Rescue Projects

Quite often, software and IT related projects are stalled mid-way through development. Sometimes, the platform is not scalable or there may be problems related to budget or resources and it does not meet expectations. Projects can fail or be halted for a number of reasons, including poor understanding of requirements, hectic schedules, inadequate team, and constant changes during development, bad quality of work and minimal understanding of end goal requirements.

If you are experiencing a technology project going in the wrong direction, or are unhappy with the quality of the deliverables or finding communication with your outsourced firm difficult, then you might want to consider Agira’s project recovery services.

A Rescue Project is an assignment, which is not completed as per the product road-map and hits the roadblock due to lack of assignment-specific critical skills such as technical expertise, knowledgeable developers, service integration capabilities and solution scaling-up.

We have helped lots of customers who are in similar situations. With our experience on handling such situations efficiently, we are willing to work on Rescue Projects and help the clients to reach the product objectives. Our skillful technical and process competencies go hand in hand with our reverse engineering skills, making it possible to improve the assignment objectives within a short span of time.


How do we take over

Rescue Project?

How we assure success?

  • Project-initiation

    Project Initiation

    Project Initiation is the phase in which we triage the history of the Client and the product. The histories of events are carefully analyzed to see why the project failed.

  • knowledge-transfer

    Knowledge Transfer

    Knowledge Transfer is a phase in which the know-how transfer happens between the Clients and our Experts. It so happens that 90% of the time, the incumbent team is not available anymore and the Client is not in a position to explain the technicalities. So, it is our Experts who need to understand the application on their own.

  • due-Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Due Diligence is a phase in which the health and hygiene check of the environment and the product is made. Our experts will furnish a report at the end of this phase to rate the design, development, best practices and testing parameters. This report is given with utmost care and does not aim in blaming the incumbent team. The objective of this phase is to understand the situation from the technical view point and to see the risks involved and declare the same.

  • re-engineering


    Re-engineering is the phase in which the experts try to re-engineer what has been already completed. During this process the team will slowly get used to the product functionalities and the technical flow. This will typically take 2 weeks. At the end of this phase, the team will be quite capable of the application landscape.

  • agile-development

    Agile Development

    Periodic reviews are conducted with the Top Management to review the status of the project every 15 days. The client can highlight the concerns and bottlenecks in this meeting and the management will immediately solve them to put the project on track.

  • periodic-reviews

    Risk and compliance

    Gain competitive advantage from risk & compliance efforts, with risk reporting, AML transformation, and product partners.

We will share our experience and skills with you which will give you a very competitive advantage to move forward. Whatever be the bottlenecks and challenges that have halted the projects, our Rescue team can handle it well and bring the project to the desired conclusion. Once we are on-board, we will own the project objectives, you could look forward to achieving your ROIs and business innovations. Our Business Development team members or a Delivery Manager based in or near your location will take the end-to-end ownership.

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Why choose Agira technologies to rescue project?

As Agira Technologies is one of the best web development companies in the industry, we can ensure that our experts can resolve any issue regardless of its complexity. We are specialists in engineering and reverse engineering things to attain success. Our portfolio includes extensive rescuing projects that were a fail before we touched it. Step up confidently into Agira technologies by contacting us now.

What are rescue projects?

Oftentimes, many web or software applications that are broke or failed in the development stage itself due to some reason. This may be due to any reason. The expected features might not be available for a particular tech stack, scalability issues, resource constraints, budget problems or time frame. And in some cases, the incapability of developer might also be a reason for the failure of the Projects. Likewise, if you are unhappy with an existing solution, you can communicate with the best outsourcing services like Agira technologies to meet your expectations. These types of projects are called rescue projects.

How do we take over a failing project?

To sort out any problem, it is important to find the reason for its failure. Any solution without finding the reason may lead to new problems or not help in solving the problem. Here are the following steps that Agira technologies follow to take over a failing project.
Project failure analysis
Evaluate the situation
Project initialisation
Knowledge transfer
Due diligence
Agile development
Risk and compliance

How can we assure success?

Our experts in Agira technologies do a deep analysis of your web application and follow an agile project development process to ensure success.