development WorkflowWeb Development Workflow – Visualised

It covers almost all the aspects of basic web development workflow, right from initiation till go-live and project delivery. It also satisfies most of the template-style flowcharts or numbered points as workflows that exist so far. But as I mentioned above in this article, this is also not the ‘go-to’ workflow to be adapted. It is only a close to workable model for web development. This leaves us with the question as to what, then, could be the ‘Main Thing’ about web development workflow – that which we can point out to and say ‘Hey, this is the main thing about web development workflow.’
The answer is that ‘It Depends.’ Yes, that is the ‘Main Thing’ we need to keep in mind as a factor for web development. Let’s agree the fact that Work Experience is so different from making Templates for Work. The sector itself being expected to offer highly customisable solutions, the workflow shall also be customisable. Everything depends… depends on the type of web development project, goals and requirements of the client, nature of the development team, and etc. (factors mentioned previously in this article). Based on those, a web development workflow can be customised and designed for the client. After the initial approval of the scope and design of the project, the workflow can be implemented in full.

My Final Words

Thus, I would say that there is no one web development workflow that we can all stick to. The web development workflow depends on a number of factors and after careful consideration a workflow maybe drafted or modified in order to satisfy all those factors. If any individual/company claims they have one fit template solution for web development workflow, think not only twice…but thrice…again, a fourth time…how many ever number of times… it is a HARD truth to believe and next to impossible. But we at Agira can help you to reach an optimum and effort/budget efficient web development workflow which caters to your “Business Plan” or “Product Roadmap”. “Contact Us” immediately for a custom Web Development Workflow for your needs… else, we will have to do a “Rescue Project” for you. 🙂

Ganapathi M

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