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Top 6 Software Development Trends In 2020

  • By Agira Technologies
  • October 29, 2019

Technology developments are constant and 2020 will be another year of departure to modernization. The coming year welcomes a new lot of developments and innovations in technologies of software development. The software world is evolving faster and faster. We foresee a significant change in the proliferation of software used in our day to day lives.
With the rising interest, there are some trends you must be looking forward to, with some expectations. In this blog let’s take a look at what will 2020 is yet to bring for you and trends in Software development.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things has always been the future. It is one of the fastest-growing fields of computers and networking. Every device or gadget we use in our daily life is connected using the internet. After smartphones, we have moved to smart televisions, smart cars and smart homes and more. This leads to usage on WiFi internet on a regular basis. With voice commands, you can change your lightings and control devices as never before.
IoT_software development trends
The Internet of Things is about taking a huge leap in the year 2020 and there are some new things to be explored in the coming years. IoT devices are expected to grow over 21 billion within the next 5 years. This boosts the demand for IoT software. If you start working on IoT right now, you will be well prepared for the year 2025. To develop IoT devices you will need skills in automation, cloud computing, and data analytics.


5G Technology was the talk of 2019. But in 2020 it is the driving force of wireless technology. Though only a few selected cities and areas have 5G now, the biggest telecommunication company will invest in taking 5G networks to the common public soon.
5g_software development trends
5G is about to revolutionize the IoT with its 20 Gbps, which means high-speed wireless connectivity, greater bandwidth, and lower latency. It also improves the speed of mobile browsing. The upgraded characteristics of the 5G will remove certain limitations present in 4G. Developers will be able to create even more robust app with instant functionalities and with reducing latency for optimal performance.


blockchain_software development trends
In the past couple of years, blockchain technology has shown a sudden rise in the implementation of cryptocurrency. Even the future of cryptocurrency is uncertain, blockchain will stay put.
Blockchain is providing extreme security of communication over the internet. It is now utilized in supply chain and cloud storage. Even though blockchain is currently implemented in only a few industries. It will be adopted by various industries this coming year. Blockchain is sure to be under the spotlight in 2020. Do have an eye for what’s coming in the future.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is certainly not a new thing! But AI will be used in various technologies from 2020. AI is about the fix a pace of time in development in the coming new year. Some unbelievable advancements will accelerate demand in the global market for Artificial intelligence. AI is turning as one of the dominant forces in the world of technology today.
AI_software development trends
As we all know chatbots are now used in websites to perspective analytics solutions. Machine learning will be the game-changer, it will be featured across many products in most of the industries.


outsourcing_software development trends
There is awaiting a massive shift in the outsource development industries. The outsourcing providers will embrace new skills for which services that most demanded. The industry will move towards a more user-centric design and approach.
Dedicated teams will create products for the experience economy. Outsourcing for experience economy will the next big thing in 2020, especially for the software industry.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are here to greet the native mobile applications. More businesses will use PWA instead of developing a mobile version of a website. One of the main features is that it will load the content much faster than regular websites.
It operates on web security protocols standards and can be developed in a lesser time duration. It will help businesses to keep the customers fully engaged in their application and increases interactivity. PWA also allows the website to be saved in the customer’s home screen.

PWA_software development trendsFinal Thoughts

Technologies trends are rising to be constant from the past years. There are more trends coming up but, some are unpredictable and some are surprising. The above-mentioned technologies will definitely star up in 2020 and upcoming new technologies will solidify their place in the software development world. Most technologies have already started to define the way for the future and beyond.
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